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We are here to serve electronically Targeted Individual (TI) victims to help save them from their perps. The perps hate us for that! Just as TI perps are usually experts at harassing and persecuting TIs, they use those same intentions against us. To discredit us, entrap us, force us out of business, harass us, and get us into legal trouble. Without us, perps can 'feast on your brains' with impunity. The perps have their agents working social media, TI groups, complaint systems, etc. Do NOT let perps scam you into not obtaining protective devices from us, thereby leading you to their slaughter. Do NOT let perps trap you, set you up or isolate you. Whatever insulting they say about you and us, the opposite is true. If you have any questions or concerns relevant to us or anything on our website, or are aware of suspicious activity against us, please email us right away. We are custom device designers and makers for decades - with many repeat Clients - all of our devices are unique and handmade to our Clients' orders - so those who claim or imply that any (or all) of our devices are this or that, they are lying - DO NOT FALL FOR PERP SCAMS!

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Mind Control Info Relevant to EMF and Sound Attacks + Countermeasure Devices Links (This Webpage)
Mind Control Info on EMF Attacks + Countermeasure Devices Links
Mind Control Info on Sound Attacks + Countermeasure Devices Links


BUYING FROM US IS SIMPLE: (1) Select the Unique Customized Device(s) You Want on This or Any Other Page, (2) Click on the green CDAF Link above, (3) Print and Complete the CDAF Form (one CDAF for each Device), (4) Scan your completed CDAF on a scanner. (4) Mail or Email as scanned-in (not photographed) JPG or GIF image Files to Us Your CDAF(s). We Respond to You Within 3 Days About Your Proposed CD Project.

The ULTIMO INFRASONIC, AUDIO & ULTRASONIC JAMMER WITH SWEEP-2 (Sounds Version): See UUJ/IJ-Sound for description of our UUJ/IJ-Sound, then BACK to here. New and unused successfully completed and tested CD project - NOT a return, reject, repaired, refurbished nor prior technology - just unclaimed by Client (failed to pay balance 3+ months after completion). Much reduced price! Buy TODAY - once this UUJ/IJ-Sound is sold, it is gone forever!
        AVAILABLE TODAY: One Ultimo Ultrasonic Jammer / Infrasonic Jammer (Sound Version). Only $1795 +S/H ($19 Continental USA, else, email us for S/H). We ship within 3 work days upon receipt of full payment (pay by $US Postal Money Order or cash only) and your completed CDAF form (green link above, email or USPS mail to us). No waiting 2-3 working weeks for us to do your UUJ/IJ-Sound. Specify any customizations you want added to UUJ/IJ-Sound in your CDAF (additional cost likely). Need something else? Check out our webpages, then specify in your CDAF so we can consider making it for you.

The ULTIMO INFRASONIC, AUDIO & ULTRASONIC JAMMER WITH SWEEP-1 (EMFs Version): See UUJ/IJ-EMF for description of our UUJ/IJ-EMF, then BACK to here. New and unused successfully completed and tested CD project - NOT a return, reject, repaired, refurbished nor prior technology - just unclaimed by Client (cannot or will not respond). Much reduced price! Buy TODAY - once this UUJ/IJ-EMF is sold, it is gone forever!
        AVAILABLE TODAY: One Ultimo Ultrasonic Jammer / Infrasonic Jammer (EMF Version). Only $1795 +S/H ($19 Continental USA, else, email us for S/H). We ship within 3 work days upon receipt of full payment (pay by $US Postal Money Order or cash only) and your completed CDAF form (green link above, email or USPS mail to us). No waiting 2-3 working weeks for us to do your UUJ/IJ-EMF. Specify any customizations you want added to UUJ/IJ-EMF in your CDAF (additional cost likely). Need something else? Check out our webpages, then specify in your CDAF so we can consider making it for you.

For Sale! The ULTIMO SOLFEGGIO FREQUENCY HARMONIZER: See USFH for description of our USFH, then BACK to here. New and unused successfully completed and tested CD project - NOT a return, reject, repaired, refurbished nor prior technology - just unclaimed by Client (failed to pay 3+ months after completion). Much reduced price! Buy TODAY - once this USFH is sold, it is gone forever!
        AVAILABLE TODAY: One Ultimo Ultrasonic Jammer / Infrasonic Jammer (Sound Version), Stereo Version. Only $1395 +S/H ($19 Continental USA, else, email us for S/H). We ship within 3 work days upon receipt of full payment (pay by $US Postal Money Order or cash only) and your completed CDAF form (green link above, email or USPS mail to us). No waiting 2-3 working weeks for us to do your USFH. Specify any customizations you want added to USFH in your CDAF (additional cost likely). Need something else? Check out our webpages, then specify in your CDAF so we can consider making it for you. NOTE: This is the Stereo Version which consists of two Mono Versions, we can break up the pair and sell you one Mono Version for only $895 (same S/H).

For Sale! The ULTIMO EMF & ULTRASONIC HEAD SHIELD PROTECTOR (Shielded Helmet): See SH for description of our Shielded Helmet (SH) device-type, then BACK to here. New and unused successfully completed and tested CD project - NOT a return, reject, repaired, refurbished nor prior technology - just unclaimed by Client. Sizes we make: Small, Medium and Large, almost always from motorcycle helmet with shielding extending to the chin and neck areas. In this case, our Client contracted for her SH too late, and the mind control attacks escalated so vile that she and her family were forced to permanently flee the US to escape her perps to a country we could not ship to, preventing us from shipping her completed SH. Much reduced price! Buy TODAY - once this SH is sold, it is gone forever!
        AVAILABLE TODAY: One Shielded Helmet, Size Medium. Only 1195 +S/H ($75 Continental USA, else, email us for S/H). In addition, you save by not having to buy and ship to us the basic helmet we shield. We ship within 3 work days upon receipt of full payment (pay by $US Postal Money Order or cash only) and your completed CDAF form (green link above, email or USPS mail to us). No waiting 2-3 work weeks for us to do your SH. Specify any customizations you want added to SH in your CDAF (additional cost likely). Wrong size for you, or you need something else? Check out our webpages, then specify in your CDAF so we can consider making it for you (NOTE: Due to Covid-19, shipping chain chaos, inflation/gouging, etc., availability of enough shielding materials for us to make you a SH may not exist in enough quantity and/or be much higher priced).

For Sale! The ULTIMO MINI HEAD SHIELD CAPS (Shielded Caps/Hats): See SC/H for description of our Shielded Caps/Hats (SC/H) device-type, then BACK to here. New and unused successfully completed and tested CD project - NOT a returns, reject, refurbished, repaired nor prior technology - just unclaimed by Client. Sizes we make: Small, Medium and Large; almost always baseball cap types with no size-adjust cutouts in the back. Some have ear flaps, back flaps or large brims, which we usually also fill with shielding materials. Much reduced prices!
        AVAILABLE TODAY: One Caps/Hats, Size Medium. Only $695 +S/H ($75 Continental USA, else, email us for S/H). In addition, you save by not having to buy and ship to us the basic caps/hats we shield. We ship within 3 work days upon receipt of full payment (pay by $US Postal Money Order or cash only) and your completed CDAF form (green link above, email or USPS mail to us). No waiting 2-3 work weeks for us to do your SH. Specify any customizations you want added to SH in your CDAF (additional cost likely). Wrong size for you, or you need something else? Check out our webpages, then specify in your CDAF so we can consider making it for you (NOTE
: Due to Covid-19, shipping chain chaos, inflation/gouging, etc., availability of enough shielding materials for us to make you a SH may not exist in enough quantity and/or be much higher priced).

When the Government and law enforcement fail or refuse to protect you or treat you like a crackpot - which almost always happens - YOU must protect yourself! We are here to help you protect yourself.

PEOPLE ARE ALARMED! Recently, the Lone Star Consulting, Inc. organization has received frantic calls involving great concerns and fears over alarming, shocking and frightening reports over upsurges in mind control (mindcon), body control (bodycon) and other electronic attack and electronic harassment incidents (often also referred to as "directed energy weapons attacks" or "psionic attacks"). Clearly, these forms of electronic harassment attacks greatly increased since 9/11, and especially recently due to political and economic chaos. With chaos, electronic attacks are more likely ignored by the authorities, and victims become more hassled with other issues and more cautious about spending money even to protect themselves. Clearly, some electronic attackers are now electronically attacking their victims with impunity - more open electronic harassment attacks, accelerated electronic attacks, and more severe electronic attacks than ever before! If you do not believe that mind control and electronic attack devices are real and effective weapons - research these topics Online (start with "Havana Syndrome". Even so, what you will find is just a small bit of what is actually being done in these frightening and devastating technologies - no longer science fiction, even some now beyond science fiction. Most of the R&D is being done on top secret bases (eg: black projects) by our Government, various other governments, corporations, universities, criminal and terrorist organizations and individuals for numerous reasons. Today, virtually anyone who is a competent electrical engineer or electronic technician can design and make at least a crude mind control electronic attack weapon. One of many examples: We know that there were widespread uses of mind control devices in close states on early voting and election days in 2016, 2018, 2020 and 2022 near polling places, which clearly dictated the final election results, and which will surely be repeated with increasingly more effective devices in the years to come. Are you such a TI victim? It is more important than ever before for YOU to address these issues NOW! Our Government will likely never admit to these technologies, nor recent advancements in them, so it will do little or nothing to help you. As a TI, you are on your own! We believe we can help you. Lone Star Consulting, Inc. provides its Good Clients as a public service its tutorials on mind control / electronic attacks (as well as many very exciting and unique related device types described below) for those interested in electronic mind control (including RFID), electronic attacks, direct energy attacks, electronic harassment, brainwashing, brain entrainment (eg: binaural beats), brain signatures, mind reading, voices in the head (eg: voice-to-skull or V2K/V2S technology (Frey Effect / Microwave Hearing Effect), and voice-of-God technology), Tempest brain monitoring, electronic body control, electronic implants and brain state control / brain state monitoring, Manchurian Candidates, and similar technologies and their countermeasures, read our device-type descriptions.

Microwaves, and ultrasonic sounds and infrasonic sounds require the specialized device-types we provide (described below) to detect and countermeasure them because they can't be sensed by normal human senses and their directions (many are highly directional), bandwidths and ON times must be first determined before they can be documented or countermeasured (note that infrasonic sounds appear to be omnidirectional, thus location-finding can be very difficult, and infrasounds are thus also very hard to countermeasure, especially if source is distant). When it comes to legal actions, you must be able to prove the existence and specific timing and location of the mind control and electronic attacks (within the applicable statutes of limitation), and their correlatations to your manifestations. Even then, to obtain justice you would have to show that you mitigated the mind control and electronic attacks to minimize your injuries, such as by jamming it (which requires specialized electronic attack and mind control countermeasures equipment of the types we also provide), and/or shielding against it, and/or locating the transmitter and stopping it. If you do these things yourself as soon as you can, you stand a much better chance of getting law enforcement to take a serious look at your case as well. In virtually all cases, YOU, AND YOU ALONE, must obtain justice in these types of cases. You might fairly ask, "How can I document mind control and electronic attacks using your specialized equipment?" Permanent directional-recording and time-stamped recording circuitry are very expensive because they add complications to any device made by anyone. However, there is a cheap, easy and very credible way to do this. Use a video camera and make a videotape or video disk of your experiences, which will document your witnesses (if any), our equipment set-ups and its responses, and your manifestations. Most modern cellphones have videotaping capabilities. Leave a visible TV ON in the background and an accurate clock so that you can also time- and date-stamp your videos. And/or have a reliable and credible witness(es) with you.

While mind control and electronic attacks seem now so out of control with the Government often complicit that some TIs have given up all hope of ever getting their lives back, we are here to help YOU! While there is a vast number of possible mind control, body control and other electonic attack technologies and devices, there are only 5 known common modalities that can deliver such attacks: (1) Electromagnetic attacks (60% estimated attack percentage, mostly microwave attacks), (2) Ultrasonic attacks (35%), (4) Electronic Implants / Electrical Body Contact (15%), and (5) Infrasonic attacks (10%). Particle beams, gated-ionic radiation (a new little-known mind control and electronic attack technology), ultraviolet, X-Ray, etc. modalities are likely less than 2% total. Note that the percentages add up to more than 100% because some attacks are believed to be caused by a combination of these major modalities (eg: ultrasonic and EM signals used to same-time attack the same TI, ultrasonic signals modulated by infrasonic signals, etc.). It makes little difference what attack technology or device is used against you - be it a programmed off-the-shelf transmitter, customized transmitter, an exotic transmitter (eg: AI, directed energy weapons, holography, gated radiation, etc.) - they all must use one of these modalities to attack you. Each of these mind control and body control electronic attack modalities can be detected, located, jammed and/or shielded against using the unique, specialized devices we make and can provide you for that modality. Once you eliminate the harmful signal(s), you stop the harm caused by the signal(s) - no matter which specific type of device is transmitting the signal(s) or even what your manifestations are. Many TIs get hung up trying to uncover the make & model, level of sophistication or how high-tech are the attack devices (many are homemade). High-energy mind control weapons are not required and almost never used*. Low- and moderate-powered devices are almost always enough, and some can fit into an enclosure smaller than a deck of cards. By shielding out or jamming the signal(s), or locating the transmitter(s) and thereby likely revealing who the perp is and/or eliminating the transmitter(s), you solved the problem! We have the unique device-types designed to help YOU.
*Very few perps use powerful transmitter systems for these major reasons: (1) Electronic mind control requires little power to be effective - the brain operates in microvolts and microamps, so only little power is required to electronically mind control. (2) Many perps try to inflict subtle damage to better gain control over you and/or to leave little physical evidence of their attacks and/or to torment/torture you over extended periods (ie: what we call, "sadistic electronic attacks") - burning your brain/body defeats those purposes. (3) Powerful transmitters spill over so much energy that many people, animals and legal transmitters are likely interfered with over a large area, thus the perp risks many complaints by many people alerted to the attacks and be likely discovered. (4) Powerful systems require large, conspicuous, power-hungry and very expensive transmitters. Unless you see a van parked nearby bristling with antennas, AND you are a major target because of your wealth or position, whatever device(s) is attacking you is likely average book size or less.

FOR OUR PRIVACY POLICIES => Who We Are + Privacy Policies + HTTPS Fallacies

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Customized Devices Application Form (CDAF)

We make no device intended for medical use and we make no medical, supernatural, paranormal, psychic or legal claims, advice or opinion

PERP EVALUATION SERVICES: We are not licensed investigators, so we cannot investigate any perp-related activities. However, we can compare YOUR perp experiences with the reported perp experiences from our many past Clients over decades (Note: We never reveal or infer Client identities). What we do is to compare info that we have about your perps (whether or not you suspect or know their identities) and their modus operandi with those of other suspected perps reported to or discovered by us; and if we find reasonable connections, report them to you. Just as there are serial killers, serial rapists and serial burglars, there are clearly also serial mind control and electronic attack perps and repeat offenders, many of whom develop rituals, habits and patterns. If we can link any of them to you, we will reveal to you in our confidential report who we think they are and what additional links we made, to help you fight or avoid these attacks. And in all such cases, we will also, if you wish (another FREE service), contact our other known Clients (those we still have contact info on) linked to your perps to contact you, if they wish to. And provide you whatever added clues we have that may help you narrow your perps down and develop stronger cases. Serial perps, some of whom we suspect are "guns for hire" (similar to professional hit men), may operate in the same area, use the same/similar type of devices, signals, attack scheduling, and/or have other behaviors. If you contract with us for any mind control or attack-related customized countermeasure (shielding or jamming) or transmitter detection/location device from us, we will provide you this invaluable service for FREE for all of our Good Clients, in which case, complete the last questions of our Customized Devices Application Form (CDAF). Should you want us to do this service for you without contracting with us for any of our devices, then you still need to complete and provide us the CDAF for this service (be sure to provide us your CDAF's last questions info), in which case our rough Estimated Cost (EC) is $295 (Note: If within 30 days of contracting us for this service, you then contract with us for any device of $200+ EC, we will subtract 25% from your device's EC (up to $295 max)). If you suspect more than 10 perps, then provide us your info on each of the top 10 only. If we need more info relevant to your CDAF last questions answers to help us to make better correlations to provide you and possibly other TIs better service, we will ask you to provide it.

MIND CONTROL & ELECTRONIC ATTACK ANALYSIS REPORT: Are you a Targeted Individual (TI) being attacked by perpetrators using mind control and electronic attack devices? There are so many signals out there being absorbed by your brain and body, while most are not malicious, how can you tell for sure which signals are harmful or malicious to you? Due to popular demand, we are now offering our MC&EAAR service. How this works is that you provide us your data points on the signals you receive using either a detection device we provided you as an earlier separate unique CD Project (see below for detailed descriptions of our popular mind control and electronic attack detection device types) or from your own signal detection equipment. We then objectively analyze your data points, and provide you a written report on our analysis of your data points. Your "data points" consists of the detected signal details and the resulting manifestations which you believe were caused by the detected signals. "Detected signal details" consists of the signal frequency, signal strength or signal power (eg: LED bar readouts, volts/meter, dbm, gauss), direction (if you used a directional antenna) and duration, and the date and time of signal detection. "Resulting manifestations" consists of the physical, electronic, electrical and/or equipment manifestations you experienced shortly after or during a signal exposure, the duration of the manifestations, and date and time of manifestations. One "data point" consists of one line of detected signal details for each detected signal followed by one line of your observed resulting manifestations. Please also include the make and model of your detection device, a sketch(es) of the layout of the place where you experience these signals showing your equipment setup, and any other relevant information which you believe would assist our mind control and electronic attack analysis for you.
          Last made $995 [1-5 lb] for up to 100 data points (if your data points exceed 100, add $75 for each additional 10 data points) you need analyzed. (NOTE: We provide a 10% discount for our MC&EAAR services if your detection device is one which we provided you earlier as a separate CD Project (detailed descriptions of our popular mind control and electronic attack detection device-types below); the estimated costs by us is for the analysis and report only, it is not a retainer of any kind and does not include any mind control or electronic attack expert witness services or any other services (if you require additional services from us, you must provide us a new CDAF form for each additional service for us to consider), it does not include any hardware of any kind, and it does not include any onsite visits (we do not personally meet with Clients) or travel by anyone; our analysis is solely based on the information provided to us by the Client with his/her CDAF and assumes that the Client's information is 100% accurate and complete; Client assumes full responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of all of his/her information; our analysis shall be objective, unbiased and with an open mind even if it differs with the Clients own opinions or analysis; we will not identify any alleged perpetrator(s) or their motives or intentions as that is beyond the scope of our direct knowledge; and Client's costs are totally non-refunable once we have completed our analysis).

Introduction to this Page
Customized Devices Application Form (CDAF)

Links below are to All of Our MIND CONTROL Device-Types
Since many Device Types have multiple possible functions, be sure to
check below if you can't find what you need on individual Topical pages
Mind Control Info Relevant to EMF and Sound Attacks - mindcontrol.htm (Read This Page First - before mindcontrol1.htm and mindcontrol2.htm pages linked below: Developments relevant to BOTH EMF Mind Control and Sound Mind Control) (This Webpage)
Mind Control, Electronic Attack Device Types - mindcontrol1.htm (EMF Mind Control: Developments in Electronic, Electrical, Magnetic, Microwaves, RF, Light, Implants, etc. Mind Control and Electronic Attack Technologies, includes Links to our Mind Control Device-Types Descriptions)
Mind Control, Electronic Attack Device Types - mindcontrol2.htm (Sound Mind Control: Developments in Ultrasonic, Infrasonic, Audio, Sonar, etc. Mind Control and Electronic Attack Technologies, includes Links to our Mind Control Device-Types Descriptions)
Medical, Radionics, Biomedical Device Types - radionics.htm
Energy, Energy Meters, Cost Savings Device Types - energy.htm
Sound, Audio, Ultrasonic, Infrasonic, Acoustic Device Types - audio.htm
Light, Video, Laser, Infrared, Ultraviolet, X-Ray Device Types - light.htm
Radio, Microwave, Radar Device Types - electric.htm
Security, Physical Survival Device Types - security.htm
Phones, Phone-Related Device Types - phones.htm
Vehicles, Vehicle-Related Device Types - vehicles.htm
Weird, Wild, Wacky Device Types - weird.htm
Miscellaneous Electronic Device Types - misc-electronics.htm
Invention Services - inventions.htm

Links below are to All of Our Device-Types

The Ultimo Infrasonic, Audio & Ultrasonic Jammer with Sweep-1 (EMFs) - Most Popular with Clients!
Perp Evaluation Services
Mind Control & Electronic Attack Analysis Report
The Ultimo EMF & Ultrasonic Head Shield Protector (Shielded Helmet)
The Ultimo Mini Head Shield Cap (Shielded Cap/Hat)
The Ultimo Shielded Face Mask
The Ultimo Sleep Head Shielded Hood
The Ultimo Shielded Pet Sanctuary
The Ultimo EMF Shielded Bag/Box
The Ultimo Earmuffs Shield (Shielded Earmuffs)
The Ultimo Shielded Wrap (Protects Against Implants)
The Ultimo Full-Body Shielded Raincoat
The Ultimo Doug Coil Rife Machine (PEMF Device)
The Ultimo Velostat Electrostatic Shield
The Ultimo Magnetic Body Signal Blocker
The Ultimo Electrical Body Signal Blocker
The Ultimo Pulsed Neurophone Body Signal Blocker
The Ultimo Solfeggio Harmonizer
The Ultimo 7 Chakras Harmonizer
The Stealth Paint "Elixer"
Wiring Hitchhiking Harasser Eliminators (Phone Lines/Power Lines)
The Ultimo EM Transmitter Direction Finder
The Ultimo EM Transmitting Electronic Implant Locator
The Ultimo Mechanical EM Transmitter Locator
The Ultimo EM Transmitter Triangulator
The Personal EMF Jammer
The Ultra Infrasonic Jammer / ELF Jammer
The Ultimo Proximity Detector & Alarm
The Programmable Ultrasonic/Audio/Infrasonic Precision Frequency Generator
The Programmable Narrowband Frequency Generator
The Ultimo LED Mind Control Detector
The Ultimo Modulated LED Controller
The Ultimo Magnetic Body Resonant Frequency Detector
The Brain Signature Waveform Detector
The Ultimo Brainwave Analysis & Biofeedback/Biocontrol Device
The Automatic Writing Machine
The Ultrasonic Galvanic Skin Response Correlator
The Omnimax TENS System
The Unknown & Unseen Entity Detector
Scanners - The Device
The Ultimate Weapons & Lab Development System
The Programmable Light & Sound Detector
The Long-Range Infrared Detector
The Ultimo "Montauk Chair"
The 6th Sense Communicator
The Telepathic Amplifier
The Alien Buster Blaster
The Ultimo Powered/Non-Powered Mobius Coils
Super-Sensitive, Super-Directional Antennas
The Very Flat & Thin Spiral Antennas
The Super Soft-Pinch Electrodes
The Velostat Electrodes (with Meter)

The Ultimo Infrasonic, Audio & Ultrasonic Jammer with Sweep-2 (Sounds) - Most Popular with Clients!
The Ultimo Sound-Based Pest Controller (Human & Animal)
Perp Evaluation Services
Mind Control & Electronic Attack Analysis Report
The Ultimo EMF & Ultrasonic Head Shield Protector (Shielded Helmet)
The Ultimo Mini Head Shield Cap (Shielded Cap/Hat)
The Ultimo Shielded Face Mask
The Ultimo Sleep Head Shielded Hood
The Ultimo Shielded Pet Sanctuary
The Ultimo Ultrasonic Shielded Bag/Box
The Ultimo Earmuffs Shield (Shielded Earmuffs)
The Ultra Ultrasonic Mike Jammer
The Ultra Ultrasonic Jammer
The Ultra Infrasonic Jammer / ELF Jammer
The Programmable Ultrasonic/Audio/Infrasonic Precision Frequency Generator
The Programmable Narrowband Frequency Generator
The Ultimo Full-Body Shielded Raincoat
The Ultimo Infrasonic - Audio Converter
The Ultimo Ultrasonic - Audio Converter
The Ultimo Infrasonic Detector
The Ultimo Ultrasonic Transmitter Triangulator
The Ultimo Mechanical Ultrasonic Transmitter Locator
The Ultra Ultrasonic Detector & Amplifier (Ultrasonic Direction Finder)
The Ultimo Sound Modulator with Brainwave Frequencies
The Ultra Ultrasonic Dual Whistles Jammer
The Ultra Ultrasonic Shrieker
The Ultra Ultrasonic Countermeasure
The Hypersensitive Sound Alarm
The Sound Snap Shot Device
The Ultimo Solfeggio Harmonizer
The Ultimo 7 Chakras Harmonizer
The Dynamic Subliminal Mixer/Amp
The "Silent Sound" Subliminal Mixer/Amp
The Ultra Ultrasonic Communicator & Controller
The Ultimo Ear-to-Ground Listener
The Ultimo Binaural Beats Experimenter
The Super Sleuth Ultra-High Gain Sound Amplifier & Detector
The "Taos Hum" Infrasonic & Brainwave Detector & Amplifier
The Programmable Light & Sound Detector

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Customized Devices Application Form (CDAF)
High-Tech Mind Control Attacks, Electronic Attacks, Countermeasures Customized Device Types
Mind Control (Mindcon, MC), Neurological Weapons, Subliminal Mind Control, Body Control (Bodycon), Behavior Modification, Brainwashing, Mind Reading (Mindread), Mind Probing, Remote Influencing, Voice-to-Skull Technology (V2K, V2S), ELF Attacks, Electronic Attacks, Electronic Harassment (EH), Directed Energy Weapons Systems, Brain State Control / Brain State Monitoring, Binaural Beats, Ultrasonic Attacks, Infrasonic Attacks, Brain Stimulations, Implanted Fake Memories, Implanted Thoughts, Manchurian Candidates, Electronic Gang Stalking, Manifestations, Electronic Countermeasures Products and Services.

Unique, Original, Made-to-Order, Special Needs, Unusual, Strange, Weird Customized Device Types We Can Do For YOU! Backed by decades of Professional Design Experience!
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ARE YOU A TARGETED INDIVIDUAL (TI)?: John Williams's (MSEE) and his people's extensive electronic weaponry, electronic harassment devices, and Radionics devices researches and many projects - including on-site investigations of cases - have resulted in high levels of understanding and insights into electronic mind control and harassment techniques, technologies and manifestations, and especially their countermeasures and transmitter location devices. The technologies for powerful and invisible electronic attacks are proven to exist and are widespread (Online search: "Havana Syndrome", etc.) - attacks aimed at seriously injuring, harassing, controlling, crippling, and "electronic poisoning" people. While you are under electronic attack, you may or may not be aware you are being attacked; however, you will likely experience these manifestations while being attacked or later. Attacks can be by sounds (ultrasonic, audio, and/or infrasonic) or by electromagnetic that may cause sound sensations (Microwave Auditory Effect - MAE).

Manifestations: Do You:

  • Hear popping, clicking, chirping, thumping, humming, buzzing, ringing, banging, grinding, throbbing, dripping, sizzling, or similar sounds you can't identify?
  • Experience onsets, worsening, more frequent and/or unexplained/unexpected bouts of insomnia, suddenly disturbed sleep, irritability, mood changes, eye pain, visual/auditory/taste/smell hallucinations or visions, depression, memory loss, forced thoughts, forced speech, forced actions, senseless repetitive behaviors, nausea, dizziness, vertigo, confusion or muddled thoughts, cognitive dissonance*, migraine headaches (especially with aura), throbbing or tingling inside your head or body, tremors, itching, tics/twitches, crawling skin, tingling nerves, hair standing on end, joint pains, burning sensations, involuntary or forced muscle movements (eg: restless leg syndrome, eye twitching, etc.), chronic pain, paralysis/catatonic/frozen state, epilepsy triggering, indigestion, irritable bowel, cardiac or respiratory problems, loss of concentration or cognitive abilities, panic, unexplained stress, a cloud/bubble around your head, and/or sinus problems, induced fatigue, reduced will power? *Cognitive Dissonance is very often reported as Voice-to-Skull (V2K), as Voice-of-God (VOG), and as hearing unnatural voices and/or sounds coming from other living things, non-speaker inanimate objects, running water, or empty spaces (eg: nearby rooms, closets, cabinets, underneath furniture/cars, open spaces, ground, walls, floors, ceilings). Cognitive Dissonance is less reported as Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM).
  • Hear unidentifiable voices and/or sounds, especially if coming from behind and/or above the ear(s), or are accompanied by radio-like static noises or digital noises?
  • Hear voices and/or sounds that do not much lessen in intensity if you cover your ears?
  • Hear voices and/or sounds which no one near you is hearing or reacting to, or they are hearing something else you are not hearing or sounding very different to you?
  • Hear voices and/or sounds which appear to be rapidly or unusually changing positions or coming from multiple positions?
  • Hear voices and/or sounds which are garbled, distorted, whispered, muffled, blurted out, too high/low in speed, or unnaturally or unexpectantly changing in volume or pitch?
  • Hear unidentifiable voices and/or sounds which appear to be in a foreign or ancient language, from non-human lifeform(s), or from an outer world origin?
  • Feel plagued by any other unexplained manifestations in your life, not necessarily related to your body (eg: unexplained or intermittent electronic malfunctions, remote objects falling or moving, hair standing on end, etc.)?
  • Have thoughts or dreams which are unexpectantly and/or suddenly interrupted/taken over by other thoughts or jerk you out of your sleep for no apparent reason?
  • Feel being followed, touched, breathed on or surveilled with no evidence of such?
  • Feel panic, high stress, desperate, impending disaster or an ominous presence with no evidence of such?
  • Clearly hearing someone say something but unable to grasp what they are saying?
  • Experience any of the above onsets, manifestations or increases in their rates of occurrences and/or intensities when you are in or near certain locations, or at certain times, or when certain other things are occurring, or when in certain body positions? Or near reflective surfaces, especially smooth metal (especially large concave or flat hard and smooth metal surfaces, eg: vehicles, appliances, equipment, large tools, sheet metal, metal siding, electrical wires / electrical cables, any other concave or flat hard and smooth metal surfaces EM signals and/or ultrasonic signals can reflect off of), or motorized equipment, especially if perceived sounds or sensations appear to come from the direction of these surfaces or from corners or bends in the surfaces?

Many of these manifestations may also be caused by non-electronic attack reasons (eg: medical, normal mechanical/electronic problems, etc.), of which you should thoroughly check out (eg: thru your trusted, licensed medical personnel) and rule out if possible. But even if these other often non-electronic manifestations are occurring, electronic attacks aggravate most of these manifestations, so curing a medical problem caused/not caused by an electronic attack may provide only limited and/or temporary relief if electronic attacks were and still are aggravating them. No matter what is causing your medical problems, you need your trusted licensed medical doctors to address them. If due to electronic attacks, come to us to try to stop them from worsening or reoccurring. Many voice, sound and visual phenomena may not be experienced by others near you, or told by them as normal or different sounds and/or sights. Having medical or normal electronic device problems are not mutually exclusive conditions to being electronically attacked - all can occur at same time. Perp attacks may be varied or unvaried in signal type/intensity/timing/direction, and may target the brain, body, and/or electronic devices. Some TIs experience multiple attacks and attack technologies at the same time. If you are not certain that these manifestations are being caused or aggravated ONLY by a medical condition(s), by a normal mechanical/electronic malfunction(s) (eg: from wear and tear), or by some other non-electronic or sound reason, they may be caused by or aggravated by harmful electromagnetic signals or sounds. Note that not all injurious EMF signals and sounds are intended to be malicious; and people differ in sensitivities to EMF signals and sounds.
: You still may be in grave danger of electronics attack. Consider: (1) Electronic attack signals are often not observeable by any of your senses (but can be detected using specialized electronic devices of the types we make). (2) Electronic attacks can cause serious damage over a short or long time, and you may not experience anything until a certain threshhold of damages occurs, then suddenly all comes crashing down. An analogy is cancer: You can have a cancer growing inside of you for years and feel nothing bad, but then one day you suddenly become sick, and are told you are Stage 3 or 4. (3) Even if you are not being currently attacked, if a perp(s) starts attacking you, if you are unprepared, it may be weeks before you can mobilize effective defenses, which then may be too late. An anology is you might carry bear spray with you even though you have never been attacked and have no belief you will be attacked; but once attacked you can quickly defend yourself. Without the bear spray, you may be killed or injured. You keep locks on your doors to end the risks of being murdered, raped or robbed. Same with seatbelts. The way mind control attacks are clearly accelerating today, most people will be attacked within a few years to come, and many attacked multiple times.
In today's world, you must assume that your perp(s) has personal files on you (a dossier), describing realtime in detail you, your family members, friends, associates, locations, schedules, facial and gait recognition, habits, vulnerabilities, medical problems, financial situations, etc., and perps know exactly which buttons-to-push to maximize your injuries, pain and suffering. Dossiers were notoriously associated with Nazis, East German Stasi, and communists - today, there are several-to-many dossiers on almost everyone, and some are sold on the dark web. Since 2001, based on reports we get, mind control attacks have been and are skyrocketing. You may be the victim of injurious electromagnetic, ultrasonic, audio, and/or infrasonic signals and sounds, which come in almost countless variations. No matter what attack devices are used, it is critical to block or jam their signals reaching you and your devices. We here to try to help you with our very effective countermeasures (shielding, jamming) to stop the bad signals from damaging you, and transmitter locators. Please let us try to help you.

THE VERY HARMFUL EFFECTS OF MICROWAVES, ULTRASOUNDS AND INFRASOUNDS: The types and frequencies of mental disorders, including various forms of mental illness and dementia (Alzheimers is the most common form of dementia these days) we often see today virtually did not exist 150+ years ago. In some age groups, 50% of the people now have Alzheimers disease. If that happened 100 years ago, it would be all over the scientific and general literature. Most of the Biblical Prophets where very old men, yet they were widely sought after and greatly valued for their wisdom and insights. Some scientists have linked mental disorders to genes. You got your genes from your ancestors, so how come your ancestors didn't get dementia and very few of them were mentally ill? So what has changed? Now, we have many chemicals in our environment than ever before, so some chemicals are a factor (eg: mercury). What else has also greatly changed? 150+ years ago, there was no human-generated electromagnetic signals, ultrasonic signals and infrasonic signals in our environment. Today, our air is full of these signals, most of which are there for communications and entertainment purposes. Now, we have cellphones with powerful antennas blasting out electromagnetic signals just 2-3 inches from our brains. Now, ultrasounds perform many functions ranging from communications to medical to industrial to security. Now, we have infrasounds either modulating audio or ultrasonic signals or from large speakers or mechanical devices. We believe that these constant exposures all of our lives to intense electromagnetic, ultrasonic and infrasonic signals are progressively destroying the most sensitive, vulnerable and valuable part of our bodies - our brains - and are major causes of these clearly huge increases of devastating mental disorders (especially dementia and schizophrenia, and also likely brain cancers and childhood behavioral disorders). So, even if you do not believe that perps are using electronic weapons to attack you, it is clearly very wise to protect your brain and the brains of your loved ones from these brain-damaging assaults. So, please seriously consider our shielding countermeasures described on our mindcontrol webpages. You would not run out into a blizzard without a very good coat to protect your body, so stop running out into microwave, ultrasonic and infrasonic blizzards without protecting your brain!

TRUE HAPPINESS = TOTAL FREEDOM FROM MIND CONTROL ATTACKS: In The Declaration of Independence, the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS is defined as the guaranteed fundamental right to freely pursue joy and live life in a way that makes you Happy (as long as what you do does not violate the rights of others). The Pursuit of Happiness is YOUR RIGHT to live your life in ways that bring you joy. Unfortunately, the United States Government does not recognize The Declaration of Independence as a legal document. You cannot possibly be Happy as a Targeted Individual (TI) because some scumbag perp(s) is constantly harassing you by using electronic mind control attack technologies against you! You can only truly Pursue Happiness if and when all forms of mind control and mind attack are permanently removed from you. Since the U.S. Government does not recognize your basic human right to Happiness, so it does nothing and will do nothing to rid you of scumbag perps - in many cases, the Government itself is the perp. It is a waste of the time you need to act to stop the damage to you to even ask it to help you. Sadly, the entire burden of protecting yourself and ridding yourself from electronic mind contol and attack rests with YOU. Then, and only then, can you Pursue Happiness. We are here to do our best to make you Happy again - totally free from electronic abuse. Let us try to help you.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) DEVICES: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now implicated into every phase of mind control and electronic attacks by many perps. This includes target selection, surveillance, tracking, targeting individuals and specific brain regions, the types of attacks deployed, attack device control and scheduling, etc. And AI makes it almost impossible to escape being targeted - even if you live off-the-grid and are low-keyed. GPS devices are now embedded in many devices you would never expect. AI facial, gait and habits recognition will pick you out of even large crowds. Governments and corporations now have dossiers on 99+% of Americans, so it is easy for perps to make target selections: People with assets or for personal reasons, who are vulnerable and won't fight back. Even if you have never committed a crime or had your DNA taken, genetic geneology is now using AI to quickly automate IDs from things touched, as well as family members. The overturning of Roe v. Wade ended everyone's Constitutional right to privacy.
          These days, some governments, terrorist groups, criminal organizations, corporations and even individuals are now doing more mind control and electronic attack research, development, testing and deployment than even the U.S. Government. Especially China, Russia, North Korea and others. If you had asked us decades ago who is doing these attacks, we would have told you, 'Almost certainly, the U.S.' - but not any more! In fact, China is clearly now doing an ultra ambitious "Manhattan Project"-level effort to develop and deploy mind control and electronic attack programs based on Artificial Intelligence. Clearly, the Chinese now have or will soon have the technology to monitor, surveil and control every human being on Earth down to their brain function level! One reason is to turn every person into a Manchurian Candidate. Russia and North Korea are clearly similarly engaged. And of course, whatever AI advances developed by government-level and other advanced researchers has already or will soon end up in the hands of other governments, corporations, criminals, terrorists and tech hackers down the street and 10,000 miles away. The time will come soon when "ransomware" is not going to just apply to computers, but to virtually all human brains attacked, tortured, scrambled and shut down by AI mind control weapons. Unless you can stop the attacks at your level (for which we offer many countermeasure device-types), you may soon end up paying ransoms just to keep perps away from your brain - unless you effectively shield your head. Today, many Targeted Individuals (TIs) report crippling mind control and electronic attacks against them - in fact, we believe that many people diagnosed with fibromyalgia and similar are actually mass-attacked TIs. The many TIs who are endlessly suffering greatly and are being disbelieved, ridiculed, dismissed and even threatened for blaming electronic attacks, and some of us who have been ridiculed and attacked for doing mind control research even from the 1970s, are now finally vindicated!

          DOCUMENTED CHINESE & RUSSIAN MIND CONTROL ELECTRONIC ATTACKS: Widely reported are Russian and Chinese mind control and electronic attacks on dozens of U.S. diplomats in China, officially described as, "very similar" to the Cuban attacks of 2016-2019 (now known as "Havana Syndrome" attacks), which greatly accelerated right after 2016 election. While these are clearly joint mind control operations of Russia, China and Cuba, the technology for doing this is widely known on a global scale. Described by newsmedia as documented "Microwave Mind Control Attacks", "Microwave Attacks" or "Havana Syndrome Attacks, as, "... they suffered concussion-like brain damage, despite no blow to the head" (one big reason why perps use mind control and electronic attacks is because their attacks severely damage their targets internally, yet show no external physical evidence of damage, so doctors, police and other authorities can easily dismiss their complaints, forcing TIs into using their own resources to fight back). And which manifest themselves in the brain as weird sounds and voice-like sounds (proof that certain microwave attacks that reach the unshielded head can cause audio hallucinations or voices in the head - V2K (voice-to-skull). What we have been warning about for decades! While not every microwave signal which causes brain injury is maliciously intended, clearly many are done by perps. These perps are dark psychotic forces designed to damage, destroy, control and enslave your brain - to turn TIs into mental zombies. These attacks can cause 'subtle and vague, but abnormal sensations', and "pressures about the head". Same manifestations as a concussion or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) - remotely-caused very serious brain injuries, which may cause and/or accelerate dementia, and even brain cancer. Many reports of, "hearing painful, high-pitched noises" which cause, 'debilitating migraine headaches, dizziness, nausea, and loss of concentration', 'suffered problems that include dizziness, ear pain and ringing, and severe cognitive dysfunction such as difficulty thinking', and "hearing a piercing noise or experiencing a sensation of pressure before [other] symptoms began" (Albuquerque Journal, 5/24/18, p. A4, and 12/13/18, p. A5), and also causes, 'sonic delusions, fatigue, paralysis, bleeding from orifices, sleep problems, permanent hearing loss, distorted vision, hallucinations, loss of mental clarity, poor cognition, loss of speech, difficulty reading and concentrating, vertigo, shakyness, loss of balance, motor and sensory functions, poor emotional control' ("The Week", 6/4/21, p.13; several other sources).
          Confusion, disorientation, temporary loss or distortion of a sense(s) (eg: sight, hearing, feeling, smell), blackouts, temporary insanity, loss of body control, and/or stinging sensations are also widely reported. The stinging sensations (we call "electronic bullets") may feel like insect or spider bites, needle jabs, electric shocks or from a TENS device, and are believed to be caused by powerful narrow-width microwave spike bursts - one method of what we call, "sadistic electronic attacks".
          "These weapons could be small enough to fit inside a van or even a backpack, and could target an individual up to 1,000 yards away", claims CIA officials, and, "It incapacitates you, ultimately, it's a pretty brilliant terror weapon system" ("The Week", 6/4/21, p.13). Since the Russians and Chinese already have perfected these directed energy weapons, it proves that the technology works very well under various conditions, and likely any skilled electronics engineer or technician perp can build his/her own, and using it takes minimal skills. Since individuals can be targeted up to 1,000 yards away, these mind control and electronic attack weapons produce a very narrow beam that easily goes thru windows, walls, fabrics and plants.
          The many types of indicative sounds TIs have reported to us include, 'clicking, humming, ringing, buzzing, beeping, grinding, power tool motor sounds, crickets, hissing, knocking, banging, loud noises', etc. sounds. The apparently most reported indication of an Havana Syndrome attack is hearing banging or buzzing sounds inside your head, followed by dizziness. Microwave pulse attack manifestations are complex, and differences in many variables produce an enormous range of manifestations and sounds described herein. These variables mostly include signal intensity (most important), carrier frequency (usually 200MHz - 3GHz), pulse repetition rate, pulse width, waveform, modulation and duty cycle, but also include the angles that the transmission enters the TI's head, distance from the transmitter, the amount and types metals and biological tissues in or near the signal's pathway or in or on the TI's body, the susceptibility of the TI in general, and targeted body part to microwave exposures, and temperature/humidity/air pressure. Especially when some of these variables are suddenly changed, the TI will often experience a sudden onset of pins and needles or emotional change effect, and/or lose motor control. Mostly, high-voltage microwave pulses are used by perps. If their same high-voltage pulses were directly applied to your skin, it would be a stun gun - clearly a violent act. MRI findings of attacked US diplomat personnel shows abnormally low volumes of brain tissue in 20 brain regions, indicating that something recently destroyed brain tissues in those brain regions. Loss of Brain Tissue => Loss of Function. Lost brain tissue never regenerates.
          Ultrasounds are more difficult to discover and pinpoint than microwaves. While similar types and levels of manifestations can also be caused by ultrasonics, to deliver the same level of power using ultrasounds requires much larger, power-hungry and costly transmitters and have much shorter ranges.
          American diplomats in China were also experiencing increasing severe mind control attacks (NBC News, 11/20/18, TI victim Catherine Werner was interviewed). These mind control attacks are causing permanent Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) never seen by neurologists before, manifested as, "Brain Network Disorder" ("Brain Network Disorder" is not the same as "Brain Network Dysfunction" implicated with Bipolar Disorders, but may be related). And, "Compared with a healthy control group, advanced MRI testing reveals less [brain] white matter and fewer neural connections in the brains of embassy personnel and family members affected by the attacks" (proves that microwave attacks that reach the unshielded head can cause permanent, irreversible brain damage; also afflicts pets), and that the sounds were, "directional" (ie: "directional mind control attacks" and "directed energy attacks" (using directed energy weapons) imply that either microwaves or ultrasounds were used) (Journal of the American Medical Assoc., 7/23/19). Diplomats experienced hearing strange sounds and strange sensations, usually at night in bed (triggered by a switch in the bed?). Their family members, visitors and even pets of all ages were also severely afflicted. Exposures resulted in loss of cognitive functions ("brain fog"), coordination, memory loss, dizziness, loss of balance, bouts of unexplainable vomiting, etc. And no matter where 15 or so of the diplomats fled to, the sonic attacks on them continued, while others working in the same buildings were unaffected (proves sophisticated, accurate, continuous and relentless tracking and targeting of individuals). In addition, their homes were burglarized with some items stolen and some computer and electronic devices tampered with. "Questionable activity on their cellphones" was also detected. Clearly, gangstalking. These tactic types are all well-known, and not limited to government perps.

HOW TO DEFEAT TRACKING AND SURVEILLANCE - NEVER CHOOSE CONVENIENCE AND FUN OVER SECURITY: This is the best time ever to keep a low profile to protect your security and safety. While AI perps are still likely to find you, it makes their efforts harder, and many perps still don't use AI technology. Many people are being tracked these days; many of them constantly tracked. Mind control and electronic attack are now widespread dangers, not to mention home invasions, rapes, etc. If a perp can't track you, you are much safer from mind control and electronic attacks. To defeat tracking depends on how the tracking is done, and there are many variations of tracking devices. However, these days, about 90% of human tracking is done thru portable electronic devices (eg: cellphones, etc.), these ways: (1) AI, (2) GPS, (3) Real-time celltower data (which cellphone companies publicly sell), (4) Hacking cellphones to turn them into room mikes and cameras. Years ago, it was almost all direct satellite tracking, but satellite tracking is seldom done these days. Countless other GPS methods. Modern GPS devices are very small, so can be hidden just about anywhere. They are built into many unsuspecting devices (eg: inside car tires, etc.) - not just in electronic devices.
          NEVER CHOOSE CONVENIENCE AND FUN OVER SECURITY: The biggest and most dangerous mistake that most people make is to choose convenience and fun over personal safety and security. A few words of advice on what to avoid as much as possible: (1) Social media. (2) Disclosing your private, personal, financial and plans info to anyone you do not really know, is suspicious, or does not have a very good reason to know this info - even to some family members and friends. (3) Entering private, personal, financial or plans info on any interactive website. Interactive HTTPS websites are minimally secure at best - never assume that they are secure, even with the lock icon (see:
Who We Are + Privacy Policies + HTTPS Fallacies). (4) Do not click on any link you do not know for sure is trustworthy. (5) Do not allow personal electronic assistants and similar devices that can be remotely hacked or can be programmed to spy on you. (6) Turn OFF all cellphones and other electronic devices when not using, and tape over all camera lens when not photographing. (7) Do most of your written communications using First Class Mail (seal well in envelope). Dangerous mistakes can get your ID stolen, and even cost you your life or get you raped.
          Also, do not disclose any of your current or future plans, locations, travels, scheduling, itinerary data or habits publicly, over a phone, by texting or thru social media. If you can't find a deep heavily mineralized cave to hide inside of, one method that we use is to leave our permanent cellphone with another person, and when that person gets an important call for you, he/she takes the message and then calls you with the message on your burner phone (ie: throw-away cellphone). A major method we use is when we turn the cellphone OFF, we place it in a specially shielded (by us) metal box to stop anyone from remotely turning the cell phone On or locating the phone thru its GPS or celltower data. We even sell our special Shielded Box/Bag to do this as a countermeasure: The Ultimo EMF Shielded Bag/Box. You may recall that Ghislaine Maxwell (Jeffrey Epstein's sidekick) was tracked by the FBI thru her cellphone GPS. This is in spite of the fact that her cellphone was almost always turned Off and was wrapped in "tin foil" layers (likely aluminum foil). We use our specially-designed shielding materials - far more effective than any "tin foil" method. The Maxwell case also proves that just turning your cellphone OFF may not protect you from GPS and celltower tracking.
          Substantial tracking is still being done by the ancient Dick Tracy shoe-leather and bug-planting surveillance methods, so be alert for those methods also.

ALWAYS FIGHT HARD TO PROTECT YOURSELF!: Like electricity, perps prefer the path of least resistance. Perps love kicking people when they are down, and bragging about their conquests. Some folks, no matter how badly an injustice incurs to them, won't fight back. Or meekly fight back. Big mistake! Once perps identify you as an easy target, you will have perps lined up to mind control attack you like hyenas feeding on a dying animal. If you become a TI, that means that at least one perp believes he/she will gain much more by attacking you than lose by attacking you. Use our countermeasures (EMF and ultrasonic shielding and/or jamming) to stop the perp from affecting your brain or body. Use our transmitter locating devices (EMF and ultrasonic) to find the attacking transmitter(s), and thereby likely find the perp(s) and prove your case against him/her/them. Then turn the tables on every perp!

Evidence of Mind Control - Why Mind Control and Electronic Attack Countermeasures are Critical: Aaron Alexis was the Sept. 16, 2013, attacker in the Washington Navy Yard mass shootings. Earlier, Aaron Alexis had reported that three men had followed him from the airport, who were projecting thoughts into his mind and keeping him sleep-deprived using a "microwave machine." A common complaint we have received from TIs over the decades. Also, Aaron Alexis claimed that the Government was attacking him with ELF signals (Extremely Low Frequency signals). Sound familiar? News reports during the shooting spree claimed that there were three shooters, but later said that Aaron Alexis was the only shooter. Earlier, Aaron Alexis visited two VA medical centers for mental therapy. We believe that Aaron Alexis was a VA Manchurian Candidate - a disgruntled loner Veteran targeted, programmed and triggered using EMF mind control technology to do what he did. The three men who followed him were his handlers - programmers and "Queen of Diamonds" "trigger" men - John Doe #1, John Doe #2 and John Doe #3 (supervisor of Doe #1 and #2) - typical set-up. And that the three originally suspected shooters were Aaron Alexis, John Doe #1 and John Doe #2. Why the reported number of shooters changed to one shooter - Aaron Alexis - was because while John Doe #1 and #2 were acting suspiciously (staying close enough to Aaron Alexis to control and monitor him), there was inadequate evidence that they fired shots or threatened anyone themselves, so were later discounted. This was not the first horribly violent act in which "John Does" were implicated - recall Sirhan Sirhan, Timothy McVeigh, other cases.
          Noah Green (April 2, 2021 attack on Capitol Hill complex) is another example. Noah Green claimed in social media postings to be the victim of Government "thought control" (thought control is mind control). And Noah Green believed that CIA and FBI agents were following him (ie: surveillance for targeting purposes). The newsmedia laughed off Noah Green's beliefs, and clearly no one seriously investigated them. Was Noah Green just another victim of mind control? Another Manchurian candidate?
          Stephen Paddock (Oct. 1, 2017 massacre of 58 people in Las Vegas, NV) is yet another example. Stephen Paddock was a rich and successful person with no prior indication or history that he would suddently rampage for no apparent reason. So, why did he do it? The authorities have not identified any reason why Stephen Paddock went on his rampage. Millions of people who take sedatives don't shoot people. Was Stephen Paddock just another victim of mind control? Another Manchurian candidate? How many more?
          All of the murderers who claim mind control need to be thoroughly investigated, and not just dismissed as crazy people, else we will never be able to solve these crimes or prevent many future ones. Structures require more than just cameras for security but continuous microwave and ultrasonic signal monitoring and recording to detect if such signals cause, trigger or program for these incidents. We are suffering a mind control pandemic! For decades, we have asserted that Manchurian candidates are being trained in the U.S., and that the VA is complicit going back to the days where the VA used electroconvulsive "shock therapy" and lobotamies on 1,000s of Veterans (mostly WWII Veterans) in secret Government facilities and compounds. Today, most TIs are not Veterans. And most mind control technologies and attacks no longer come from our Government.
          The moral here is that if you are a TI of mind control and electronic attacks, you better take serious steps to ferret out and remove the attacks and/or to countermeasure them - else you risk possibly becoming the next Aaron Alexis, Stephen Paddock or Noah Green! Mind control and electronic attacks are often ultra dangerous - even deadly. Each attack may kill or permanently injure additional brain and/or body cells. Urgently seek help from trustworthy people who understand what you are going thru, and have the experience, knowledge and wherewithal to effectively deal with it. Because our Government is complicit in mind control technologies, do not expect it to ever come to your aid. When it comes to mind control, everyone is on their own. Even if you are not currently a mind control TI, good chance you will be a future TI, so prepare NOW. Our main goal is to help TIs. Again, let us try to help you. You can never be Happy until you rid yourself of these perps.

The Perps Never Stop Doing Mind Control and Electronic Attacks on TIs: Mind control and electronic attacks come from governments (ours and many others), corporations, criminal and terrorist organizations, and technically-adept individuals for many reasons. For any entity to optimally do mind control and electronic attacks on you, they must determine your precise location (within a few square feet at most) and spy on your activities (to know if, when and how to best attack you), and if they need to single you out, perps must have their weapon close enough to you to deliver their attacks without those around you being much affected. These days, these are all easily done on 99+% of the population. NO PLACE IS SAFE FROM SPY DEVICES - PERPS KNOW EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE AND HOW TO BEST ATTACK YOU! Not even bathrooms, places of worship, transportation, private homes, motels, AirBNBs - even operating rooms - are now assumed to be safe. Your ID is also easily verified thru brainwave signatures, facial recognition, voice recognition, Artificial Intelligence (AI), DNA, fingerprints, eyeball scans, electronic implant pinging, habits, etc. The U.S. Government spends ever-increasing $Billions every year developing mind control and electronic attack weapon systems - and it is no longer even the biggest player! This money is scattered thruout Government, and much of it is spent in secret (black projects).
Years ago, perps mainly used satellites - today it is almost all handheld electronic devices, drones, helicopters and small planes (and more rarely, balloons and kites), of which drones are the worst threat. Many of today's drones are now artificial intelligence (AI) stealth drones: Silent, camouflaged (mostly as birds and insects), and/or tiny - so a modern stealth drone now can hover inches above your head or hiding very nearby to you, silently pounding microwaves and ultrasounds directly into your brain or monitoring everything you do or say (if your head is not shielded - we provide shielding), and you won't even be consciously aware of it! With AI, drones do not even require realtime operators. With fast advancements in AI, 5G wireless networks, and optics and imaging technologies, virtually all perps will be able to count the hairs on your head - some appear to have that capability right now! They can certainly read what you are reading or writing practically over your shoulder. Most mind control and electronic attack technology quickly leaks out to governments, corporations, criminal/terrorist gangs, individuals, and hackers working for them. And the U.S. Government has a long, sordid history of secretly doing its weapons experimentation on unsuspecting and uninformed American populations - a sordid history replete with medical experiments, poisoning, mind controlling and even lobotomizing Americans. Many people wishfully and falsely believe that because the U.S. Government is stressed by great debt/pandemic/war/climate change, or on sequester, or shut down with only essential personnel working, or chaotic, it cuts back on its mind control and electronic attack programs like most other programs. The U.S. Government never known to shut down, or even scales back, its mind control and electronic attack research, development, testing, and its abuses. In some areas, it even steps them up to better track, monitor and control people during bad times. Of course, when U.S. Government law enforcement is viewed as weakened, all the other perps know they can freely operate against Americans with impunity because even fewer Government law enforcement personnel and resources will be available to detect, much less arrest and prosecute, perps. To survive, you MUST protect yourself.
We believe electronic mind control attacks by drones, helicopters and small planes now far exceed direct attacks by satellite. They can 24/7 pinpoint and track TIs, and closely target TIs, and deliver more powerful attacks than what satellites could ever do. They constantly and quickly change their positions and conceal themselves, so it is hard for TIs to locate them. And once they are done with you, they vanish, leaving no hardware evidence behind. It is virtually impossible for you to prove that you were electronically attacked by a drone, helicopter or small plane. And they can secretly visually and audibly spy on TIs - day and night (using low-light, infrared night vision cameras, and ultra directional and sensitive mikes). In fact, we refer to electronic attack drones/helicopters/planes as, Santa Clause Unholy Machines (SCUMs): "He sees you when you're sleeping. He knows when you're awake. He knows if you've been bad or good. So be good for goodness sake. You better watch out, you better not cry. You better not pout. I'm telling you why. Santa Claus is coming to town."

While many entities and individuals are mind control and electronic attack perps, the U.S. Government is one of the biggest. Just in our general area are Sandia National Labs (Albuquerque (ABQ), NM), Los Alamos and several other nearby places - all doing major U.S. R&D in electronic weapons. Some quotes from the ABQ Alibi news magazine (May 30 - June 5, 2019, p. 8), relevant to Sandia: "[Raytheon] has been hiring since January for a microwave weapons project sponsored by the Air Force. " Total positions - 1,900. Followed by: "The real business of Sandia National Labs ... is to create, understand, control and store materials and weapons that are capable of destroying all the life on this planet. At Sandia they make/study/protect/catalog machines designed to kill humans and their works by the megaton." And this is just Sandia Labs! We know of some of their eye-popping stuff publicly sold as salvage.

BRAIN WAVE SIGNATURES: Also called, "Brain Signatures" for short. For decades, we have been warning TIs against being identified and tracked using their unique-as-fingerprints brain signatures. Finally, traditional scientists are coming up to speed. Discover Magazine (Jul/Aug 2023, p. 12): "New research suggests our brains have their own 'fingerprints' that are equally unchanging and unique to each person" .... "In other words, we can identify an individual based on how their brain's neural connections work together" .... "scientists can trace your brain's distinct signature" .... "The final product is a picture of brain activity that is detailed, distinct and difficult to alter .... "The brain is a symphony orchestra. Each region is its own musician, playing a unique instrument and simutaneously adapting to synchronize with nearby melodies. This synchronization leads to our thoughts and actions. And no two symphonies sound exactly alike". They do not have to attach an EEG machine to you. Mostly, two remote multi-directional real time methods are used to derive the very complex 3-dimensional EEG-type signal set:
(1) MICROWAVE HEARING (MWH, THE 'HAVANA SYNDROME'): A side effect of exposure to intense microwaves is Microwave hearing, which occurs when powerful microwaves are used to penetrate the brain, and similar to a microwave oven, heats up the brain's water molecules until they become agitated. These agitated water molecules in your ear's cochlea mimic the type of agitation which occurs when you hear humming, clicking, beeping, voices and similar sounds, so it makes you believe that you are hearing actual sounds and voices. Since this is very directional, you can usually tell by turning your head 90 degrees. This heating up also affects your 3 semicircular canals, which affects your balance and body positioning, another great indication of a microwave hearing attack. Microwave hearing also shrinks the brain and can result in permanent brain damage or death.
(2) DEMODULATION: Another method is to use much less intense microwaves. The transmitter(s) is located on one side of your head and receiver(s) on the opposite side. When the unfelt pure-tone microwaves transmitted thru your brain encounter neurons, they are slightly modulated by the neuronic brainwaves. The receiver receives the exiting signals, amplifies and filters out these brainwave modulations, thereby producing your unique 3D EEG, which then can be digitally analyzed to produce your real time thoughts, even your unspoken thoughts.
This is why we can't say strongly or often enough how critical it is to protect your brain and the brains of your loved ones using our mind control countermeasure device types.

WHAT ABOUT "MASSIVE ELECTRONIC ATTACK NIGHTMARES" - MEAN ATTACKS (Electronic Gang Stalking)? An especially dangerous and sadistic form of electronic mind control attack is clearly becoming more popular with perps. We call them, "Massive Electronic Attack Nightmare" or MEAN attacks. It is also popularly known as the "Electronic Gang Stalking" or EGS attacks. And as "Electronic Gaslighting" or EG attacks. A MEAN, EGS or EG-Targeted Individual (TI) experiences widespread and varied manifestations because he/she is the victim of at least several different same time-frame (not always simultaneous) mind control and electronic attack systems - usually including both electromagnetic and sound modalities (usually ultrasonic and infrasonic) from external devices and/or electronic implants, usually perpetrated by the same electronic attackers (ie: perps) and sometimes the result of unrelated others hacking into existing electronic attacks. Physical attacks (eg: assaults, batteries, rapes, robberies, stalking, physical threats, home invasions, burglaries, kidnapping, etc.), and surveillance are also reported to us as common. Under a MEAN attack, virtually no matter where the TI goes or what he/she does or what time it is or who accompanies the TI, the TI suffers greatly.
           Virtually infinite variations. Electronic attacks may be continuous, sporadic/random and/or periodic. The term, "gang stalking" or "gang mobbing", which goes back to at least the 1950s, involves a covert and continuous psychological warfare conspiracy against a victim done in such a way as to make each individual part of the attack innocently explainable, just below being illegal (and thus not prosecutable), or as mere "coincidence," "random event," "unexplainable event," "life's breaks," "bad luck," "imagined," "paranoia", "wrong place - wrong time" or similar, but when considered in their totality, reveal a complex and usually well-planned and well-resourced conspiracy to persecute, taunt and harass the victim for whatever reasons the perpetrators operate under to mentally, physically, financially and/or reputationally injure, torment, discredit and/or destroy the victim. If the perp has a chance of being discovered, the perp plans his/her attacks in way to then claim plausible deniability. MEAN perps are usually fanatically dedicated and with great resources. Multiple perps often have unknown connections between each other (eg: belong to the same criminal organization, religion, cult, political group, special interest group, commercial group, government, etc.).
           MEAN uses the same ancient concept of killing an enemy by inflicting a thousand cuts to sadistically inflict maximum pain and suffering from start to finish, to make one's life miserable. "Electronic gang stalking" (also called, "electronic gangstalking") usually include "microwave gang stalking", "ultrasonic gang stalking" and/or "infrasonic gang stalking", and commonly deploys brain entrainment, V2K, RNM, forced talking and forced acting. We prefer the MEAN term because "gang" implies more than one perp who are all street punks. Today, the level of sophistication is often very high. And all it takes is one perp to control - often by remote control - on a programmed and/or automated basis often using artificial intelligence (AI) all of the devices the perp needs to same-time-frame perpetrate massive mind control and/or electronic MEAN attacks on many TIs. And just as effectively, do the same overall damage much cheaper and with far fewer co-conspirators.
           Back in the day when MEAN attacks were relatively rare because the sophistication, manpower, cost and time involved to create, integrate, operate and hack into a functional MEAN system were prohibitive to almost everyone. MEAN TIs - then less than about 1% of all mind control and electronic attack victims - were either almost always very important people like major Government officials, CEOs of major corporations, critical scientists and engineers or super spies, or they were so hated by powerful people that it was worth their tormentors cost and time to attack them. However, with today's circuit minituarization, computer automation, powerful electronic design programs, artificial intelligence, low cost and well-developed mind control and electronic attack technologies virtually, a powerful MEAN system can be created and deployed in minimal time, expertise, manpower, cost and area covered, and with maximum mobility. One example: Today, the smallest surveillance camera is the size of a grain of salt, altho less than 1/2' dia. is most likely - easily concealed on/in virtually anything.
           MEAN electronic attacks usually start out as simple electronic attacks. If the perp then believes that the TI is not using effective countermeasures (eg: shielding, jamming, transmitter location, avoidance/evasion, and correlating and documenting electronic attacks to increase credibility with authorities), and his/her attacks are effective, the perp then escalates into more systems of attack within days, weeks or months - MEAN attacks. Perp attacks are like cancer - left untreated they may quickly metastasize everywhere. That is why it is critical that you do not ignore or delay your use of countermeasures and a transmitter location device. If someone punches you and you don't fight back, chances are he/she will punch, stomp, stab and shoot you to death. However, if you deploy effective countermeasures and/or transmitter locators right away, the perp will often move onto easier targets, and the less possibly permanent damage and costs you may likely sustain. No single electronic countermeasure device will defeat a full-blown MEAN attack. If you are a MEAN TI, you may require several electronic countermeasure and/or transmitter locator devices.
           ELECTRONIC GASLIGHTING ATTACKS: Electronic Gaslighting (EG) attacks are a form of MEAN attacks. Electronic Gaslighting (or "Electronic Gas Lighting", or "Electronic Gasliting") is named after the 1944 psychological thriller, "Gaslight". When a victim is gaslighted, the perp(s) uses clever means to nudge the TI victim and those around him/her into believing that the TI is going insane, paranoid, doing weird things, guilty of some illegal/unethical/immoral activity the TI is innocent of, or greatly losing his/her self-esteem and confidence or control over one's own life. Many variations; gaslighting is even used by military forces (eg: False Flag Operations). While gaslighting has always been done using physical means, in recent years, it appears that electronic gaslighting is becoming very popular with perps to attack their TI victims, many already suffering from RNM, V2K and subliminal attacks; by using electronic gaslighting alone or with physical gaslighting, and/or other MEAN attack tactics.
            AMBIENT NOISE CONCEALMENT: Since MEAN/Electronic Gaslighting Attacks operate in so many modes, usually in the same time frame, the perps become more at risk of being exposed to the TI, and sometimes those close to the TI and authorities. Perps now sometimes use Ambient Noise Concealment to hide or disguise their mind control attacks. Ambient noise is your everyday background noise, which usually varies day-to-day in type, direction, intensity, timing, etc. Examples are motors, lawnmowers, vehicles, appliances, tool uses, people talking, running water, etc. Noises you don't pay much attention to. These noises may be in the sound domain or electromagnetic domain. Perps use ambient noises in these ways: (1) To conceal their signals - especially useful for subliminal attacks - and some times for commo purposes between perps. For example, have you ever heard a motor running but you also heard a voice coming from the motor, perhaps even "speaking" to you? (2) To conceal the location of their transmitters or to distract you from the ongoing attack. (3) As control signals to activate or trigger their (1) type signals or some other perp activity.
           MEAN ATTACKS CAN BE STOPPED: No matter what types and variations of devices a perp uses, to reach YOU, he/she must use EMFs, ultrasonics or infrasonics (99+% of all electronic cases we are aware of). So by using countermeasures to defeat these EMFs, ultrasonics and infrasonics - which devices we can provide you - you can defeat the perp(s) attacking you thru them. Simple and MEAN attacks can be defeated even when the perps are highly motivated, fanatical, intelligent, resourced and well-hidden. In virtually all cases of mind control, electronic attack, mind reading / mind probing, brain entrainment, RNM, V2K, etc., it is usually always faster, easier and cheaper to attack a TI than it is for the TI to defend against an electronic attack, so TIs must act fast. Any electronic attack can be very effectively shielded against and/or jammed to the point that it no longer affects you, or its transmitter located (which often reveals the attacker, and arms the TI victim with the tools to stop the attack or to get legal authorities involved).

REPEAL OF ROE V. WADE IS TI DISASTER!: Perps are much more active when Americans do not have a right-to-privacy, for example, when Roe V. Wade was overturned, which was the end result of the Supreme Court overtirning the Constitutionally-protected right-to-privacy which gave TIs the legal muscle to sue mind control perps. In June 2022, a tectonic change in the law devastates TIs - repeal of Roe v. Wade! No American any longer has a protected right-to-privacy. Regardless of how one feels about abortion, Roe v. Wade protected American right-to-privacy, because our right-to-privacy was the Constitutional scaffolding justifying Roe v. Wade. However, the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) ruled that Americans have no Constitutional right-to-privacy*, and used that to "justify" to repeal Roe v. Wade (and soon many other Constitutional rights we believe we still have which depend on the right-to-privacy scaffolding). Which clearly means that all causes for legal action which depend on right-to-privacy are now null and void. So the significant restraint that our now-nullified right-to-privacy had on perps (as well as many other Government agencies and corporations) to hinder their surveillance, targeting, tracking and mind control attacks is all now 100% gone. We are now in a period of, "perps gone wild". Therefore, TIs must do more to prevent being further savaged by perps. The U.S. right-to-privacy was virtually unique in the world. In many industrial countries (eg: Great Britain, China), you never had a right-to-privacy. Great Britain has a video camera on virtually every street corner, most China-made AI cameras which do face recognitions and transmit your data to China, which it shares with Russia.
Note: The 2005 Supreme Court decided that Americans are not entitled to police protection (Scalia) - major reason why police won't investigate mind control crimes - even when clearly provable - and TIs can't do a thing about it.

AI FACE & GAIT RECOGNITION APPS TOTALLY DESTROY PRIVACY: In development and being tested NOW on the streets of some cities are face recognition cellphone apps which immediately identify you and reveal critical private details about you. Soon available to everyone. This will put mind control perps, violent and property criminals, debt collectors and police at huge advantages at the cost of everyone's privacy. With this technology - straight out of "Black Mirror" - all a person has to do is point his/her cellphone camera at your face. The phone app then immediately returns with your ID, Social Security Number, Date of Birth, home address, business address, occupations, criminal history, lawsuit history, medical history, financial history, credit score, current and past spouses, relatives, friends, associates, buying habits, etc. When widespread face masking resulted from the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the development of face recognition software suffered major setbacks in being able to ID people. However, software was developed to reconstruct facial features beneath most face masks, which works with many, but not all, face masks. To protect yourself, you must prevent your identification. Here is how: (1) Always wear dark sunglasses and a hat, and randomly vary them. (2) Whether you need to or not, always wear a face mask, and randomly vary it as to its shape, color, pattern and reflectivity. Face masks with reflective surfaces, or a false face painted onto them, or close to skin color work best. Next are face masks that are black or have a lot of detail and lines on them. (3) Use stage make-up and props (eg: fake moles, fake scars, fake hair, etc.) to change the exposed parts of your face. (4) Randomly change your hair style, color, and/or method of hair combing. (5) Wear baggy clothes to cover body size and shape and your walking gait, in cases where more than your face is being analyzed to ID you. The point is to look very different each time you go out. And don't remove your mask, and possibly your sunglasses and hat when you go inside.

MIND CONTROL AND BODY CONTROL ATTACKS USING PRECISION BRAIN AREA TARGETING: We are often asked, 'How can perps pinpoint places in my brain [or body] to achieve their intended malicious results'? Clearly, the most popular way is to direct two electromagnetic or ultrasonic signals from different angles into you brain or body. The first signal is just a straight high frequency single-frequency carrier wave. The second signal is that same carrier wave but modulated with the control or destructive signal they want to deliver to that specific area of your brain or body to perform their exact intended evil function. Where the signals intersect inside your brain or body, they interfere with each other, producing what we call the Fessenden effect. The resulting signals are the sum and difference frequencies of the two signals. Basically, a heterodyning process. The sum frequency is likely ignored by your brain and body. The difference frequency is the demodulated (ie: fully restored) control/destructive signal - now let loose in the targeted area of your brain or body. If microwaves are used, sound may be perceived due to the Microwave Hearing Effect phenomenon. If the demodulated signal is strong enough, tissue damage or destruction may occur. The humming, hissing, ringing or whistling sound perceived by the TI may result from either the carrier signals of the two transmissions being different from 20 Hz-to-20 KHz, or the control/destructive signal is using a single-tone signal (usually for test or targeting acquisition purposes). In mind control labs, these studies are often done by using electrodes because electrodes are much more efficient than remote transmitters. However, since perps can rarely secretly place electrodes on TIs, they use remote transmitters. "Cell" magazine published its research on this. To protect yourself, you MUST stop these signals from entering your head or body.

ELECTRONIC PATCHES (ELECTRONIC IMPLANT VARIATION): Extremely versatile Electronic Implants are internal devices secretly implanted during a surgical or dental procedure, around now for decades, that come in various sizes (some now are tiny), shapes, favored implant locations, and functions and capabilities. These Electronic Implant capabilities include radio and/or ultrasonic transmission by and/or to the Electronic Implant, or no transmission or reception ability at all (almost all of these non-RF types are pre-programmed using AI, and may last even for years. Most now clearly include built-in GPS to track you 24/7. Most are active, but some are passive. A newer variation of the ELECTRONIC IMPLANT, with almost all of its capabilities and functions, plus some added ones, is the ELECTRONIC PATCH (also called, ELECTRONIC EXPLANT, ELECTRONIC TATTOO, and SMART STAMP), which is applied externally. The Electronic Patch/Electronic Explant/Electronic Tattoo/Smart Stamp is a small usually flexible electronic circuit with a strong but non-irritating self-adhesive, quickly and usually secretly externally applied to your body in places not normally viewable by you or those near you. They can be transferred to you by someone touching you, or from flat surfaces that come into contact with your bare skin (eg: toilet seats, lawn chairs, car seats, benches, etc.). Electronic Patches come in different shapes and may be as thin as a human hair (most are thin and flat), some smaller than a postage stamp, and in variations of human skin colors and textures to mimic human skin. Often applied to other surfaces as well, such as walls, ceilings, furniture, appliances, equipment, tools, vehicles, books, magazines, etc. - just about any surface that is smoothe, flat, dry and clean - to track, surveil and/or mind control TIs. Some are encased into plastic, rubber, wood, ceramics or fabric to hide them. Electronic Patches are sometimes paired with Electronic Implants, usually operating as transceivers. Most Electronic Patches are designed to last for months or years. With modern Electronic Implants and Electronic Patches, your data (including body signals, locations, audio, even your thoughts, etc.) can be automatically and quasi-randomly transmitted to the Internet "cloud" in RF bursts that appear to be electronic noise, or by frequency hopping. Some Electronic Patches, like Electronic Implants, can also receive signals, and/or be pre-programmed using AI. As with modern Electronic Implants, the transducers used in Electronic Patches can now be chosen or customized from a menu of transducers by perps to suit their particular schemes, so a large, increasing and unknown number of variations exist. Since Electronic Patches can be applied to your body and to many external things, mostly for surveillance, tracking, electronic attack and mind control purposes, both they and Electronic Implants are huge and growing threats you must protect yourself against.

AVOIDANCE, SHIELDING, JAMMING, TRANSMITTER/PERP LOCATING: To protect yourself from mind control and electronic attacks, we have always advised TIs to avoid, shield against, jam against, or locate the transmitter and/or perp to take action against. However, more and more, TIs are telling us, 'I got rid of all of my electronic devices, and everything that is known to carry a GPS device, including my car, and I have travelled all over the world, even to remote places, but still, everywhere I go I am being relentlessly and continuously tracked and electronically surveilled and tortured by my perp!'. Up to about 20 years ago, the biggest problem by far was satellites. Satellites were great if the TI was outdoors, but if the TI was inside a large building, especially with a metal roof or iron rebar in its walls, satellites were avoidable. Today, we live in a far different world. Our world now is full of small electronic devices, there are Electronic Implants and Electronic Patches, cameras and mikes everywhere, AI with facial recognition, spy drones, helicopters, planes, social media, routine and continuous surveillance of your computer activities, etc. Many (and increasingly more) of these devices are made with built-in GPS - which location data is accessible to virtually anyone. Even some car tires are made with built-in GPS units. And there are now huge selections of small (many about the size of a wafer, and some with built-in mikes) GPS spy tracking devices sold by Walmart, many other stores, and Online, such as eBay and Amazon (legally sold ostensibly for people to track their wayward kids, pets, elders, personal property, equipment, vehicles, etc., but also widely used for stalking, and for setting up murders, rapes, robberies, burglaries and electronic attacks) - any of which can be easily attached to or slipped into a piece of furniture, equipment, vehicle, luggage, clothing, books, and almost anything else that is not already made with a GPS unit. We can no longer recommend AVOIDANCE as a practical means to protect yourself and loved ones against mind control and electronic attack perps. Shielding, jamming and transmitter-locating / perp-locating are your only effective options. Since government agencies are virtually worthless to protect you and your loved ones from mind control and electronic attacks, YOU MUST PROTECT YOURSELF.

SONIC DELUSIONS: Brain Network Disorder sound manifestations are caused by microwaves, usually during psychotronic attacks, usually caused by the Microwave Auditory Effect (MAE) (or Microwave Hearing Effect (MHE), Frey Effect, Radio Frequency Hearing Effect, Radio Frequency Sickness, Microwave Sonic Delusions). And every time one is attacked these ways, PERMANENT TBI and/or Traumatic Body Core Injuries (TBCI) can occur, so victims MUST immediately shield themselves from initial or further damages. These types of directed energy weapons (ie: directed microwave energy weapons) are widely available, and not restricted to China, Russia and Cuba. PLEASE LET US HELP YOU. Head shielding is absolutely critical! While for decades we have warned about these types of mind control and electronic attacks, we were often scoffed at, but we were right from Day 1. And now, the very limited public evidence is absolutely clear and unrefutable.
          CAUSES OF SONIC DELUSIONS: Most scientists believe that sonic delusions are caused by thermoelastic effects microwaves have on the cochlea. While this may be the dominant cause for high-intensity microwaves (high-intensity microwaves can literally fry your brains), our studies indicate that low-to-moderate intensity microwaves inductively couple into the neural circuits of the brain in a transformer-like fashion to force its signals into the neural system - in other words, the microwave signals take over your brain. The microwaves are focused and transmitted using a parabolic dish (eg: satellite dish) for distances from a few feet to several miles. Such microwave transmitters range from car or van operations down to the size of a deck of cards hidden in a pocket or inside of a wall.
          CAUSES VOICES IN THE HEAD (V2K): Psychotronic warfare has many variations, ranging from causing Traumatic Brain Injury-like disorders to producing sounds and voices inside the head (V2K). For the US, much psychotronic research is done at Sandia Labs, Kirtland, AFB (Albuquerque, NM). A leading scientist there stated that using microwaves of the right type he, "experimentally demonstrated" that the "signal is intelligible". In 1975, researchers found that 9 out of 10 words transmitted by "voice-modulated microwaves" were understood by the targets (so clearly, microwave mind control is not limited to thermoelastic effects). Many countries now have developed psychotronic weaponry that beams spoken words into people's heads.
          SOUND MASKING: Many TI's have reported to us that while they are under attack, they hear clicking, humming, etc. sounds. Often, no actual sound is used when a TI is attacked by a microwave sonic directed energy weapon - no audio, no ultrasonics, no infrasonics. The microwaves themselves produce sonic delusions - even "heard" by deaf people - by attacking the auditory cortex in the temporal lobe, tricking the brain into "hearing" sounds or voices. However, some perps accompany their microwave attacks with actual sounds or voices, which can be matching or non-matching. Usually, with matching or synchronized sounds or voices, the source can be seen by the TI. So, when the TI hears grinding and sees a perp operator grinding a thing across the street, the TI is unaware he/she is being simultaneously attacked by microwaves. And if the TI tells others nearby, who may or may not also be under microwave attack, even police, they will simply identify the sound source as the grinding perp. Cases where the actual sound does not match with the microwave sonic delusion, is often done to cause the TI confusion, headaches, vertigo, nausea, etc. One Client told us that she was hearing two discordant power tool motor sounds but could only see one operating power tool, so she placed her hands over her ears, and the visible power tool motor sound greatly reduced but the other sound - the microwave sonic delusion - was as strong as before.
          NOTE-1: Some "scientists" claim that the sound manifestations above cannot be caused by microwaves (ie: Microwave Hearing Effect) or sound. They claim that microwaves and sound cannot penetrate or be absorbed by the body but "bounces off" the body. They are wrong! Depth in living tissue of microwave and sound penetration and absorption depend upon signal frequency and waveform, and types of tissues in the beam's path. Microwave ovens operate at 2.450GHz. Some microwaves and sounds do"bounce off" (ie: reflects from) the body, some passes all the way thru the body mostly unattenuated, and some are absorbed at depths in the body. Ask any pregnant woman who has an ultrasonic sonogram of her baby whether or not ultrasounds can penetrate the body. The living body is mostly water, sonar is underwater ultrasound and can travel 100s of miles - just ask any submariner (or whale or dolphin). And just ask the person who was sickened by his/her internal organs being vibrated by infrasound whether or not infrasounds can penetrate the body. And just ask your radiologist if microwaves can penetrate and be absorbed by the living body.
        NOTE-2: A common argument is, 'This technology is so complex, only major nations can do it, so it can't be Cuba'. The simple truth is that a crude microwave oven weapon can be made by removing the door of a microwave oven and defeating its safety features, then pressing the open face against the wall, floor or ceiling. Our president, John Williams, was a researcher in a top secret black project-type in the early 1970s in a NIH-run hospital (not DOD!). Since this crude method blasts everyone within dozens of feet up to about a 60-degree angle from the open face, it is literally a weapon of mass destruction (WMD). These 2.45 GHz microwaves are so powerful that they literally cook the brain and other tissues. However, because they are unfocused, effective mass destruction range is about a dozen feet, and they are also a fire hazard. Just minutes of such exposure can permanently ruin your life. Don't attempt to do this, because it is very dangerous. Lone Star Consulting, Inc., has the wherewithal and knowledge to design and build advanced microwave weapons. Likely, 10,000s of other electronic labs also have the wherewithal but very few with the highly specialized knowledge (which can be acquired) to also do this. Cuban scientists are very smart people - many are Russian-trained - certainly could design and build such mind control devices.

EVEN YOUR DREAMS ARE NOT SAFE! Sleep is the most vulnerable state of all living things. Perps can communicate and entrain your brain thru your dreams! In the movie, "Inception", a thief (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) invades and interacts with sleepers during their dream states to steal their subconscious secrets. Northwestern University has done a tip-of-the-iceberg reveal of its brain research: Its neuroscience researchers can command sleepers by invading their dreams, communicating with them, and eliciting real time responses from them - actually injecting themselves into sleepers's dreams, and manipulating their dream content, memories and subconscious thoughts. We have known about this for decades. In fact, we invented our ULTIMO SLEEP HEAD SHIELDED HOOD, after years of research, to protect its users against these and other types of extremely dangerous EMF and ultrasonic mind control attacks targeting the brain during sleep.

BEWARE OF POLITICAL EVENTS! It has come to our attention that electronic mind control is now widely used in many political events, especially political rallies. Here is how it works, and its fairly simple and the technology has been readily available for decades: Humans evoke very pleasurable feelings with some sounds (dopamine levels spike), and very angry feelings (serotonin levels plunge) or very fearful/anxious feelings (glutamate levels spike) with other sounds (high glutamate levels are also associated with PTSD and obsessive-compulsive disorders). These same effects occur whether you are hearing the sounds consciously or subliminally, or "hearing" them unconsciously during induced Microwave Auditory Effects (MAE) brain entrainment attacks. At a mind-controlled political event, microwave, ultrasonic and/or infrasonic transmissions are beamed at the attendees. When the candidate states a favored position or something favorable is said about him/her, the transmissions are switched to evoke pleasant feelings into the brains of attendees, evoking a dopamine spike, which the attendees then associate with the candidate. However, when the candidate's opponent is being attacked (or his/her supporters) or somebody or something is being criticized, the transmissions are switched to upsetting discordant sounds, which makes attendees angry, upset or uncomfortable with the target. When done enough, it becomes like a form of drug addiction + withdrawal cycle. Later, the mind-controlled victims will evoke positive Pavlovian responses to their candidate and his/her positions, issues and supporters when they hear it on TV or read about it or at other events or with people. And negative Pavlovian responses to their candidate's opponent and his/her positions, issues and supporters. The result is that even if their candidate does acts which are horrific, disgusting and totally against their best interests, it makes no difference to them; facts and even religious beliefs become ignored, rejected and/or distorted - the only things that matters are feeling pleasure and avoiding discomfort. This is particularly effective on people who already feel or are vulnerable, especially people who are impulsive or gullible/naive. It does not work on 100% of the people. Apparently works on 80% - 90% of people. Based on our sources, the best current estimate is that 30% - 40% of the American people are now effectively, "Manchurian Candidates" or political zombies, and do not even have a clue that they are being mind-controlled by those who work against their own best interests. Many cases of mental illness result from mind-controlled people being simply unable to square the real world with their delusional mind-controlled beliefs, and become even more vulnerable to more of the same or similar attacks. This condition is curable, but only if the person is no longer exposed to these forms of mind control.

ARE YOUR CELLPHONES AND OTHER ELECTRONIC DEVICES ATTACKING YOU?: We were informed by several very reliable sources that built into some cellphones and other electronic devices is a microwave coil or ultrasonic speaker and related circuitry which transmits microwaves or ultrasounds into your brain when you use your cellphone or electronic device. And that these added circuits are being used to identify brainwave signatures (and thus user identities and locations of electronic devices with built-in GPS units), and also for V2K, RNM, mind reading, implanting thoughts and inducing mental illness type behaviors. We then randomly purchased several used cellphones of various types, disassembled them, but was unable to find any known extra circuitry. However, some of the cellphones have enough space inside of them, clearly intentionally left, to allow retrofitting with small additional circuits. Their signals may or may not work in conjunction with the normal signals of the cellphone or device; there are a huge number of possible variations. We suspect that when a TI is selected, somehow the perp obtains the TI's cellphone or other electronic device and retrofits it with various mind control and surveillance circuits. It is clearly not being factory-built into all cellphones (as is GPS) and other electronic devices - at least not yet - to do so would much increase likelihood of discovery followed by public outrage. Cellphones are perfect mind control and surveillance devices because they are regularly placed a few inches from your brain, so even weak and highly directional signals can be used. As a unique Customized Devices (CD) project we can provide you special shielding for your particular cellphone or electronic device to greatly attenuate unwanted microwave and/or ultrasonic signals enterring your brain. Even ordinary audio tones can be modulated with brainwaves to invade your brain thru your ears (more below).

DIFFERENTIATING BETWEEN EMF AND SOUND MIND CONTROL ATTACKS: Below is what we have now. In the near future, we will expand on this topic and clarify and provide more depth on some of our statements below, because differentiating between EMF and sound attacks is a major topic in itself, which we are still researching. We want our TI Clients to contract with us for what they actually may need and minimizing the possibility of contracting for the wrong device because one's own senses cannot consciously detect EMFs, ultrasounds or infrasounds. Keep in mind, though, these things:
        (1) Any test you do is good only for the period and direction you do the test for. Perps often vary methods on a random and/or scheduled basis and/or after certain periods of trying one method than switching to another method. Perps also may change diecion of attacks randomly or on a schedule. Test results may indicate an attack or lack of attack from one direction and miss other attack(s) from other directions. This is especially so with ultrasonics and microwaves.
        (2) You can possibly be attacked by the same perp using both sounds and EMFs separately or simultaneously. So you can end up with positive results for both sound and EMF attacks.
        (3) You can possibly be attacked by the multiple perps each one using sounds and/or EMFs separately or simultaneously. So you can end up with positive results for both sound and EMF attacks.
        HOW TO PICK THE RIGHT DEVICE-TYPE FOR YOU: Note that not all harmful signals are malicious; your situation and personal sensitivities may play a part. If not a medical condition, your manifestations may be caused by several different electronic attack / mind control scenarios. You must analyze your situation, by asking yourself and answering these questions: (1) When do these manifestations occur? (2) Where do they occur? (3) Do the manifestations follow you all over? (4) Do they occur all together (ie: cluster attacks), or do you get one or some sometimes and another or others other times? (5) Is there anything you are doing which changes their intensity and/or frequency of occurrence either up or down? (6) What is your body position when they occur? (7) What activities are you engaged in at the time? (8) Do you have any idea where the offending transmitter may be located and/or who operates it? (9) Who are with when they occur? (10) When they occur, no matter where they occur, do you see any pattern (eg: similar modus operandi, certain person(s) or vehicle in the area, or certain activity or situation that is almost alway present, a certain weather pattern, or some other type of pattern)? (11) If you place a heavy wool blanket or sweater over your head, do they still occur?* (12) If you place a large and deep steel pot over your head, do they still occur? (13) Have you observed any unusual or strange behavior by those suspected? (14) Is their behavior a predictor of a current, past or an upcoming attack? (15) Is your behavior a predictor of a current, past or an upcoming attack? (16) Is there anyone else around you or in a similar situation who you know of also experiencing similar manifestations? (17) Do other people, pets or other animals around you act differently just before or while you are experiencing your manifestations? (18) Are you receiving electrical shocks when you touch metal surfaces or run water? (19) What have the police, FBI, FCC, your doctor, etc. tell you about your manifestations? (20) Do you live or work under a pitched hard or metal roof where the roof is significantly above street level or the level of other nearby buildings?
        Note that as policy we cannot recommend any device type as a device type which may stop your manifestations - this decision is left totally up to you. We can tell you which devices are most popular with our Clients and prospective Clients reporting similar situations to yours. While we do guarantee that any device we provide you will electronically and mechanically function as specified, since we have no way of being able to ascertain your situation ourselves, we cannot guarantee that the device will lessen or stop your manifestations.
        *There is another simple way to test to see if you are being attacked by ultrasounds or infrasounds: Today, ultrasonic and infrasonic attacks are about as common as EMF electronic attacks and are believed to occur combined with each other or with EMF attacks. And clearly many people under electronic attack do not even know that their manifestations are caused by electronic attacks. And many TIs who come to us for help know or believe they are being attacked but don't know whether it is ultrasound, infrasound or both and/or by EMF attacks in those same frequency bands. In fact the test method below and the wool blanket method above should be periodically done to find out exactly why you may be having manifestations - especially manifestations with no known medical cause; and these methods should help you buy countermeasure devices from us that you need and not to buy devices that don't address the actual attacks you may be getting.
        For ultrasounds and infrasounds, hard walls act as vibrating sound boards and can be used to detect sounds you cannot hear. The hard indoor walls which are at least your height, and when you are completely still you can hear no sounds and feel no vibrations. There must be an object (eg: shelf, rack, etc.) solidly attached to the wall for best results. You fill a glass with water and set it on the attached object. You then step away and be very quiet; make sure all vibration makers (eg: fans, TVs, etc.) are off. Look at the water. Is it rippling (if you are feeling manifestations but there is little or no rippling, then you may be attacked by EMFs only)? If so, how intensely (ripple intensity indicates sound intensity)? If so, are the ripples fine (indicates ultrasonics), or choppy or wave-like (indicates infrasonic)? The wall amplifies the vibrations it is being subjected to, which vibrations are transmitted to the water causing rippling. Audio sounds can also cause similar ripples (but they are usually heard). So can nearby traffic, trains, street work, industrial activities, construction activities, airports and airplanes, mining/drilling activities (especially if they are injection wells), earthquakes, ocean waves, and even people walking or chatting. Now, move the glass to a similarly attached object to a second wall of the same type and roughly the same dimensions that is perpendicular to the wall you just tested. Then answer the same questions as above. If the rippling is now of a different type, that indicates a second attack from a different direction. If there is much less or no rippling, then the vibrations are coming perpendicular to the first wall. If the rippling is the same type and about the same intensity, the vibrations are coming from about 45 degrees to both walls. If the rippling is mostly the same type but significantly more or less on one wall than the other, then the direction of the vibration is more perpendicular to the direction of the wall with the most intense ripples. Most perp attacks, whether using sounds or EMFs, come from a mostly horizontal direction to the TI. Doing these tests on a horizontal surface (eg: a bare table top) won't give you significant ripples from an horizontal transmitter as those produced by a hard wall, but should much better indicate sounds transmitted from above or below because the table top acts as the sounding board. If you use an horizontal surface, make sure that the surface's feet rests directly on solid floor. If the wall or table is outside, the wind (no matter how light) will cause rippling. And keep in mind that sound and EMF signals reflect well off of hard surfaces, so to determine transmitter direction, you must consider nearby reflecting surfaces. This method is also a powerful tool to prove to others that you are indeed being attacked. If the sounds are not audio (ie: infrasonic or ultrasonic), provide us a CDAF for a device which will down-convert ultrasonic signals or up-convert infrasonic signals of the attacking frequency to the audio band where the signal or noise level and fluctuations thereof can then be easily video recorded in your home or workplace, along with recording the ripples in the water the sounds or noises are causing. You make this recording with a credible witness who will produce an affidavit. If the intensity of the sounds correspond to the intensity of the ripples, then it is reasonable to believe that the sounds caused the ripples. You then send copies of it to authorities, your attorney, the newsmedia, etc. You then should be in a stronger position to take whatever actions you need to stop the attack and compensate you for attacks against you."

Our Mind Control and Electronic Attack Countermeasure Devices Now Come With Advanced Transient Suppression! Many people these days, especially Online, claim to sell mind control and electronic attack countermeasures and detection devices. Clearly none of whom can match the relevant highly-specialized knowledge, experience, equipment, parts, specialized materials, tools and facilities of Lone Star Consulting, Inc. to actually be able to help mind control and electronic attack victims, and most of whom are clearly outright frauds. Further, we are the only ones we know of who now provide Advanced Transient Suppression Technology (ATST) in our mind control and electronic attack countermeasure devices. All electronic devices can be damaged or destroyed by common high-voltage transients from lightning and defective high-voltage equipment and power lines, electrical arcs and coronas, inductive kicks from high-voltage power interruptions, and static electric discharges. Also, based on what we know, mind control and electronic attack predators are increasingly resorting to directional high-pulse burst transmitters (pulse-type directed energy transmitters), possibly even EMP, to wipeout costly countermeasure devices deployed by mind control and electronic attack victims to protect themselves. Our unique countermeasure devices now come with our ATST protection against up to 1,500 watts of burst energy attack power (at no extra cost) to foil even the most highly dedicated wipeout attack tactics, as well as to help protect you from common forms of high-voltage transients.

CRITICAL IMPORTANCE OF RESEARCH DONATIONS: Mind control and electronic attacks are the scourge of this century! An horrific scourge that very few in law enforcement will even consider addressing, forcing TIs to go on their own. However, we at Lone Star Consulting, Inc., constantly do research in mind control and electronic attack technologies - for decades now. Clearly, new attack methods are constantly being developed by the perps. Our sophisticated scientific research is very costly to do (try buying a new spectrum analyzer lately?), and is paid for by both Clients who purchase devices from us and those who are smart enough to know that our research findings can translate into detection and countermeasure devices which can be applied to their specific problems and the problems of so many other TIs like them. These donors help support our research with their generous donations. In short, both paid projects and donations are highly welcomed and needed. So please contract for a Customized Devices (CD) project with us. And please donate as much as you can and as soon as you can. For those who provide us substantial donations, we will often steer our research in directions that may specifically help them. Furthermore, if we can find a way to legally provide valued donors the devices of interest to them that we do not normally provide to the general public, even if it requires a special development on our part, we will do our reasonable best to accommodate their specific needs. How much we are able to bend over backwards for a donor depends on the type of research, the device types the donor is interested in, and the relative magnitude of his/her donations compared to other donors also seeking our help relevant to the same research. We very strongly appreciate our valuable supporters, so please donate.

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NOTE: Incredibly, some still believe that claims of mind control are false. But consider: Recently, MIT developed the technology of remotely and electronically implanting fake memories (implanted false memories) and implanting thoughts into brains. And this is just their mind control research they allowed to be published! And consider the very advanced work China is doing in AI mind control and electronic attack! For much more, we provide our Good Clients with our "Mind Control and Electronic Attack Tutorial". It has much more real and helpful mind control and electronic attack information than any other website we know of. The mind control and electronic attack books and manuals of Consumertronics (www.consumertronics.net/mindcontrol2.htm) also contain important mind control and electronic attack information, including many circuit diagrams and other figures not found in our Tutorial.
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          NOTE-2: A few of our device-types come with an electrode(s) and/or induction coil(s) to be used on or near the skin (all electrodes are surface electrodes - none are invasive). Not even after decades and 100s of devices, no Client or our personnel (who create, test and also use these devices) has ever reported or complained to our knowledge about any harmful effects to them for any device we provided them, so we consider all of our device-types to be safe. Just to be extra safe, if you obtain a device type of ours which comes with an electrode(s) or induction coil(s) used on or near the skin, please consult with your licensed, competent and trusted medical provider (at your end and your expense) to verify that such a device-type is not likely harmful to you for you to apply on yourself, especially if you have heart rhythm problems or are connected to or have implanted inside of you an electronic medical device (including, but not limited to, pacemakers, diabetic controllers, and nerve stimulators), or you are pregnant, or you have allergies, illnesses or injuries or any other medical condition that might be adversely affected by electrodes, coils, EMFs or ultrasonic signals. As with all types of electronic devices from us or anyone else, do not place EMF coils directly onto the skull.

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