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FREE MIND CONTROL TUTORIAL POLICY CHANGE: As you know, for years as a free public service, Lone Star Consulting, Inc. has contributed this FREE and very informative and extensive Mind Control and Electronic Attack Tutorial at great expense of its time and money. Recently, while totally updating this Tutorial with much new info, we received inputs from some of our readers that they became so absorbed in our Free Tutorial that they did not have time to go to our Mind Control webpage, peruse our device types there, and then apply for a unique Customized Devices (CD) project (CDAF webpage). This means a loss of much business for us. No good deed ever goes unpunished. Our plan is to greatly expand our help to mind control and electronic attack Victims - now at a crisis level - but frankly, to do so requires much increase in income. Therefore, while we will continue to often update this already very extensive critical data because the mind control and electronic attack technologies are exploding, we can no longer provide this data on our Free Tutorial webpages (now only subtitles with brief descriptions). However, for those Clients who contract with us for their CD Projects of $250+, or donate to our cause (see "FUTURE PLANS", Page 1) for $100+ donation, upon your request, we will gladly provide you our newest updated Free 1G Flash Drive with the complete Free Tutorial data set of 400K total - plus our Catalog (no printed versions). For CD Projects of $1000+ or donations of $250+, we will send you our Free 1G Flash Drive for every major update we have for the next 12 months (5 updates maximum). Donations (no refunds) and CD Project payments are made by check, money order or cash. For questions, please Email Us (put "Free Tutorial Policies" in your email Subject line). Thanks. John Williams, M.S.E.E., President, Lone Star Consulting, Inc.




           HOW DO I STOP COMPLEX AND MODULATED ELECTRONIC ATTACK SIGNALS? Effective jamming and/or shielding of ANY electromagnetic or ultrasonic signal component of a mind control or electronic attack signal in a complex or modulated signal attack scheme is almost always effective at stopping all of the embedded lower frequency data and control signals, virtually regardless of what their frequencies and waveforms are. (See 1G Flash Drive for much more).





           WHAT ABOUT "MASSIVE ELECTRONIC ATTACK NIGHTMARES" - MEAN ATTACKS (Electronic Gang Stalking, more)? (See 1G Flash Drive).

           BRAIN STIMULATION TECHNIQUES AND LILLY WAVES (Lilly Waves, Negative Energies, more)? (See 1G Flash Drive).

          SHOULD I JOIN ONE OF THOSE MIND CONTROL ORGANIZATIONS OR GROUPS, AND IF SO, WHO (Support Groups, Mental Illness, Skeptics, Frauds, more)? (See 1G Flash Drive).

        HOW TO DETERMINE WHAT YOUR ELECTRONIC ATTACK IS AND WHAT MAY COUNTERMEASURE IT: This info is provided as a public service by Lone Star Consulting, Inc. to help you narrow down what exactly may be electronically attacking you. Should you eliminate medical causes for your manifestations and you need to contract us for a relevant device, here is how you might best decide what specific kind of a device you may need from our Mind Control webpage. It is much easier to detect, shield against or jam an electronic attack if you are being subjected to a straightforward single modality mind control or electronic attack and not a delayed-manifestations, combined, multidirectional or MEAN attack (see above about MEAN and gangstalking attacks), which are usually more difficult to ascertain how the attack is being done (eg: type of mind control and electronic attack equipment used and attack setup), more difficult to ascertain the direction or location of an attack, and more difficult to countermeasure by shielding against or jamming. The steps we suggest that you take to determine what is attacking you:
             (A) If you are more into the shielding aspects of electronic attack defense, or you are an electronic geek type who likes to build his/her own equipment and experiment a lot, or you are interested in learning a lot more about electronic attack, mind control (mindcon), mind reading (mindread) / mind probing, body control (bodycon), etc. technologies, you should first purchase books on Mind Control, Subliminal Mind Control, Under (Electronic) Attack, and similar types of books - including the full version of this Mind Control and Electronic Attack Tutorial - and study them.
             (B) Determine whether the electronic attack is coming at you through land line telephone or power lines in your environment as hitch hiking signals, or either as wirelessly electromagnetic attack signals or ultrasonic attack signals from a remote transmitter emitter. If the electronic attack persists when you are outside your normal environment, particularly if you are on a beach or swimming pool or in a wildnerness area with no electronic equipment on you or near you and you are not wearing your normal outfit, then the attack is likely a remote transmitter attack (while there are electronic implants, electronic implants are not common). If the electronic attack is only coming from your home or business or from a certain room or area you are in which is wired with a phone land line or AC power lines, then the attack is much more likely coming from a signal hitching onto your phone lines and/or power lines. We offer hitchhiking eliminator unique CD device types. However, if the attack persists even when you are in a deep cave stripped down to a bathing suit with no electronics around you (never assume that if you have a cellphone or some other portable electronic device or a microwave oven and it is turned OFF that it is actually 100% turned OFF - electronic attack, surveillance and security circuits are often designed to still fully function even when the normal use of the device they are coupled with is turned OFF), or while you are under water (especially salt water), then the attack is very likely coming from an internal electronic implant.
             (C) If you have narrowed the electronic attack down to a remote transmitter attack, you should then try to further narrow it down as to the modality of the attack - ultrasonic attack or electromagnetic attack (infrasonic is less common, and will affect to some extent everyone in your area as infrasonic is very difficult to direct as a beam over much air distance). There are some close similarities in the manifestations often making ultrasonics and electromagnetics hard to distinguish from each other. Detection, location and countermeasure devices for one modality are useless for the other modality.
                 If you are hearing a strange sound and you can identify the direction that the sound's transmitter is located, then more than likely, the sound is audio. However, if you can't identify the direction of the sound transmitter but only the direction of a hard, flat surface, especially a metal surface, where the sound seems to be coming from (reflected from) or the sound is coming from inside your head, then more than likely the sound is being caused by modulated ultrasonic signals, but also less likely modulated electromagnetic signals (especially if the surface is not metal or if it is inside your head). This phenomena is analogous to a pistol being fired at a wall without a silencer and then with a silencer. Without a silencer (audio), you hear the sound coming from both the pistol and the wall. However with the silencer (modulated ultrasound), you hear the sound coming only from the bullet's ricochet from the wall, and without special detection equipment you are likely unable to determine where the pistol (transmitter emitter) is located.
                 If while you are under such an attack, dogs around you start to bark or cats start to screech or otherwise act highly annoyed or agitated, then the attack is very likely an ultrasonic attack (depending upon the ultrasonic attack signal characteristics and the species and individual animals involved, some animals do not react this way to ultrasonics and some do not react at all, so a lack of such dog or cat reaction or of any reaction is never proof that there are no ultrasonics in the environment - however, if you dog or cat overreacts to sirens, then they are likely sensitive to ultrasounds). Higher frequency ultrasounds more heavily impact smaller animals, such as birds. If the electronic attack appears to be coming from a large or flat hard surface (due to reflections; especially metal, such as an appliance, car, etc.), suspend a heavy wool, flannel or felt blanket (eg: an old Army blanket, pool table cover) between you and the suspected flat metal surface source. If the blanket causes the manifestations to disappear or at least highly diminish, then the electronic weapons attack is very likely an ultrasonic weapons attack (or combination ultrasonic attack and electromagnetic attack; conversely, if the manifestations remain about the same, then the electronic weapons attack is very likely an electromagnetic weapons attack or a combination electromagnetic attack and ultrasonic attack). Also, if you believe that the attack is occuring through your ears (and not through direct skull penetration), then you can test by first putting on ear muffs and then ear plugs; if neither ear muffs nor ear plugs help, then the attack is likely EMF, however, if ear muffs help a lot, the attack is likely from a sonic weapon, usually ultrasonic weapons or infrasonic weapons if you can't hear it, but if ear plugs help much more than ear muffs, then the attack is likely infrasonic. Also, we have found that ultrasonic attacks tend to tickle the back of your mouth, while infrasonic attacks will tend to make you feel nauseated (due to microvibrations of internal organs). While both electromagnetic signals and ultrasonic signals will reflect off of metallic surfaces with little losses, only ultrasonic signals will reflect off of hard non-metallic surfaces AND be highly attenuated by wool blankets, while electromagnetic signals will penetrate thin, hard, clear non-metallic surfaces (eg: clear glass). Therefore, if the large or flat reflective surface is not made of metal and has no metal behind it and the blanket protects you, then the electronic attack is very likely an ultrasonic attack, but if not, probably an electromagnetic attack. Also, if you can correlate your manifestations with radio interference or television interference, then the electronic attack is very likely an electromagnetic attack. If the attack can be blocked using an opaque non-metallic surface, then likely laser weapons are being used. Plasma weapons almost always produce bright balls of light (5mm-to-meters diameter), are rarely used, and there is not much of a defense against them (a few of them produce balls of light distortion, sort of like moving a stream of large clear marbles past your eyes, are nearly invisible).
                 If your electronic attack or mind control attack is an electromagnetic attack, how can you determine whether you are being most affected by the electric field component of the EMF or the magnetic field component of the EMF? We have received reports and our tests seem to confirm that if you hold up a sheet of aluminum foil between you and a mirror in a bright room, and you move the aluminum foil around, if the aluminum foil appears to have holes in it, momentarily disappears and re-appears, changes colors or iridescent or blinks, then more than likely, the strongest component of your exposure is the more dangerous magnetic component because the magnetic component mostly penetrates through the aluminum foil like visible light through translucent glass and you are "seeing" the mirror reflections on a subliminal basis. If not, the strongest component is likely the electric field. Also, if you are in the near field of the transmitter's antenna - a distance from the emitter antenna of less than one wavelength of the transmitted frequency (WL = C/F, where WL = Wavelength (meters), C = speed of light (300,000,000 m/sec) and F = Frequency (Hz)) (which is within about a foot away for a cellphone or cordless phone), the magnetic component is likely the most intense part of the electromagnetic field penetrating you. In the far field (greater than one wavelength away from the emitter), the electric field attentuates at one-divided-by-distance-squared from the emitter, while for the magnetic field, it is one-divided-by-distance-cubed. For example, the electric component is 4 times less intense 6' from emitter than 3' from emitter, while the magnetic component is 8 times less intense. In the near field, the opposite attenuation effect occurs. Therefore, if a mind control and electronic attack victim is a substantial distance from the emitter, since the magnetic component will have attenuated at a much higher rate than the electric component, virtually all of the EMF will be electric field.
                 Not all light is visible to the human eye, for example, circular polarized light (CPL light) is virtually 100% invisible to humans, regardless of its frequency. Light can have a huge impact on your brain and body, including causing DNA changes. In addition to the possible serious glare effects can also come intense burning if the light intensity is high enough - just like you are under a heat lamp or bright sun - and if "invisible" CPL light, you won't even know what caused it! If you can see a diffuse, elongated yellowish pattern (sometimes pinched in the middle on both sides by two bluish "leaves") in your middle vision, then there is a good chance that you are under a circular polarized light attack (CPL attack). Circular polarized light (CPL light) is totally invisible to humans and to all animals of the animal kingdom, except for at least two species of mantis shrimp. However, certain types of light generators can generate CPL (eg: Q-switched Nd: YAG laser) and there are electronic receivers for it and it can be photographed using a special filter. Commercially, CPL is commonly used in satellite communications. This human CPL detection capability is called, "Haidinger's Brush", is not possessed by all people, and you can train yourself to improve it if you have it. CPL mind control attacks appear to be much on the increase. Right now, your body could literally be lit up like a Christmas tree with circular polarized light and yet appear to you to be in total darkness.
                 Note that the properties of ultrasound in the air environment are complex. For example, if a pure sinusoidal ultrasonic tone is transmitter in air, after some distance, it distorts into an ultrasonic sawtooth wave rich in harmonics. This is because the resultant velocity of any sound wave is equal to the velocity of sound itself plus the velocity of the air particles disturbed by the sound, and because particle velocity becomes a major velocity contribution for short ultrasonic wavelengths and is also proportional to the wave force, which is greatest at the top of the instantaneous wave peak and zero at the bottom, the wave peak then advances at a faster rate (Vpeak = Vsound + Vparticles) than the wave bottom (Vtrough = Vsound) during any cycle, and thus the faster wave peak forces the ultrasonic wave into a sawtooth waveform-like shape. This sawtooth-like waveform rich in harmonics may explain why some mind control victims report hearing music even from pure unmodulated ultrasonic signals. Also note that an ultrasonic signal modulated with audio or infrasound, under the right conditions can decouple the low-frequency modulation from the ultrasound without requiring either a pure ultrasound carrier (a heterodyne process to produce sum and difference frequencies) or a flat reflective surface, thereby the decoupled audio or infrasound can appear like it is coming from nowhere - even from the inside of your head (eg: just inside your ears, in your semicircular canals and/or in your brain) - when in other nearby positions no audio can be heard or infrasound detected by others nearby. Thus, modulated ultrasound is great for tracking and targeting. Much parametric speaker research is designed to exploit this strange phenomenon. This phenomenon occurs because the impedance of air to ultrasound is much higher than to audio or infrasound, and this impedance mismatch decouples the modulations (analogous to how inductors in an electronic circuit filter out higher frequencies). The distance from the ultrasonic transmitter to where this decoupling node occurs depends on the frequency of the ultrasound and the frequency and magnitude of the modulating signal. Thus, by varying the ultrasonic frequency, and/or modulating signal frequency and/or intensity, a mind controller or electronic attacker can target or single out a certain individual(s) from a group, and the only way that such an attack can be detected by anyone else is by using special ultrasonic detection equipment in the position where the unheard modulated ultrasound can be detected, amplified and documented (modulated ultrasound cannot be detected using an audio signal strength meter).

All of the steps we outlined above should be taken, if possible. That is because if you are victim of a MEAN attack or electronic gangstalking, several mind control and electronic attack modalities may be used against you. Do no assume that because you have verified ultrasonic attacks that you are not also the victim of electromagnetic attacks or have electronic implants, or vice-versa, until you have included or eliminated all other possibilities through testing. Some mind control and electronic attack perpetrators are very determined, if not fanatical, and many have the resources and time to carry out these attacks as part of a Government contract, criminal organization, terrorist organization, personal animosity, etc. If you determine that the electronic attack is likely an ultrasonic attack, you then must make a decision as to whether or not you wish verify that the electronic attack is an ultrasonic attack by using one of our ultrasonic detector device types, or to just go ahead and jam it using one of our ultrasonic jammer device types. You have this option because the effective bandwidth for ultrasonic attack in the air is relatively small, usually does not require special licensing, and is usually not peppered with licensed or regulated operations or critical functions. However, if you determine that the electronic attack is an electromagnetic attack, unless you already know what the frequency and directions are, to contract with us for an electronic countermeasure CD device project, especially for our personal jammer CD, you need to first contract with us for one of our electromagnetic detection and direction finder or electromagnetic triangulation device-types - and then apply for the personal EMF jammer, shielding device, etc. once you have determined the frequency, direction and timing of the offending EM signal and correlated it with your manifestations. That is because the electromagnetic spectrum is so vast that there is no way we or anyone else can reasonably build you a personal EMF jammer-type device without knowing what frequency and band we are dealing with. Wideband EMF jammers, like spark-gap generators, are strictly illegal (and dangerous), and we cannot and do not provide them. Personal EMF jammer device types are designed to operate over a narrow band, and even in more expensive CD versions that are specified as tunable, they are tunable only over a relatively small band.

FINAL THOUGHTS MAINLY ON TACTICS THAT USUALLY DO NOT WORK: Targeted Individuals of mind control and electronic attacks often ask us if they can escape their persecution by determined mind control and electronic attack perpetrators simply by moving. Our answer is that moving seldom works. The reasons are that if a determined attacker is targeting you, that means that they are also relentlessly tracking you, most likely using satellite GPS, cell tower triangulation (ie: cellphone tower triangulation), brainwave signatures, embedded transmitter, RFID or by eyeballing you. You can run but you can't hide! That means they know every place you go, so when you move, they know where you moved to. They simply transfer their base of operation to your new locale. Also, personal information is now widely available on the Internet. Even if mind control and electronic attack persecutors stop attacking you for some time, you change your phone number, name or appearance, or you have somehow evaded them, for little money and efforts, they can usually find you again, often within minutes. Unless you go totally underground - in addition, tear up all your checks and credit cards and debit cards, obtain false identities, toss your laptops, cellphones, Iphones, Ipads and many other electronic devices, drive old cars (pre-GPS / pre-RFID cars), work menial, underground or criminal jobs, move around a lot, and live outside, in cheap motels or with someone with no connection to you - in other words, become a mind control and electronic attack fugitive - also making sure that you don't have embedded GPS in your car tires or an embedded RFID in your windshield - the probability of you being located again within a month is about 99%. And while you are at it, you better get rid of your passport and driver's license (if it too contains a RFID chip) as they contain RFID chips that can be automatically read, even from within your closed wallet or bag just by you passing a reader. We provide startling little-known critical information on, for example, cellphone tracking & tracing in our full version of this Tutorial (click on Page 1 on how to acquire our free full version).
                 Effectively targeting a victim of mind control and electronic attack who is inside of a room usually does not require determining the exact position of the victim within the room. So, hiding in a home or room usually does not help. All the perpetrator needs to do is to find a way of transmitting a strong attack signal into the room, usually through a window because windows generally result in minimal attenuation of these signals. Once the attack signal is inside of the room, it bounces around, scatters and ricochets often with little attenuation until it is absorbed (or finds a surface to pass through, eg: a thin wall), especially if the room has strong reflective surfaces for the signal or it covered by a metal siding (eg: aluminum siding) or walls. For both EMF and ultrasonic signals, a living body is virtually always the best absorber. So the mind control or electronic attack signal ends up inside of you in the end with no need to pinpoint your exact location and position within the room. The only way to escape being "boxed in" is to be outside, however, once outside then you become more visible to the eye for direct targeting and thus more susceptible to both aimed attacks and brainwave signature tracking and targeting.
                 Virtually always, the best method to end mind control and electronic attacks is to promptly deal with the problem up-front by using the special devices of the types we sell as CD devices to detect and locate the mind control and electronic attack signals, statistically correlate them with your manifestations, document them, then take police and/or legal personal actions to stop them, and/or to shield against these signals (we have a very protective helmet device-type which very effectively shields against EMF and ultrasonic signals).

Again, we provide the specialized devices to detect, locate and countermeasure against mind control and electronic attack equipment. The simple truth is that we are the only ones who possess the decades of required knowledge, experience, facilities, equipment, tools and parts to effectively do this work for you who does this type of work for the general public. First, go to our Mind Control webpage and peruse our device-types there (we are not limited to these device types). Then, click on our Customized Devices Application Form (CDAF) link (Customized Devices Application Form (CDAF)). Print our CDAF form out, complete it, and mail it to us right away. Thanks. John Williams, M.S.E.E.

How LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. Can & Cannot Help You

Lone Star Consulting, Inc. offers many very exciting and unique device types described on our popular Mind Control webpage designed for those interested in mind control, electronic attack, electronic harassment, mind reading, mind probing, brainwave entrainment, electronic implants and similar technologies and their countermeasures. However, as much as we would like to, we simply do not have the manpower to undertake substantial unpaid inquiries of any nature - no matter how meritorious or urgent the need as most apparently are (we get many urgent inquiries) - without seriously jeopardizing our other technical support and our abilities to try to optimally serve all of Lone Star Consulting, Inc.'s paying Clients. We are a business responsible to our shareholders, with bills to pay, which means that our paying Clients always come first and always receive the best and highest priority services we can reasonably offer from us. However, as a free consumer service, we provided the free tutorial above on the vital topics of mind control, electronic attack, brainwashing, mind reading, mind probing and similar as a free public service to answer most people's questions and concerns, to try to sell potential clients on us, and to much increase our visitors to this and other of our webpages. We ask that before inquiring to us about a related device-type or technology that you first visit our popular Mind Control webpage, peruse it, find what you need, then click ==> Customized Devices Application Form (CDAF). Print out, complete and mail us your CDAF form.
     In addition, because of past abuses of our time from a small number of persistent freeloaders, sadly, we have to now seriously implement contact time restrictions:
        (1) EMAIL ENCOURAGED, PHONE CALLS DISCOURAGED: We spend much time in our laboratories and shops, experiments often take much time to set up, so phone calls are often disrupting. Unless you have paid for a CD project with us of $250+ within the last 3 months, because of past abuses by callers, the total maximum phone time we can permit with you is 10 minutes total for subjects not specifically and directly related to any of our device types (eg: discussing manifestations or material covered on this webpage or on our mindcontrol1.htm webpage, etc.) and 20 minutes for questions specifically and directly related to one or more of our device types (these time limits are greater, but not unlimited, for email contacts, and for CD projects we have done for you within last 3 months of $250+;"specifically and directly related" is limited to specific questions and concerns about a specific device-type description, features, availabilities, and to the CD application process (read Customized Devices Application Form (CDAF) webpage first) and our policies (read policies.htm webpage first)). PLEASE DO NOT GO OVER THESE TIME LIMITS. If you have exceeded or may exceed these time limits, you must send us by U.S. Postal Money Order or cash an immediate non-refundable $75 fee for each additional 30 minutes you talked to us or feel you need to talk to us. If you have paid for a $250+ CD project with us in last 6 months, we will permit you more time, but how much additional time we permit will be decided on an individual case basis totally at our own discretion and is never unlimited, but as a general rule as typical with businesses in general, the more money you spend with us, the more individual attention we can provide you, and we much prefer emails over phone calls (because we are in the lab much of the time). If you leave us a voice mail on our cellphone, please make your message short, concise and clear, and clearly enunciate each numeral of your phone #, then repeat your phone # (if we do not respond within 2 work days, please then email us as not all voice mails are clear enough).
        (2) FIRST, ELIMINATE MEDICAL CAUSES: If you assert that you are the victim of any mind control or of any other form of electronic attack or electronic harassment or other directed energy weapon attack (or you are acting on behalf of such a claimed electronic attack victim), who is experiencing medical-like manifestations, please do NOT contact us until AFTER the claimed victim has received a complete medical exam by his/her licensed physician - we do NOT want you to forego or delay any medical treatment you may need if you need medical treatment, and we do NOT want you to spend your money on us unless and until you have eliminated medical causes for all of your manifestations, if any (medical exam at your expense). Of course, if none of your manifestations are medical-type manifestations, a medical exam is not required. Since most mind control and electronic attack manifestations are generalized and many closely resemble serious medical conditions manifestations such as heavy metal toxicity, pesticide or herbicide poisoning, biological toxins, radiation poisoning, tumors, high blood pressure, compromised immune system, allergic reactions, blood poisoning, etc., you need to first determine and eliminate any and all reasonable medical causes, even those that are not the main causes. We are NOT licensed medical entities and we neither make medical claims nor provide any medical or medically-assistive device, advice or opinion.
               Even if the cause of your affliction is electronic in nature, do not automatically assume that it is a malevolent attack. There are plenty of anecdotal accounts of how victims have been seriously afflicted by common radar operations (eg: air port, military, police doppler radar), high voltage lines and transformers, arc welding operations, aluminum processing and electroplating operations, winds blowing dry dust with high electrostatic charge loads, lightning storms, improper earth grounding situations for power lines and antennas, nearby or especially powerful commercial broadcasting stations or antennas, computers, cellphones, cordless phones, mobile radios, and other wireless electronics, etc. We live in a heavily electrified world with much electronic garbage in everyone's environment, undetected by our senses, some playing havoc with our minds and bodies.
If you are the victim of a mind control or electronic attack(s) seeking devices from us, then clearly, concisely, systematically and objectively describe your manifestations in your CDAF (clearly and concisely print all of your statements - do not write them), and/or preferably refer to particular device types on our popular Mind Control webpage (we are not limited to these device-types; use one CDAF for EACH device type, available from CDAF webpage). Please do NOT send us long-winded/handwritten descriptions (clearly and concisely print and leave margins), general specifications (eg: "... a device to end all strange noises from my walls") or medical specifications (eg: "... a device to end my migraine headaches") as we are NOT licensed medical professionals. From your CDAF description, done as best as you can, we must be able to determine from each device you specify its specific electronic function or set of electronic functions needed. It is helpful to us if you can correlate specific manifestations to specific events (especially electronic events), times and locations than generalized statements (eg: "my ears ring when I stand near the inside west wall of my kitchen around 3 PM" is much preferred over, "my ears are sometimes affected when I am near a wall."). For us to evaluate anything, you MUST provide us a completed SEPARATE CDAF for EACH potential unique CD to be evaluated as part of your customized unique CD project.
          (3) PLEASE NEVER CONTACT US FOR THE FOLLOWING REASONS: (A) If you intend to in any way misrepresent the reasons why you are contacting us, or to contact us for any illegal, unethical, immoral or malicious reason or purpose (eg: to ask us to build you a mind control device so you can 'get back' at your ex). If you contact us at the behest of or on the behalf of anyone or anything else or for any legal, investigative, newsmedia, book, TV program, radio program, competitive, fraud or scam purpose you must immediately (in your very first contact with us), clearly, accurately and completely disclose to us in writing all details (see our policies.htm webpage for details), in which case, do not proceed with your contact with us until we have clearly and fully acknowledged your disclosure to us in writing (if you fail or refuse to observe these courtesies, we reserve the right to charge you up to $1,000 per minute at our discretion for any and all contacts you make with us, and that you have also agreed to be personally responsible and liable and to forever waive, forego and abandon any and all immunity rights you may normally have to fully compensate Lone Star Consulting, Inc. and its personnel for their time and for whatever injury you may directly or indirectly caused them, plus all other of our costs and expenses that directly or indirectly resulted from your contact with us, all within 30 calender days of acquiring them).
            (B) To try to verify if we have sold a mind control or electronic attack device or countermeasure to someone suspected of harming you unless you have specific hard evidence that the person obtained a device directly from us (eg: a copy of an invoice from us, a photo of a specific device that has our label clearly displayed, a sworn legal affidavit or recording from the person or from law enforcement or private investigator - you must first provide us clear, accurate and complete copies of all such evidence) and a justifiable reason to be informed by us, or to obtain our advice or opinion on another business, product or service (as policy, we never recommend for or against another business, product or service). We do NOT have a monopoly on this technology, and devices we may have sold in the past could now be in someone else's hands (once a device leaves here, we have no control over it or assume any liability for it - the customer assumes all liabilities that may result from all we sell him/her - we never sell electronic implants or other offensive electronic attack or mind control devices).
            (C) If you do not sincerely want us to start a customized device project for you within the next 30 days. We are extremely busy professionals - we simply can't waste our valuable time chit-chatting with looky-loos and window shoppers - time we use to serve our Clients. When we do YOUR CD PROJECT, you want us to fully concentrate on your project to get it done as quickly and as high quality as reasonably possible, and not delay your project by wasting time on time wasters. Please do NOT contact us on a free basis for a personal tutorial on mind control or electronic attack, detection systems or countermeasures, but only relevant to those device types you have a sincere interest in contracting for. Please note that as much as we want to help the many mind control and electronic attack victims, we are a business and not a charity - we cannot pay our expenses by providing free products or services for people who won't or can't pay for a customized device.
            (D) For medical or legal advice or medical or legal opinion, or for a list of mind control or electronic attack experts, doctors or attorneys in your area who can help you fight mind control or electronic attacks (for security reasons, we never distribute such lists), or on how you can best protect yourself from electronic attack or mind control using methods or hardware provided by others, or on how effective are devices made by others. Please do NOT contact us for free estimates on any device or service. Estimates take substantial time and efforts, and the small fee we charge to make estimates separates sincere people from the time wasters. Before we can evaluate any technical need you have either with hardware or informational, you MUST first provide us one completed CD Application Form => CDAF for EACH device or research topic you need us to provide you. Other than our mind control / electronic attack tutorial herein, we cannot and do not provide free technical information, free information in general, free technical support, free support in general, free tutorials, free advice, free hardware or free estimates. Also, we don't rent equipment, provide used devices, ship COD, accept credit cards, offer a devices exchange program, or provide devices for free trial periods.

We offer other device types on our Mind Control webpage that don't deal directly with electronic attack and mind control detection, locating and countermeasures, such as brainwave analyzers, etc., so when you are on our Mind Control webpage, be sure to read the descriptions of ALL of our popular device-types (however, we are certainly not limited to just these device-types - we will seriously consider any detection and countermeasure device-type that we believe we can make that is legal, ethical and moral).

Click on the CDAF green hotlink at the top of any of our webpages or this CDAF hotlink => CDAF to access our CDAF form, print out the CDAF, complete it and mail it to us.

DO YOU EVER EVALUATE PEOPLE AT THEIR PLACES OR YOUR PLACE? No. Never. We never personally evaluate anyone for any reason - or personally meet with a (prospective) Client for obvious security reasons. And as policy, we never make any scientific, engineering, medical, legal, paranormal, supernatural or alien claims. We also do not serve as "expert witness," or provide any kind of legal testimony or legal affidavit for anyone no matter how compelling the case, or get involved in other people's legal situations. Please do not ask us to talk to your attorney / doctor or verify for your attorney / doctor to what extent that a mind control / electronic attack technology exists and/or the probability that you are a victim of such technological abuses. While we would very much like to help, at this time we do not have a field operation where we can test, analyze, correlate and document onsite attacks against any victim, nor licensed medical or legal personnel on board who can provide medical and/or legal interfaces with a victim's medical and/or legal personnel. While we are trying to develop these capabilities, we are not there yet (click on Page 1 for details and how you can help get us there).
           Many clients and potential clients have asked to visit with us in person about their (proposed) CD projects or for us to scan them for electronic implants and other hidden mind control and electronic attack devices because we have all the devices on hand we need to do the most thorough testing (note that all of our unique CD devices come with a comprehensive User Manual written in plain English and fully labeled device enclosure; if you can operate a TV or microwave oven, you should have no trouble operating our devices). They express fear that mind control and electronic attack perpetrators routinely spy on them through their mail, emails and phone conversations. We tell them that if perps are spying on them now, then what is going to stop perps from also spying on them if they were to visit us? And that "personal" visits endangers us as well as our other Clients. And how would they like it if we had other Clients in our labs or shops while working on their highly confidential CD project? We also tell them that mail privacy can be easily protected. Two effective methods we use:
      (1) We insert all paperwork in a sealed inner envelope. We then randomly staple 4-6 staples into the inner envelope (not the outer envelope) while warping the envelope a bit in our hand. When addressee gets our envelope and finds missing staples or double or misaligned staple holes, he/she knows the letter was tampered with because it is virtually impossible to replace and exactly re-align a letter into an envelope once it is removed from the enverlope and unfolded. And virtually impossible to find and align an exactly matching duplicate stapler so precisely that the new staples follow the exact path of the removed staples. That is why we use 2-3 staplers, and they are all old and obsolete staplers. If the letter contents is not thick, we also mix in a couple of old newspaper and magazine pages or aluminum foil to stop devices which shine strong lights through envelopes to read them.
      (2) We place address labels with our signatures on them across the flaps of envelopes (2-4 labels per flap), and then tape over them with clear mylar tape ("Scotch tape"). When addressee gets our envelope, and if the label signatures do not match the signature in the inside pages or the label or tape adhesive has been tampered with, he/she knows that the mail was tampered with. In the old days, the backs of important envelopes were sealed with hot wax and then stamped on with a unique handmade metal stamp or brand so everyone knew that the letter was a genuine AND unopened and unread letter from that sender. A broken seal is proof that the mail was tampered with.

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DISCLAIMER: OUR MEDICAL POLICIES REGARDING ALL OF OUR OFFERS FOUND EVERYWHERE: NOTE: The term, "Medical" and related terms in all of our webpages include ALL medical fields, ALL dental fields and ALL veterinarian fields (animals can also be injured by electronic attacks). We recognize that once a buyer buys any device from a seller, the seller has no control over what the buyer may actually use the device for nor does the seller assume any liability to anyone for any use in any unsafe or improper environment or way, misuse or abuse of the device. We recognize and fully respect that people have the right to choose whatever form of medical care they prefer; we are not licensed to practice medicine, and therefore we cannot and do not provide any medical advice, medical opinion, make medical claims, nor scientific claims, nor supernatural or paranormal claims, nor tell you what the causes are for any medical-like manifestation. Nor anything we may provide you is to be used for a medical prevention, diagnostic, treatment, cure or medically-assistive reason; nor to in any manner stop, delay, speed up, interfere with, change or replace any medical procedure or drug prescribed for you by any trusted licensed medical person or other entity. All medically-related statements which we may make are lay, anecdotal and personal opinion-type statements only. If you are suffering from medical-type manifestations, we always recommend that you first obtain a complete medical exam from trusted and licensed medical professionals (at your end and your expense) to diagnose, treat and possibly cure all medically-caused manifestations. ANY MANIFESTATION - MEDICAL-LIKE OR OTHERWISE - WHICH HAS NO KNOWN MEDICAL OR OTHER NATURAL CAUSATION, MAY BE CAUSED BY MIND CONTROL OR OTHER TYPES OF ELECTRONIC ATTACK DEVICES.
          NOTE-1: We cannot produce any device which is intended or likely to be used as a weapon, to retaliate against anyone, or which inflicts injury, pain or suffering to any person or animal, or which causes any other kind of mind control- or electronic-induced manifestations, or which is otherwise illegal, unethical or immoral. So please do not contract us for any device to treat, cure, diagnose, prevent or assist a medical condition, or to cause any kind of mind control or body control condition, or is likely to harm any person, animal or property, or is likely to be illegal, unethical or immoral. Do NOT use any device or statement we provide to stop, delay, accelerate, substitute for, modify or change any medical advice or device provided to you by a licensed, competent and trusted medical provider.
          NOTE-2: A few of our device-types come with an electrode(s) and/or induction coil(s) to be used on or near the skin (all electrodes are surface electrodes - none are invasive). Not even after decades and 100s of devices, no Client or our personnel (who create, test and also use these devices) has ever reported or complained to our knowledge about any harmful effects to them for any device we provided them, so we consider all of our device-types to be safe. Just to be extra safe, if you obtain a device type of ours which comes with an electrode(s) or induction coil(s) used on or near the skin, please consult with your licensed, competent and trusted medical provider (at your end and your expense) to verify that such a device-type is not likely harmful to you for you to apply on yourself, especially if you have heart rhythm problems or are connected to or have implanted inside of you an electronic medical device (including, but not limited to, pacemakers, diabetic controllers, and nerve stimulators), or you are pregnant, or you have allergies, illnesses or injuries or any other medical condition that might be adversely affected by electrodes, coils, EMFs or ultrasonic signals. As with all types of electronic devices from us or anyone else, do not place EMF coils directly onto the skull.

Like what we offer and have a website? Then please put free hotlink to our home page on your website => Thanks. John Williams, M.S.E.E.

HIGH-TECH SECURITY AND SURVIVAL BOOKS, MANUALS, SOFTWARE, CONSULTING SERVICES: PLEASE NOTE, we are NOT CONSUMERTRONICS.NET (P.O. Box 23097, Albuquerque, NM 87192) ( - famous for their many frank and controversial high-tech survival books, manuals and software. The two businesses are totally separate entities. Neither one owns the other nor is a subsidiary of the other. If you wish to do business with CONSUMERTRONICS.NET, please contact them DIRECTLY.

OFF-THE-SHELF AND OVER-THE-COUNTER HARDWARE OF ALL TYPES: PLEASE NOTE, we are NOT TECHZONICS.COM (a subsidiary of Consumertronics) - famous for their huge variety of hardware offerings, especially electronic parts. The two businesses are totally separate entities. Neither one owns the other nor is a subsidiary of the other. If you wish to do business with TECHZONICS.COM, please contact them DIRECTLY.

(More on these privacy and other policies on our webpage.

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