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Expose on Mind Control (Mindcon) Attacks, Neurological Weapons Attacks, Electronic Attacks, EMF Attacks, EMP Attacks, Subliminal Mind Control, Body Control (Bodycon), Behavior Modification, Brain Entrainment, Brainwashing, Brainwave Signatures, Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM), Electronic Mind Reading (Mindread), Mind Dumping, Subliminal Mind Reading, Mind Probes, Electronic Harassment, Directed Energy Weapons Systems, Electronic Implants and Brain State Monitoring / Brain State Control, Ultrasonic Mind Control, Brain Stimulations, Binaural Beats, V2K/V2S, RFID Tracking, Manchurian Candidates, Nanotech Nanoplants, Alien Abductions, Cognitive Dissonance Mind Control Techniques, 2.4ghz Mind Control, TMS, TDCS, Electronic Sleep Deprivation, Electronic Dream Deprivation, Electronic Dream Sharing, Dream Theft, Dream Surveillance, Dream Stalking, Ultrasonic Attacks, Ultraviolet Attacks, X-Ray Attacks, Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI), Manifestations, DARPA, Psyops, Electronic Countermeasures Products and Services.
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Can you spot electronic implants, and the wire?
This is the actual CT-Scan of the chin, neck and upper back area of one Gary D. Simmons, a former Navy diver who had been assigned to several clandestine operations, reprinted with permission from Simmons and www.consumertronics.net. According to Mr. Simmons, one 'object' is in the spine at the jaw level; the hole in the back of the neck shows a 'wire' running down towards a second 'object' located between the trachea and the spine; there is yet a third 'object' below the jaw. I see other strange 'objects.' Do you? Furthermore, he states these were the results of a surgical operation and an official program in which he and about 100 other elite Navy divers were subjected to as part of, 'medical and mind drug experiments,' which he claims caused many premature deaths among them!
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NOTE: Our "Mind Control and Electronic Attack Tutorial" is below. It has much more real and helpful mind control and electronic attack information than any other website we know of. The mind control and electronic attack books and manuals of Consumertronics (www.consumertronics.net/mindcontrol1.htm) also contain important mind control and electronic attack information, including many circuit diagrams and other figures not found in our Tutorial.

This webpage is filled with mind control information and electronic attack information relevant to mind control strategies, electronic attack strategies, mind control tactics, electronic attack tactics, mind control techniques, electronic attack techniques, mind control weapons, electronic attack weapons, mind control countermeasures, electronic attack countermeasures, and mind control detectors and electronic attack detectors.

FUTURE PLANS - To Our Many Readers and Followers: We are a small but intense company. Research into the clearly ever-expanding and more alarming realms of mind control and electronic attack is expensive. For decades, we have done and are doing this hard research at our own expense - freely donating these services to the general public - and it has been and is costly to us. This very comprehensive and informative tutorial on mind control and electronic attack is the result of much of our research - likely represents much of the real high-tech research being done in these technologies today (much bogus and meta resarch on Internet). For us to take our mind control and electronic attack detection and countermeasure research up to the next level - where we can go on the road with RVs and vans filled with mind control and electronic attack electronic equipment - requiring more exotic and very expensive equipment for example - requires a large influx of new funding to pay for these expenses. This new research is required to detect, analyze and document onsite mind control and electronic attacks and the conspiracies behind many of these attacks so credible evidence-based counterattacks against mind control and electronic attack gangstalkers and other perpetrators on all fronts can be done. The enemy is rich, powerful, huge and growing. With our resulting documented findings, no longer will law enforcement, the courts and the media be able to easily dismiss victims as being 'a bunch of crazies'. Clearly, we are not going to be receiving no-strings-attached Government or corporate grants. We need considerable new funding from the public with no strings attached so we can serve mind control and electronic attack victims - not donations from rich special interest groups with an opposing secret agenda eager to give us lots of cash with their strings attached.
The simple truth is that we are the only credible scientific- and engineering-type entity available to the general public, and with a strong history of helping victims of mind control and electronic attack, and which has the decades of knowledge, experience, insights and wherewithal to conduct this much expanded research into mind control and electronic attacks to have any chance of being able to document, expose and combat these global menaces. We want to bust this thing wide open! Our goal is to do more research and to train and field well-equipped teams which will go out and investigate and document on a pro-bono or low-cost basis victim's claims, and if necessary, provide affidavits and testify for victims and victims organizations. And to lobby legislatures with credible evidence to pass stiff anti-mind control and anti-electronic attack laws.
We realize that there are large so-called mind control and electronic attack victims' organizations feverishly trying to collect money, but all we have seen so far are clearly scams. They all clearly lack the high-tech expertise and experience bonafidis and gravitas into mind control and electronic attack technologies (that we have had for decades) to do anything meaningful to help any victim. They operate on BS theories, publish studies of research by others, and/or are likely Government sting operations or corporate spies.
We believe that mind control and electronic attacks are now so rampant and expanding that it is now urgent that we get much more involved than even what we do now - before we all reach the point of no return. All of these efforts take much money. We ask for The People to donate and bequest to us so that we can possibly bring our efforts up to the next levels. Do not let mind control and electronic attack gang stalkers and other perpetrators get away with their egregious offenses with impunity any more - slapping their knees laughing at you while you endlessly suffer - sadistically pushing buttons to make you squirm! Imagine finally living in a world free of mind control and electronic attacks! Certainly, you are seriously interested in us researching, investigating, exposing and stopping the egregious proliferation and atrocities of mind control and electronic attack weaponry and tactics real time. YOU DECIDE YOUR FUTURE.
You MUST donate and bequest to us as much as you can, as often as you can and as soon as you can (not a minute to lose!). And please pass on the word about us through social media, personal contacts, newsmedia, etc. Donations are made by check, money order or cash. Doing more business with us is yet another way that can help us get there - the more word-of-mouth, social media and newsmedia attention will also help us get there. We can't do it without you! Thanks for your decades of loyal support. Seriously interested in donating or bequesting to us? Then please Email Us (put "I / we want to donate / bequest to you" in your email Subject line) right away for details. John Williams, M.S.E.E., President, Lone Star Consulting, Inc.

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MIND CONTROL TUTORIAL POLICY CHANGE: As you know, for years as a public service, Lone Star Consulting, Inc. has contributed this very informative and extensive Mind Control and Electronic Attack Tutorial at great expense of its time and money. Recently, while totally updating this Tutorial with much new info, we received inputs from some of our readers that they became so absorbed in our Tutorial that they did not have time to go to our Mind Control webpage, peruse our device types there, and then apply for a unique Customized Devices (CD) project (CDAF webpage). This means a loss of much business for us. No good deed ever goes unpunished. Our plan is to greatly expand our help to mind control and electronic attack Victims - now at a crisis level - but frankly, to do so requires much increase in income. Therefore, while we will continue to often update this already very extensive critical data because the mind control and electronic attack technologies are exploding, we can no longer provide this data on our Tutorial webpages (now only subtitles with brief descriptions). However, for those Clients who contract with us for their CD Projects of $250+, or donate to our cause (see "FUTURE PLANS", Page 1) for $100+ donation, upon your request, we will gladly provide you our newest updated Free 1G Flash Drive with the complete Tutorial data set of 400K total - plus our Catalog (no printed versions). For CD Projects of $1000+ or donations of $250+, we will send you our Free 1G Flash Drive for every major update we have for the next 12 months (5 updates maximum). Donations (no refunds) and CD Project payments are made by check, money order or cash. For questions, please Email Us (put "Tutorial Policies" in your email Subject line). Thanks. John Williams, M.S.E.E., President, Lone Star Consulting, Inc.


Recently, the Lone Star Consulting, Inc. organization has received frantic calls involving great fears and concerns about an apparent recent alarming, shocking and frightening upsurge in mind control (mindcon, mind coercion), body control (bodycon) and other electronic attack and electronic harassment incidents (often also referred to as "directed energy weapons attacks" or "psionic attacks"). Clearly, these forms of electronic attacks greatly increased since 9/11, and especially recently due to economic chaos. With chaos, electronic attacks are more likely ignored by the authorities, and victims become more hassled with other issues and more cautious about spending money even to protect themselves and their loved ones. Clearly, some electronic attackers are now electronically attacking their victims with impunity - more open electronic attacks, accelerated electronic attacks, multiple electronic attacks, and severe electronic attacks than ever before! Are you such a victim? It is more important than ever before for YOU to address these issues NOW! Lone Star Consulting, Inc. provides as a public service this mind control / electronic attack tutorial (as well as many related electronic defense device types described on our popular Mind Control webpage) for those interested in electronic mind control (including associated tracking technologies, eg: constant cellphone tracking (your cellphone automatically reports to your cellphone company every 6-7 minutes your exact GPS location), satellite tracking, RFID tracking, brainwave signature tracking), electronic attacks resulting in electronic harassment, directed energy attacks (using directed energy weapons), brainwashing, brain entrainment (eg: binaural beats), brainwave signatures, mind reading, mind reaping, mind dumps or mind memory dumps (ie: mind downloads, mind memory downloads), mind probing, voices in the head (eg: voice-to-skull or V2K/V2S technology, and voice-of-God technology), Tempest brain monitoring, electronic body control, electronic implants and brain state control / brain state monitoring, nanotech devices (nanometer technology devices), artificial intelligence controllers, thought disrupters, sleep disrupters and dream disrupters, Manchurian Candidates, and similar technologies and their countermeasures.

In this Tutorial, we describe some very scary and technologically advanced mind control and electronic attack technologies. If you are a victim of a mind control or electronic attack, do NOT feel that your situation is hopeless (if you are not now a mind control or electronic attack victim, almost certainly you will become one within the next decade or so). To communicate with remote receivers and transceivers, regardless of the type of electronic attack or mind control attack technology being deployed, how technologically advanced it is or how small or big the device is (including tiny electronic implants virtually impossible to detect using any form of X-Rays or surgery when well-hidden), its Achilles heel is that it MUST transmit and/or receive either electromagnetic or ultrasonic signals, which transmitter can be detected, pinpointed, documented, jammed and shielded against using the types of devices we sell on our popular Mind Control webpage as unique Customized Devices. You MUST detect offending signals before you can document, locate, jam or shield against them (else you will never know what kind and extent of mind control and electronic attacks are being made against you, the directions they are coming from, their frequencies, and when they are turned ON). You cannot detect mind control and electronic attack signals using your five senses - you require specialized devices (from one who has the credentials in these technologies, such as us) of the mind control and electronic attack detection device types we make. A time will soon come when most people will have these electronic defense device types we make on hand, and routinely use them to help protect themselves and loved ones - just like many now do with their computer antispam and antivirus programs - to prevent and stop perpetrators from "hacking" into your brain and/or body, tormenting you as some sort of medical vandalism against you, and/or taking over your brain and/or body and controlling them and milking them of data (including your deepest secrets and most private thoughts and feelings) - electronic slavery and electronic oppression.

Mind control and electronic attack technology has been around since at least the early 1960s, and sprung from a combination of radionics and surveillance technologies. Even today, some radionics devices can be used for mind control and electronic attack modes, especially if designed with versatile tuning (one example: The Neurophone is a device which processes audio into special sound waveforms which conduct much better through bone and tissues, and can result in hearing restoration through the facial nerve, resulting in disembodied sounds coming from inside your brain, and proving that sound waves - not just electromagnetic waves - can also be used for mind control purposes). We do not have a monopoly on mind control and electronic attack devices - these technologies have been generally known since the 1960s and widespread since the 1990s. In fact most competent electronic engineers and electronic technicians can do at least crude mind control and electronic attack weapons (detection devices and countermeasures are harder). However, we are about the only ones who provide to the public electronic signal detection and location devices and personal jammer and electronic shielding devices specifically designed to combat mind control and electronic attack technologies. Our chief electronic designer, John Williams, M.S.E.E., has been and is involved in mind control research, design and development since the 1960s, and has published on these technologies since the 1970s. Much of our mind control and electronic attack research has come from our "Montauk Chair" test bed (see our Mind Control webpage for details on the Montauk Chair version we sell as a unique CD project).
          There are countless motives behind electronic attack and mind control attacks ranging from weapons development, to medical and psychological research, to greed and avarice, to vengence, to terrorism, to sadism, to pranksterism, to intelligence gathering and personal data harvesting. Many mind control and electronic attack implementations these days are either semi-automated or fully-automated systems.
          Virtually everyone is now being frequently - if not constantly - surveilled, monitored, tracked and targeted 24/7 through all of our modern popular electronic devices and through many improvised devices, especially through computers and handheld devices, while numerous spies and mind control and electronic attack perpetrators automatically assemble dossiers and update very detailed databases on everyone's private lives. Most people don't even have a clue as to the full extent in which our Government, several major other governments, and many major corporations, institutions, criminal gangs and terrorist organizations, and some individuals now have and continuously real time update detailed dossiers on each and every American, Canadian and European - especially on targeted individuals and groups. They both use and widely distribute the data they have on you. The two main excuses they use is to efficiently target ads to you, and to detect terrorists. The reasons they don't tell you is to target you for cons, scams and harassment, to know when it is least risky to do black bag jobs on your home or business or to otherwise attack you, and eventually to round up you and others like you for internment and/or execution. In most cases, they know your exact location at all times, what your politics, religion, activities and hobbies are, your SSN, DOB, your family, friends, associates and your work and medical histories, where your kids go to school, what you eat and drink, much of what you say and do, and most of what you purchase. Now, if you fly, they even know what your private parts look like. Much of the types of information they harvest is now publicly known - the tip of the iceberg. But what is still being mostly kept concealed is the secret but more pervasive and even more alarming mind control and electronic attack aspects of their electronic intrusions. There are other indicators as well. For examples, the types of language and symbolism that government and corporate officials use. Their heavy usages of jargon, acronyms, artificial intelligence and uncontrolled databases, including by elected officials, makes it clear that there are powerful conspiracies, cabals and secret organizations, small groups and individuals at several levels pursuing their own secret agendas at the cost of and injury to the 95+% of the people who are not the invited privileged few. Not only are governments, and many large corporations, institutions and other big groups heavily involved in mind control and electronic attack, but so are many small groups and individuals who use mind control and electronic attack technologies for personal or prankster reasons. Again, no one has a monopoly on these attack technologies, and they are relatively cheap and easy to make, obtain and deploy from anywhere in the world.
          Savvy people recognize the indicators - they know when they are being electronically attacked and mind controlled. And savvy people quickly take steps to stop and prevent as much mind control and electronic attacks as possible. Unfortunately, most victims don't - at least not until it is too late - and some who do inexplicably take little or no steps to protect themselves from such attacks. As with water and electricity, victimization takes the path of least resistance: Electronic victims who fight back can often prevent future attacks as the world is full of easy victims for perpetrators to pick from.
          Clearly, computers and artificial intelligence are widely used to search for and alert to certain words, phrases and activities of interest, cellphones, RFID, brainwave signatures and satellites (GPS and non-GPS) are widely used to automatically track, target, monitor and control people and their activities (other techniques are also used, but cellphones, RFID, GPS and brainwave signatures are most common). Tracking, targeting, monitoring and controlling one targeted victim usually takes a few minutes every day on average. Today, one perpetrator can simultaneously track, monitor, control, program and/or torment several hundred targeted victims per day from just about anywhere. And since the1990s, the cost of implementing these systems have drastically dropped along with electronics in general to within the range of average people and small groups. Unless you are a very important person to the perpetrator, we doubt if he/she spends more than a couple of minutes on you every day but in that brief time, using computers and artificial intelligence, automatically harvests much data from you and about you, does a wide range of control functions and programming on you, and/or torments you with all of the pain, suffering and electronic harassment he/she wants to. However, if you are of special interest to the perpetrator or his/her team, he/she can perform extensive mind control, electronic attacks and electronic surveillances on you using several modalities all at once, often referred to as electronic gang stalking, all of which can make your life totally miserable.
          We often get emails from victims of mind control and electronic attacks with long lists documenting every KNOWN type of mind control and electronic attack program and technology (we know of many other undocumented programs and technologies), pleading with us to alert powerful national and international authorities to investigate and stop mind control and electronic attacks. We are THE preeminent mind control and electronic attack professionals, our chief R&D specialist and legendary John Williams, M.S.E.E., researches, designs, develops and publishes on these technologies since the 1960s, especially electronic defense technologies (electronic countermeasures and detection), so many victims naturally turn to us for their mind control and electronic attack detection, signal locating, personal jamming and shielding countermeasure concerns.* While they seldom publicly admit it, national and international authorities - government, corporate, institutional and private - are all very well-aware of mind control and electronic attack technologies for decades now and many actively research, design, develop and practice them (in January, 2010, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security personnel publicly stated that TSA is adopting "mind probes" to help ferret-out terrorists; mind probe technology (ie: mind reading technology) is described as Orweillian and akin to "brain fingerprinting" or "brainprinting" - rare admission by Federal Authorities that the Federal Government is indeed actively applying mind control technologies with impunity to the general public - your worst nightmares now verified!) (in January 2011, it was publicly revealed that mind reading research, in which human thought is reproduced and displayed on computer monitors, involved Osaka University, Japan, but ignored the many other mind control researchers steeped into mind reading technologies). *Note: We are the #1 publicly-available source for mind control and electronic attack technologies. This of course does not mean that we are the highest-ranked mind control and electronic attack website by Internet search engines for every relevant keyword or key phrase. Those who are ranked near the top largely PAID for their rankings and/or used a series of phony gimmicks to get ranked high - anyone with even zero capabilities and expertise in any technology can easily buy or scam highest rankings - why it is critical to BOOKMARK our webpages and tell your friends. Also know that those who intend to victimize mind control and electronic attack victims know that by paying for highest search engine rankings, they'll reel in more victims.
          Since governments have done little or nothing to investigate or stop mind control and electronic attacks up to this point and these types of mind control attacks appear to be accelerating (especially since 9/11), there is little chance they will ever in the future - in many cases THEY are the ones behind mind control and electronic attacks and these technologies are part of their own agenda, are otherwise somehow benefiting from them, refuse to act out of budgetary reasons (special equipment costs and personnel training expenses to outfit every federal, state and major local jurisdiction would be in many $Billions when many governments these days are running in the red), and/or refuse to act out of personal reasons. The probability that they will ever officially acknowledge that mind control and electronic attack technologies are being used against any Targeted Individual (TI) or Targeted Group (TG) is nil - much less do anything to stop it. Frankly, those who still believe that national and international authorities are your solutions to mind control and electronic attacks are clearly naive. You have a better chance of the Tooth Fairy removing your electronic implants or tracking down and prosecuting electronic attackers than the United States Government! Almost certainly no one in any position of national or international power will ever take any meaningful actions to stop electronic attacks and electronic mind control.
          Unfortunately, because governments will seldom act to protect YOU from being victimized by mind control and electronic attack perpetrators, each victim must deal with this nightmare on his/her own. Your only chance of convincing people in authority in your area to help you, as an individual, to stop electronic and mind control attacks against YOU is with the specialized types of devices we make and sell to help YOU detect, pinpoint, correlate and document mind control and electronic attacks against YOU. And your only chance of jamming or shielding yourself against mind control and electronic attacks is with the specialized types of electronic defense devices we also make and sell as Customized Devices electronic countermeasures. Attempting to jam, shield against, document or stop highly directional attack signals that you are uncertain as to which direction they come from, what they are (eg: electromagnetic, ultrasonic, electronic implant), when they are ON, and what their operating frequencies are is virtually impossible. We know of no other solutions (see our Mind Control webpage).
           In fact, electronic mind control attack and electronic attack are still invisible to most law enforcement (some law enforcement awareness is slowly coming about). However, we have also found that some law enforcement entities who know that mind control and electronic attack crimes exist and are increasing, are of the belief that if you are being electronically attacked, you must have deserved it somehow or some brother law enforcement agency is involved with you so it is none of their business. In almost all cases, only you can protect yourself from mind control and electronic attack crimes.
           We live in a country where the people are now so meek and docile that they permit themselves, their children and their elders to be groped, viewed naked and mind controlled by the Government at airports by total strangers as if they were prisoners - everything goes these days. When was the last time you saw an electronic attack or mind control crime featured on "America's Most Wanted" or on the FBI's "10 Most Wanted" list, or even in your local newspaper or TV news? If you want to get electronic attack and mind control attack crimes ever taken seriously, these people must seriously address these crimes. Attacking people electronically is both effective and far less riskier to the attacker than if the attacker used a gun, knife or club. The electronic attacker can easily attack you remotely and often from 100s and even 1000s of miles away and well-hidden and undetected and even from buildings, even from within your own home or business, natural structures (eg: trees), vehicles, aircraft, ships and foreign countries. No external physical damage is caused to you which others can observe or that you can use as evidence of electronic or mind control attacks. Since they do not have to even be present during the attacks (eg: timed attacks; computer-controlled attacks, including artificial intelligence), perpetrators can easily produce rock-solid alibis. Modern transmitters are very small, make no sound or light, are easily concealed in all kinds of common and innocuous objects, and can operate for weeks and even months from one battery. Once the attacker turns OFF the transmitter, the attacking signal vanishes, so without special detection and pinpointing equipment (of the types that we provide), you cannot prevent, prove, expose, report, sue or prosecute your mind control and electronic attack perpetrator. In fact, we believe that guns, knives and clubs are now largely relegated to street crimes, low-IQ criminals, spur-of-the-moment crimes, and to criminals seeking recognition or publicity.
           Consider these scenarios: (A) You walk into a police station with a bleeding bullet hole or knife wound (or even a BB hole). The detective can obviously see you have been attacked, calls an ambulance, and then rushes out to investigate the clearly evidenced and usually easy-to-prove crime. (B) You walk into a police station alleging that someone you know or don't know attacked you electronically or is controlling your mind. You look perfectly fine on the outside. The manifestations you report - often severe - are usually relatively common and/or vague, and also fit known medical conditions. In fact, the electronic attack against you can even be as powerful as high-power Electromagnetic Pulse Attacks (EMP attacks) or an equivalently powerful ultrasonic attacks or infrasonic attacks, and outwardly you still would likely look fine (nevertheless, you could drop dead within a few days from the microwave, ultrasonic or infrasonic internal destruction caused by such high-intensity attacks)! Police detectives usually have many obvious crimes to investigate. If the police detective calls for medical help, almost certainly it will be to haul you off to your local mental institution. Meantime, your attacker is slapping his/her knees laughing at you, seeing the great pain, suffering and frustrations he/she caused you. (C) Same as (B), but this time (what rarely occurs) the police detective takes you seriously, but the detective cannot investigate when more than likely he/she lacks the costly highly specialized equipment and/or training to investigate mind control attacks and electronic attacks, especially today when police budgets are very tight, so your case ends there. Or he/she miraculously has the equipment and is trained to use it, but the attacking signal is now turned OFF (because your attacker knows you are reporting to police). (D) Same as (C) but this time (which has never yet occurred to our knowledge) the detective has both the mind control and electronic attack detection equipment and training AND the attack signal was left ON, documents your attacks, finds and arrests your attackers, and the DA actually charges your attackers. With virtually no criminal law on the books or criminal legal precedents directly applicable to either mind control attacks or electronic attacks in most jurisdictions, almost certainly the electronic attack and/or mind control attack criminal charges will be quickly dismissed (however, other criminal statutes may apply for the DA to charge your attackers with, and in many cases, civil charges would also apply; in either case, you MUST both correlate the offending signals with your manifestations and document their existence, timing and location using specialized equipment; getting mind control laws and electronic attack laws on the books federally and each state must be pushed for).
            You clearly stand a much better chance in CIVIL COURT to obtain justice IF, AND ONLY IF, you are able to prove the existence and specific timing and location of the mind control and electronic attacks (which requires specialized electronic attack and mind control detection equipment and triangulation equipment - not TSCM devices) within the statutes of limitation, and correlate your manifestations with a documented offending electromagnetic signal, ultrasonic signal or infrasonic signal, and/or electronic transplant. Even then, to collect substantial damages you would have to show that you mitigated the mind control and electronic attacks to minimize your injuries, such as by jamming it
(which requires specialized electronic attack and mind control countermeasures equipment of the types we provide - again, not TSCM devices!), and/or shielding against it (we also offer head shielding helmet-type devices to shield against electromagnetic and ultrasonic type electronic attacks and mind control signals). And if you do all of this yourself as soon as you can, you stand a much better chance of getting law enforcement and the courts to take a serious look at your case as well. In virtually all cases, YOU, AND YOU ALONE, must obtain justice in these types of cases (see our Mind Control webpage for specialized mind control and electronic attack detection and countermeasure equipment). You might fairly ask, "How can I document mind control and electronic attacks using your specialized equipment?" Permanent directional-recording and time-stamped recording circuitry are expensive because they add complications to any device made by anyone, including us. However, there is a cheap, easy, reliable and very credible way to do this. Use a video camera and make a videotape or video disk of your specialized equipment set-up and your experiences, which will document your equipment set-ups, and its responses. Most modern cellphones have videotaping capabilities. Leave a visible TV ON and an accurate clock in the background so that you can also time- and date-stamp your videos to document exactly when offending signals are detected. And/or have a reliable and credible witness(es) with you.

ELECTRONIC NEUROLOGICAL ATTACKS (mostly MIND CONTROL ATTACKS), BODY CONTROL ATTACKS, and other ELECTRONIC ATTACKS / ELECTRONIC HARASSMENT: Do you claim to be experiencing manifestations of a medical nature? If so, FIRST obtain a complete medical examination (at your expense) because many of the medical-like manifestations reported to us as caused by mind control (mindcon), body control (bodycon) and electronic attacks are either so generalized or so similar to medical conditions that you need to first determine if there is a medical causation, and if so, treat it according to your trusted licensed doctors. Often, TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE - you simply cannot wait for days, weeks and months for a complete medical evaluation - you need special equipment RIGHT NOW to at least determine whether or not external devices are causing your manifestations and to RIGHT NOW take countermeasures against those you correlate to your manifestations, in which case you should seriously consider obtaining at least our specialized detection/triangulation equipment while you are await or undergo your prescribed medical procedures. You may not be able to ever determine and address the cause of your manifestations without the use of specialized equipment of the types we provide to ferret out the source of your manifestations! Our specialized equipment should never interfere with, delay or substitute for any prescribed medical procedure. We are not licensed medical professionals, so we cannot and do not provide medical advice, medical device, medical opinion or medical claim. There is such a vast number of possible mind control, body control and electronic attack scenarios (many of which technologies have little or no known research behind them related to their causations of human manifestations), and variations in human sensitivities (eg: one form of electronic attack may cause migraine headaches in Person A and stomach aches in Person B), and many of the manifestations are so generalized, we do not have any charts or tables which will cross-reference your manifestations to any form of electronic attack. While we have many anecdotal accounts over the decades as well as having researched these technologies for decades, the resources required to scientifically catalogue the huge number and variations of mind control and electronic attack tactics and technologies with the huge number of possible resultant manifestations is likely in the $billions to test and screen the many millions of possible victims worldwide - way beyond ours and virtually everyone else's resources. Human sensitivities to electromagnetic and ultrasonic signals vary. Some people are very sensitive - suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity - therefore much more easily victimized by electronic mind control and electronic attacks. In fact, a man in Santa Fe, NM, as of 1/9/10, is suing his neighbor claiming that when his neighbor transmits with her IPod or through her wireless computer connection, he gets sick because he's extremely sensitive to electromagnetic radiation - so sick that he can no longer live in his home. In another case of alleged electromagnetic hypersensitivity, AT&T was sued when it switched its 2G cellphone service to 3G, alleging that 3G cellphone service resulted in, "having worse insomnia, irritability, eye pain, dizziness, nausea, migraine headaches, itching, respiratory and sinus problems" in him and other people (Nov. 2010), and 4G cellphone appears to be even worse. If there is no medical causation, then your manifestations may be caused either by malevolent mind control, body control or electronic attacks, or by non-malevolent military, industrial, commercial or even private operations (eg: pulsed radar), which are not targeting you but just happen to exist in your area for ordinary communications, industrial, air traffic control, military, etc. purposes. While there is a vast number of possible mind control, body control and other electonic attack devices, there is only 4 known common modalities that such an attack can be delivered (with my rough estimation as to % of electronic attack cases involving each): (1) Electromagnetic attacks (50%, including EMP attacks and microwave attacks), (2) Ultrasonic attacks (45%), (4) Electronic Implants / Electrical Body Contact (20%), and (5) Infrasonic attacks (15%). Particle beams, gated-ionic radiation (a new mind control and electronic attack technology of which little is now known about), and unknown modalities are probably about 1%. Note that the percentages add up to more than 100% because a substantial number of attacks are believed to be caused by a combination of these major modalities (eg: ultrasonic signal modulated by an infrasonic signal), and that these percentages do not include electronic attacks involving more than one signal at the same time (eg: an electromagnetic attack and ultrasonic attack occuring simultaneously, which appears to occur fairly often). Each of these mind control, body control, etc. electronic attack modalities can be detected, located, jammed and shielded against using specialized devices of the type we make for that modality.
          For cases not solely medically caused, we describe device-types below which will help you detect, find the direction / location and timing of, and possibly jam / shield against the attacking electronic transmissions. NOTE: Ultrasonic attacks, infrasonic attacks and electromagnetic attacks can neither be detected nor proved to anyone through normal human senses (nor likely to cause any visible external injury unless extremely powerful) - you MUST obtain specialized equipment to detect, locate and document electronic mind control and attacking signals, and correlate them with your manifestations! Frankly, it is pointless for you to conclude manifestations you are experiencing are being caused by electronic mind control, body control or electronic attack without first obtaining the specialized devices you require to detect and document the existence of these electromagnetic, ultrasonic and/or infrasonic signals which you can also correlate with your manifestations because virtually every set of human-felt manifestations we have heard of associated with mind control, body control, etc. electronic attacks can also be caused by medical conditions and natural and manmade electrical phenomena and activity not directly related to mind control, body control or other electronic attack devices or intentions. If you don't believe us that uproven allegations will be believed by anyone, try reporting your electronic attacks and mind control attacks to the police without a shred of hard evidence to prove them. Most everyone who contact us for help tells us that they have already complained to local police, FCC, FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA, their doctors, politicians, filed lawsuits, etc. ad nauseum and received no help - often treated disrespectfully - even ridiculed and threatened with incarceration in mental institutions and even jail and fines - adding insult to injury. In fact, the need to obtain and use special detection equipment to prove electronic attack with hard evidence is one big reason why electronic attacks are apparently rapidly increasing in popularity over shootings because bullets produce lots of physical evidence covered by existing forensic technology long ago developed to analyze and develop firearm evidence routinely acceptable in courts of law. And with harder economic times, electronic attack perpetrators know that even their well-off victims are reluctant to spend money on special equipment to detect and countermeasure electronic attacks so they believe they can attack their victims with impunity. With our specialized detection / direction finding device-types, for example, and if your manifestations are electronically-caused, you should be able to detect and correlate them on a concrete basis with the detection of the signal using a double-blind method to prove that your manifestations are most probably being caused by the suspected signals.
          NOTE 1: You need to use specialized equipment to ascertain the modality, frequency, direction and timing of electronic attacks. If you are being electronically attacked, it could be through electromagnetic waves AND/OR through ultrasound AND/OR through infrasound, AND/OR you have a non-transmitting electronic implant (ie: totally internally programmed electronic implant). Each of these modalities require very different equipment to detect, determine and document (if necessary) modality, frequency, direction and timing of electronic attacks, and possibly jam and/or shield against electronic attacks. As a public service, we provide you insights below as to how you can determine whether the electronic weapons and mind control weapons used against you are electromagnetic weapons, directed energy weapons (beam weapons, microwave weapons, EMP weapons, radar weapons, laser weapons, plasma weapons), sonic weapons (sound weapons, ultrasonic weapons, infrasonic weapons) or electronic implants so that you can most cost effectively document and electronically defend against them (while these tests provide good insights, they are not foolproof - just like in warfare, some victims are attacked using multiple modalities so evidence of one electronic attack modality does not exclude other modalities - reliable and documentable results almost always require specialized equipment, especially if more than one electronic attack modality is in play and/or you need to electronically detect, locate, personally jam and shield against, and/or document attacks against you for evidence, in which cases, signal frequency, timing, direction and duration are all important - all requiring specialized equipment of the type we make as unique CD (Customized Devices) projects).
          NOTE 2: It is almost always an ineffective and wasteful use of your time, energy and money to try to jam or shield against a signal of a modality, frequency (especially electromagnetic), direction and timing any of which you are not certain about - like trying to swat a fly you have no idea where it is at - you'll likely wildly flail around without ever hitting the fly. In all electromagnetic attack electromagnetic harassment cases and many ultrasonic attack and infrasonic attack cases, you must detect, locate and correlate the attack signal before attempting to electronically jam or shield against it (all of which is much harder in infrasonic attack cases).
          NOTE 3: As super busy as we are and unable to analyze your situation on site, it is pointless and wasteful for you or us to speculate with you about what type of electronic attack / mind control technology someone may be using on you causing your manifestations with absolutely no real evidence as to what is attacking you. Please turn to us for the specialized equipment you require to detect, locate, document and correlate any electronic attack signals which may exist. THEN we may be able to help you with highly effective personal jammer and electronic shield countermeasures.

FAQs about Mind Control / Neurological Control, Body Control, Behavioral Control (Behavioral Modification / Behavioral Manipulation), Electronic Attack, Electronic Harassment, Brain Entrainment (eg: binaural beats), Subliminal, Electronic Implants (including RFID surveillance technology), Electronic Gangstalking, etc. Electromagnetic and Ultrasonic Technologies: We at Lone Star Consulting, Inc. are steeped in mind control and electronic attack research, design and development and warning the public about this menace for decades (starting when we worked for Consumertronics) - long before it became a fashionable topic of the newsmedia, movies, TV programs, books, magazines, blogs, chat groups, and uptown parties because we knew that mind control attack and electronic attack would become far worse in the future once their huge advantages became widely recognized and with anticipated electronic advancements. And during this time, I was and am in contact with numerous knowledgeable people and entities relevant to these topics. Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and our views on these topics. Please note that our statements herein and elsewhere are not claims of scientific, engineering, medical or paranormal facts but based on the info we are aware of and believed to be factual. All of our statements herein and elsewhere are to be considered as our opinion, learned as it may be, and while we certainly try to be 100% accurate, we take no responsibility for errors of omissions in our opinions, if any. Mind control and electronic attack technologies are now so widespread, varied and out-of-control that no one person or entity anywhere knows all that is going on or every aspect or technique of every mind control / electronic attack technology, device, countermeasure, attack scenario or resulting manifestation. Nor can any one person or entity stop or control all or even most forms of mind control and electronic attack. Lone Star Consulting, Inc. is a small corporation working hard and doing its best to serve the many general public victims of electronic and mind control attack technologies as part of the solution by providing unique Customized Devices which will detect, locate, jam and shield against electronic attacks and mind control attacks. We do NOT sell or control the uses or abuses of mind control or electronic attack weapons, and we certainly do not possess a monopoly in these now widespread electronic attack and mind control technologies, which we collectively refer to as, "Electronic Weapons Systems" (EWS).


         Watch Out For Other Custom Houses and Specialty Houses: Electronic designers can and do use many "dirty trick" techniques to sabotage the devices they sell. Why would anybody sabotage their own devices so that they fail early? Simple, by designing in easy failure modes into their devices that won't likely fail within the warrantee period but will likely fail shortly afterwards, they can usually force their customers into expensive replacement vs repair traps. Our goal is to provide you devices designed to last you for many years without problems. Some of the tactics that other Custom Houses and Specialty Houses deploy to likely much increase your expenses in their devices are described on our home page.
         We know what we are doing and we are in business 10+ years: Our Customized Devices - which always includes their User Manuals - are feature-filled and versatile, and yet designed to operate as easily and as simply as we can reasonably make them. If you can operate a TV or radio, you should be able to operate our devices. We have decades of electronic research, design and fabrication experience in our legendary President and chief electronic designer, John Williams, M.S.E.E. - especially in critical areas such as mind control, electronic attack, energy, ultrasonics, electromagnetics, RF, security systems, detection systems, invention prototyping, etc. Before you buy expensive specialized equipment from anyone, first determine their levels of experience and expertise as there are many con artists, many with slick websites, who spout scientific gibberish to con their victims into buying high-priced worthless devices and services. Just because a business has a slick website, does not mean that they have all of the knowledge, experience, tools, parts, special materials, and facilities for doing sophisticated electronic projects. One Client told us that he previously bought a $3,000 "mind control countermeasure" from a slick-looking website, never received a thing - later found out that his money vanished to Latvia, the site went down, and shortly afterwards another very similar site appeared selling a very similar device.
         We use high quality parts and fine-tune our circuits: When we design and build devices, we use exceptionally high quality and expensive parts, and we do much fine-tuning, to optimize our devices for our Clients. Sure, cheaper ICs, for example, can do a passable job, but our focus has always been on doing an EXCELLENT JOB for you. Our high-quality opamps are chosen for their high slew rates (wide bandwidth), high gain, low noise, etc. - critical for high-performing ultrasonic, sonar and RF applications - not the much cheaper opamps commonly used by others with very limited bandwidth, much lower gain, much higher noise, etc. doing a barely passable job. Our high quality extends even down to our passive components, for example, most of our resistors are 1% (or less) precision resistors - not the cheap 5% (even 10%) resistors commonly used by others. We observe NEDA Standards (National Electronic Distributors Association) in the handling of our electronic parts. We also individually fine-tune each of our Customized Devices for optimum performances - all individually hand-created, hand-tested, feature-filled and versatile. We really care about quality and performance. Not only do we use much better parts and individually optimally build and tune our devices but our feature-filled and versatile Customized Devices are available only from us - Lone Star Consulting, Inc. - never from any look-alike or sound-alike company or person. And you should contract with us for your hardware as soon as possible - because of our controversial efforts to help people, especially in the mind control and energy areas, we cannot guarantee later availabilities of our hardware.
         Because we are clearly the foremost publicly-known laboratory in mind control and electronic attack technologies, some people falsely believe that we are also the "Consumer Reports" of mind control and electronic attack products and services. First, as policy, we never recommend for or against another company, person, product or service - no matter how strongly we feel about it. Second, years ago we used to acquire the 10% or so mind control, electronic attack and radionics devices made and publicly sold by others we thought most likely to be effective and beneficial - just to see what else was out there. We have the knowledge, facilities, equipment and tools to test mind control, electronic attack and radionics devices. Our standards are very high. We were very disappointed! Although some of the buyers of their equipment thought that their equipment worked well and most were priced below what are devices were priced at, everything we tested of theirs was bogus - these buyers were mostly fooled by false claims, blinking lights and/or weird sounds. Only one device that they claimed transmitted a signal actually transmitted a signal, but it was just a common square wave. We also could not verify any electronic engineering, scientific and/or medical education and experience by their sellers that indicated that they were even qualified to work in this area. Many of their own statements about their devices and about the mind control and electronic attack technologies superficially sounded impressive but were in fact gibberish - the same nonsense they still use today. Nor could we verify that any of them had the facilities, equipment, tools and parts to physically do electronic attack and mind control research, design, development, testing and manufacturing. Because we don't like wasting our time and money, we stopped acquiring and testing other people's electronic attack and mind control devices.

         Government, corporate, institutional, crime organization, and individual electronic attack and mind control persecution does occur. We are just about all that is left in mind control and electronic attack electronic defense technologies - detection and countermeasure devices - which is a professional, established over decades, and public-known business devoted to serving the many mind control and electronic attack victims (again, be careful - there are many fly-by-night Online con artists - keep in mind that worthless junk is usually priced much lower than electronic devices designed to work). John Williams, M.S.E.E., President, Lone Star Consulting, Inc.


           SKEPTICS CLAIM THAT MIND CONTROL IS LIMITED TO SUCH THINGS AS THE STOCKHOLM SYNDROME (Why Skeptics are Wrong, Wikipedia, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Neurologists, Mental Illness, more): (See CDROM).



           WHAT ARE THE MAJOR ELECTRONIC WEAPONS SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGIES (Electromagnetic, Ultrasonic, Infrasonic, Electronic Implants, other, Specific Manifestations of Mind Control and Electronic Attacks, more)? (See CDROM).

                 COGNITIVE DISSONANCE MIND CONTROL & ELECTRONIC ATTACK TECHNOLOGIES (Thought Control, V2K, "Voice of God", TMS, TDCS, TUS, ST-THeRM, LRAD, Binaural Beats, more): (See CDROM).

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DISCLAIMER: OUR MEDICAL POLICIES REGARDING ALL OF OUR OFFERS FOUND EVERYWHERE: NOTE: The term, "Medical" and related terms in all of our webpages include ALL medical fields, ALL dental fields and ALL veterinarian fields (animals can also be injured by electronic attacks). We recognize that once a buyer buys any device from a seller, the seller has no control over what the buyer may actually use the device for nor does the seller assume any liability to anyone for any use in any unsafe or improper environment or way, misuse or abuse of the device. We recognize and fully respect that people have the right to choose whatever form of medical care they prefer; we are not licensed to practice medicine, and therefore we cannot and do not provide any medical advice, medical device, medical opinion, make medical claims, nor scientific claims, nor supernatural or paranormal claims, nor tell you what the causes are for any medical-like manifestation. Nor anything we may provide you is to be used for a medical prevention, diagnostic, treatment, cure or medically-assistive reason; nor to in any manner stop, delay, speed up, interfere with, change or replace any medical procedure or drug prescribed for you by any trusted licensed medical person or other entity. All medically-related statements which we may make are lay, anecdotal and personal opinion-type statements only. If you are suffering from medical-type manifestations, we always recommend that you first obtain a complete medical exam from trusted and licensed medical professionals (at your end and your expense) to diagnose, treat and possibly cure all medically-caused manifestations. ANY MANIFESTATION - MEDICAL-LIKE OR OTHERWISE - WHICH HAS NO KNOWN MEDICAL OR OTHER NATURAL CAUSATION, MAY BE CAUSED BY MIND CONTROL OR OTHER TYPES OF ELECTRONIC ATTACK DEVICES.
          NOTE-1: We cannot produce any device which is intended or likely to be used as a weapon, to retaliate against anyone, or which inflicts injury, pain or suffering to any person or animal, or which causes any other kind of mind control- or electronic-induced manifestations, or which is otherwise illegal, unethical or immoral. So please do not contract us for any device to treat, cure, diagnose, prevent or assist a medical condition, or to cause any kind of mind control or body control condition, or is likely to harm any person, animal or property, or is likely to be illegal, unethical or immoral. Do NOT use any device or statement we provide to stop, delay, accelerate, substitute for, modify or change any medical advice or device provided to you by a licensed, competent and trusted medical provider.
          NOTE-2: A few of our device-types come with an electrode(s) and/or induction coil(s) to be used on or near the skin (all electrodes are surface electrodes - none are invasive). Not even after decades and 100s of devices, no Client or our personnel (who create, test and also use these devices) has ever reported or complained to our knowledge about any harmful effects to them for any device we provided them, so we consider all of our device-types to be safe. Just to be extra safe, if you obtain a device type of ours which comes with an electrode(s) or induction coil(s) used on or near the skin, please consult with your licensed, competent and trusted medical provider (at your end and your expense) to verify that such a device-type is not likely harmful to you for you to apply on yourself, especially if you have heart rhythm problems or are connected to or have implanted inside of you an electronic medical device (including, but not limited to, pacemakers, diabetic controllers, and nerve stimulators), or you are pregnant, or you have allergies, illnesses or injuries or any other medical condition that might be adversely affected by electrodes, coils, EMFs or ultrasonic signals. As with all types of electronic devices from us or anyone else, do not place EMF coils directly onto the skull.

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