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BUYING FROM US IS SIMPLE: (1) Select the Unique Customized Device(s) You Want on This or Any Other Page, (2) Click on the green CDAF Link above, (3) Print and Complete the CDAF Form (one CDAF for each Device), (4) Scan your completed CDAF on a scanner. (4) Mail or Email as scanned-in (not photographed) JPG or GIF image Files to Us Your CDAF(s). We Respond to You Within 3 Days About Your Proposed CD Project.

Custom-Made Unique, Original, Made-to-Order, Special Needs, Weird, Controversial, Customized High-Tech Hardware and High-Tech Services

Research, design, redesign, develop, test, modify, troubleshoot, repair, improvise, reverse engineer, and/or prototype Customized Devices relating to high-tech survival and high-tech security: Electronics, computers, Internet, energy, phones, sound (detect, record, process and produce audio, infrasound, ultrasound), video (detect, record, process and produce visible light, infrared light (IR), ultraviolet light (UV)), electromagnetic (EM) (detect, record, process and produce radio (RF), microwave, radar), privacy, surveillance, countermeasures, laboratory electronic devices, improvised weapons electronic devices, medical, radionics, mind control, electronic attack, TSCM, unexplained phenomena, financial, vehicles - much more! Includes scientific devices, laboratory devices, industrial devices, commercial devices, personal devices, invention prototyping of most electronic equipment and computer equipment types.

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NOTE REGARDING ALL OF OUR OFFERS FOUND EVERYWHERE: We are not licensed to practice medicine, and therefore we cannot and we cannot and do not make any medical claim, device, advice or opinion, or related scientific claims, or tell you what the causes are for any medical-like manifestation; nor anything we may provide you is to be used for a medical prevention, diagnostic, treatment, cure or medically assistive reason or to in any manner interfere with or replace any medical procedure or drug prescribed or likely to be prescribed for you by any licensed medical entity. All medically-related statements made by us are lay, anecdotal and personal opinion type statements only.

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HISTORICAL DIAGRAMS: In addition to actual hardware, we now offer copies of the actual Historical Diagrams of most of John Williams's most eye-popping device-types ever made (all device types are described above). Many of these Historical Diagram prices are in the descriptions of the applicable device type. If the device type(s) of interest to you does not have an Historical Diagram price, please email us so we can consider whether or not we can provide you an Historical Diagram for it.

I am ordering the following Historical Diagrams:
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I have fully read and understand all of Lone Star Consulting, Inc.'s "SPECIAL HISTORICAL DIAGRAMS POLICIES" stated below and privacy and other policies webpage (www.lonestarconsultinginc.com/policies.htm), and I do unconditionally agree and affirm to all of the terms and conditions stated in both.


       (1) These are HISTORICAL DIAGRAMS only. Lone Star Consulting, Inc. makes no claims regarding the functionality of the devices, their designs illustrated in detail, they may represent.
       (2) Most of these Historical Diagrams are computer-drawn, and most have handwritten annotations by John Williams' to various degrees ranging from little to extensive. Some Diagrams may come with additional pages describing design insights, and/or which clarify materials, parts, subassemblies and assembly, and construction and testing descriptions, techniques and procedures. Further, Lone Star Consulting, Inc., has modified some Diagrams to augment, clarify and correct information on them where it believes is needed.
       (3) Lone Star Consulting, Inc. provides these Historical Diagrams strictly "as is", and with no equipment, no parts, no software, no technical support, no customer support and no other products or services, and no money back warranty.
       (4) Sale of Historical Diagrams do NOT include the transfer of any of our proprietary rights. Purchasers and their employees and agents are herein contractually forbidden to copy, distribute, post, give away, trade, resell, make or allow to be available to others, integrate into any other product or service, store (on any type of record, file or database accessible to others), or transmit these copyrighted Historical Diagrams either in part or in whole.
       (5) Lone Star Consulting, Inc. sells these Historical Diagrams for legal non-utility, educational and entertainment purposes only, and only to persons who can legally agree to a contract of this nature (if you are under the legal age or have a legal guardian, please ask your parent or guardian to order for you). Lone Star Consulting, Inc. assumes no responsibility for anything it publishes, and it makes no claims or warrantees or representations, implied or otherwise, including without limitation, warranties of merchantability and fitness for any particular use or purpose. And Lone Star Consulting, Inc. makes no medical, engineering, scientific or paranormal claims. And Lone Star Consulting, Inc. is not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special, general, or other damages regardless of cause, resulting from any use, misuse or abuse of any Historical Diagram. The purchaser will fully and immediately indemnify and hold free and harmless Lone Star Consulting, Inc. for all reasonable direct and indirect losses or costs, if any, which result from his/her use or abuse of any Historical Diagram.
       (6) All liability if any that may be claimed to be associated with these Historical Diagrams solely and exclusively lies with Lone Star Consulting, Inc. For all unresolved disputes and legal actions of any nature, if any, El Paso, Texas, has sole and exclusive legal jurisdiction, and they must all be subjected to binding arbitration in El Paso, Texas, as per our GENERAL POLICIES on our policies.htm webpage. Further, the purchaser waives and forgoes all other forms of legal remedy. If the purchaser's interpretation of this contract conflicts with that of Lone Star Consulting, Inc., any reasonable Lone Star Consulting, Inc.'s interpretation shall prevail. If any part of this contract is found to be unenforceable, then all other parts of this contract shall remain in full force.

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