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High-Tech Security, Survival, Surveillance, Countermeasures Customized Device Types
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All of our devices are unique and professionally handmade in the USA. That is why they cost more than the mass-produced foreign-made electronic devices common to discount stores. Our resulting higher prices means that many good people may find our CD projects hard to afford. To make it much easier for stretched people to obtain our unique Customized Devices, we now offer our special Lay-Away and Barter and Collateral Plans (use them individually or in conjunction with each other) as added means to obtain our products and services. For more details, click on: Our Easy Payment Plans, then click on your browser's backbutton to return here.

ADD A NEW ELECTRONIC FREQUENCY COUNTER TO YOUR CUSTOMIZED DEVICES: Many of the Device-Types described herein automatically come with displays. These displays may consist of meter-type digital readouts, analog readouts or LEDs. Now you can add a new small and portable Electronic Frequency Counter (EFC) to any Customized Devices (CD) device you contract for with us (includes, but not limited to the Device-Types described herein) which processes or produces a sinewave, square wave or triangular wave between 0.009 Hz and 99,999 Hz. Be sure to specify an EFC for YOUR device CDAF (green link at top of webpage is CDAF; only $99 extra for the EFC, $49 extra to modify each device to be EFC-capable). With an EFC, you can monitor the entire effective air bandwidth for infrasonic, audio and ultrasonic sounds, as well as electromagnetic signals within this same bandwidth - including brain wave frequencies and many power, servo and control frequencies! This should greatly increase your data and documentation, and is especially useful for tracking and analyzing mind control, electronic attack, radionics, audio, power, servo, control and other signals. Since the EFC comes as a separate module which plugs into your CD devices, all you need is one EFC for all of your EFC-capable devices, PLUS you can use your EFC for other non-CD devices and uses. We can sell you the EFC by itself custom-modified with battery holder and ON/OFF switch, if you wish, and with any of these types of signal connections: RCA, phone plug, miniphone plug, BNC, USB, spade lug, flat lug, ring lug, banana, pin, barrel plug, bare wire ($249 + S/H ($6.90 USA S/H)).

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Customized Devices Application Form (CDAF)


The ULTIMO PROXIMITY DETECTOR & ALARM: The UPD&A works similar to a Porch Light Proximity Detector (PLPD), but our UPD&A is far more versatile and useful. PLPDs are designed to be mounted and operated at about head high, and to detect human beings. Our UPD&A can be mounted even below your ground level all the way to above your ceiling, and will detect anything that generates significant heat - including people, animals, and warm mechanical, electrical or heating machinery. While PLPDs just turn-ON a light, our UPD&A will turn-ON a light, and/or sound a loud alarm (you select), and for a duration you program it for typically between 1 - 10 secords (you can specify other time ranges if you wish). And while PLPDs offer a limited range of sensor directions, our UPD&A sensor is mounted on an adjustable flexible arm which you can point in any direction. And while PLPDs are typically 120VAC powered - forcing you to be tethered to a power socket, you can specify our UPD&A to be powered by 9VDC battery, by both 9VDC battery and 120VAC (with selector switch), or powered by 120VAC. And because you can select a loud alarm to sound off upon detection, our UPD&A can be used to frighten intruding humans and animals away so you get rid of them without confronting them. Our UPD&A comes with a sensitivity adjustment. Some of our UPD&A's very important uses:
          (1) You can detect and alarm (if you wish) potential home invaders, burglars, rapists, stalkers, peeping toms, spies, etc. who intrude on your property - even if they may be concealed from your view. While PLPDs are mostly limited to detecting humans and some large animals, they miss much smaller living things like rats, mice, cats, smaller dogs, raccoons, birds, bats, etc. which might be endangering you and/or infesting/damaging your property, but hard to detect because they operate at night. While people vary considerably in height and size, everyone's feet is on the ground, so by setting detection direction lower, you pick up much smaller people and animals.
          (2) Our UPD&A can be used on camping trips to detect people and animals (large and small) which visit your campsite when you are asleep or absent. Also great for detecting people nearby when you are doing your private business. Also great for outdoor activities of all kinds, and trips in general. Our UPD&A can be used to keep close to others in your group even when you temporarily can't see them; and for help finding lost or hidden children and pets.
          (3) While not designed to substitute for fire detectors, our UPD&A can pick up hot items, including fires, stoves, space heaters, etc.

          (4) Our UPD&A can be used to detect mechanical and electrical devices that produce heat or recently produced heat. Some examples: (A) To detect if robots are wondering around your area. (B) To detect if you have a device turned ON which should not be ON. (C) To detect to deternine whether or not a vehicle has been recently driven, or a gun has been recently fired, without touching it. (D) To detect if water or food you are heating is warm enough. (E) To detect if something is hot without getting burned. And its great for science projects.
          (5) Our UPD&A can be used to detect hot spots in your home or business to show where you are losing costly energy, building up too much heat or where there may be a wiring or plumbing defect.

          (6) Our UPD&A can be used to detect unusual hot spots on your body or pet's body to alert you to see your doctor or vet to examine, or to detect a possible electronic implant.
       Last made $885 [2 lb].

The ULTIMO HOME/BUSINESS SECURITY SYSTEM: Commonly available home security systems fail in these ways: (1) They are well-known, and criminals already know how to beat them. (2) Their one-size-fits-all mentality is seldom optimum for anyone. (3) Many are both complex and continuously expensive to operate. (4) Their operations are not versatile or selectable to suit different situations. This is where our customizing power results in optimum home security systems and business security systems. You choose these various devices, features and functions which suits YOU best, with any customized features and with any combination, arrangement and numbers of these you wish and that we can reasonably provide. You can even select and/or provide whichever devices and operation modes you want or leave the decisions of whatever you don't select and/or provide to us to select and/or provide:
          CAMERAS & AUDIO RECORDERS: We can do still cameras, video cameras, audio recorders, and/or many other types of electronic and mechanical devices as part of your system.
          ALARMS: We can do audio or ultrasonic alarms (eg: to repel animals or as a commo method), light alarms, and/or silent alarms. AUDIO ALARMS: Audio/ultrasonic volume can be just one level or adjustable by you, and sound can be beeping, wailing, white noise, steady tone, voice and/or music recording, data stream, etc. LIGHT ALARMS: can be steady light or flashing light; white or colored; directional or non-directional; single or multiple lights. SILENT ALARMS: Usually, a silent or buzzing display with flashing lights or steady lights that cannot be heard or seen by an intruder. Which light is ON usually indicates which device has been triggered.
          DETECTION METHODS: Most security systems use motion detection, which we also do. We can do automatic ultrasonic detection, thermal detection, noise detection, light detection, shadow detection, and/or thermal detection. Note that ultrasonic detection is highly directional, so you might require several detection devices to cover any one general area.
          SELECTABILITY: We can provide whatever type and degree of selectability you specify between devices and modes of operation. Devices and modes of operation can be selected to operate individually or simultaneously. Simple examples: (1) An alarm can activate as a light alone, as a sound alone, as both a light and sound, or as more than one light and/or sound. (2) Detection can trigger a camera, an alarm, both a camera and an alarm, or more than one camera and/or alarm.
          TIMING: ON Time timing can be selected for all devices or for each device individually programmable from seconds and/or for hours, with or without an option for a manual reset, whatever you specify.
          The number one concern of criminals is not getting caught. That is why cameras and alarms greatly help. They wake up neighbors, and alert passerbys and nearby police while lighting up the criminals - people who can then witness or apprehend the criminals for police, lawsuits, etc., and cameras and recorders can provide proofs of who did the crimes and exactly what the crimes were.
          Last made: No operation fees [prices and weights vary according to your specified devices, their features and functions, and customizations].

The AUTOMATED CONTROL SIGNAL & AUDIO REPLICATOR: If you develop, test, repair or optimize electromechanical equipment - especially with hard-to-reach control sections - the ACSAR may be exactly what you are looking for to digitally record (uses no tape/compact disk) and playback control signals to automatically replicate over-and-over the desired electromechanical actions! Or to test the vulnerability of your equipment (eg: security equipment) to unauthorized or unwanted attempts to cause or replicate undesired actions. The ACSAR is an incredibly versatile device that records and plays back many types of control signals used to control electromechanical devices to force them to repeat certain machine actions over and over. The ACSAR will record and accurately reproduce ANY digital or analog signal (Digital:min. pulse width > 0.01 msec. Analog: all significant frequency components < 50 KHz). You can even record/playback voice, music, other sounds, and ultrasound! For digital, you can record/playback whether the input signal is continuous/non-continuous (including burst), fixed rate/varied rate, fixed pulse width/varied pulse width, periodic/aperiodic, synchronous/asynchronous, pure digital/hybrid digital-analog, or modulated/unmodulated! You control record and playback rates and durations, input gains (ie: sensitivity), and output gains - all real time! Record and playback rates and durations need not be the same (they may differ if you wish - great feature for data analysis, special effects, equipment troubleshooting, and fast-forwarding), and you can pause or clear at any time! And you can end recording/playback after memory IC is filled (1-cycle), or continuously (continuous playback is great for repeated task, instructional and subliminal uses)! Maximum record duration is 10 minutes - plenty of capability and time to record even the most complex control signal or sound segment. Functional Description: Several antennas of different sizes and shapes are provided that serve as both control signal pick-up and playback (you may use whatever other passive antennas you wish to at your expense). Additional input for audio. Outputs include direct, capacitor-coupled, and transformer-coupled. And as a unique and invaluable special feature of the ACSAR, the antenna input connector can be switched between its input circuit section and output section so that the same antenna connected undisturbed to the same port can be used for both input and output (I/O) functions! For example: The silver dollar-size, very flat and thin spiral antenna is inserted into the machine (eg: through a slot, crack and other thin or non-straight opening, and between densely-packed PC cards) where no other antenna will fit. The Record button on the ACSAR is then pushed to electronically record the sequences of machine control signals that were used to trigger actions that you need repeated over and over. Then, each time the Playback button is pushed, the control signal is faithfully played back to the control circuitry through the spiral antenna to repeat the machine action. The signal can also be replayed in a lab setting at the same, reduced or increased speed, and analyzed. Powerful and versatile test equipment! Much exiting fun! And great for science projects. Last made $2185 [3 lb]. (Note: The recording and playing back of control signals is a complex process. Sensitivity and sampling rate controls are provided to cover a vast range of use conditions. Experimentation is required. Although we provide vast tunability in ACSAR-type devices, it may not record and play back some control signals to produce reliable replicated actions primarily due to antenna positioning problems caused by lack of or cramped equipment control circuitry access. While the I/O ports can be used for numerous types of inputs and outputs, the only external I/O devices provided are the antennas, unless otherwise and explicitly contracted for.)

The ULTIMO SECURITY CAMERA FOILER KIT: Today, artificial intelligence (AI)-driven facial recognition software is commonly a camera app routinely abused by governments, businesses, and individual perps - virtually in all public places and most private places - to track and surveil Targeted Individuals (TIs). Commercial and virtually all personally-made pandemic face masks won't stop them (Reuters, 4/9/2020). Often, on a constant tracking and surveillance basis. With the coronavirus (Covid-19 - Corona Virus) pandemic, many facial recognition perps now have legal cover to invade your privacy and physically and/or electronically harass you for any real reason - and to very profitably sell or give away (eg: revenge porn) your images, locations, conversations and actions to anyone they wish to without your knowledge, permission or payment. These rapidly-spreading, often hidden and often tiny, AI-driven facial recognition cameras are structure-mounted, vehicle-mounted, personally carried and aircraft/drone-mounted - in some places, impossible to avoid. This poses grave dangers to your civil liberties, personal privacy, personal safety and security, well-being, and health.
          Perps use sophisticated AI facial recognition to constantly track, surveil and precision-target TIs to physically and/or electronically harass and even endanger their lives. And your precise location enables assassins, terrorists, rapists, kidnappers, extortionists, robbers and personal enemies to attack you when you are most vulnerable. And by precisely locating you outside of your home or business or away from your loved ones, perps know the best times to do kidnappings, home/business invasions, burglaries and bag jobs. They know what you are saying, who you associate with, your family members and friends, and your habits and routines. And we have often found that when a perp finds an easy target, he/she often invites other perps to, 'join the fun', thru social media, the dark web, and personal contacts.
          Virtually all handheld electronic devices now have built-in quality cameras on them, and many also use AI facial recognition apps on the taken images. And there is virtually no control of what they do with their real time surveillance images of you, including selling them and giving them to entities who want to gravely harm you.
          The solution is to wear devices which prevent facial recognition cameras from taking clear, undistorted, focused pictures and videos of you - stops all known facial recognition cameras from tracking you - likely sparing you from attacks. Also great as a gag to foil friends, family and looky-lous from taking pictures and video of you. Also, great for disguising your pet. Not provided for any illegal use or purpose; sold as per our policies.
          If you are a TI being tracked or surveilled, your very life is likely at stake - you MUST shake off your perp(s) NOW! And if you can shake off your perps, it will likely save you much money investing in very expensive countermeasures and/or transmitter-locating devices, and/or running away to try to avoid them.
          Our popular USCFK is a simple, lightweight, easy-to-use, very effective set of devices which defeats photos and videos taken by cameras, with or without facial recognition. The camera needs not be touched nor damaged in any way. Now - before it's to late - obtain our popular USCFK. We provide extensive User Manuals with all devices we sell, but with the USCFK User Manual, we have added a lot of additional info on how to thwart tracking and surveillance in general as well. Last made $399 [2 lb].

The ULTIMATE EAR-TO-GROUND LISTENER: You may have seen in an old cowboy movie or in actual life, a person (usually, Native American) placing an ear on the ground to listen to oncoming people, animals and/or vehicles. The reason why this usually works so well is because in many places the ground is a much better sound conductor than is the air (neurophonic effect), and there are usually far less extraneous noises than in the air which interferes with one's abilities to distinguish and interpret sounds. Thus, the ear-to-ground technique can often hear a person/animal/vehicle moving around in an area way beyond ability to see it - some times when even miles away. The UETGL uses a special sensor embedded into each shoe/boot heel to pick up and amplify ground sounds way beyond what even the sharpest ear can hear. Ultra versatile, the UETGL is great for Targeted Individuals (TIs), people in fear of being stalked or mugged, security personnel (eg: guards), survivalists, people who live/travel/work in seismic active areas (eg: earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, sinkholes, landslides, avalanches), people who live/travel/work in fracking/digging/cave/tunnel/underground fluid/water leaks/flow areas, military, police, private investigators, hunters, ranchers, farmers, biologists, hikers, walkers, joggers, explorers, campers, roofers, etc. The UETGL picks up one channel of sound from each shoe - essentially, stereo. With the UETGL, you can adjust amplification from Sensitive to Ultra-Sensitive. Determining sound direction is usually easy: You stand still. If the sound is coming directly from your side, with your legs spread at least shoulder apart, the perceived sound echo will be greatest. Since each stereo channel results in a slightly different sound, you can usually perceive sound direction by which sound is dominant. You usually can detect the sound of a person/animal/vehicle with the UETGL way before you can with your ears, and usually way before the person/animal can hear your sounds. Sounds that get louder, usually means the sound source is approaching, while sounds that diminish usually means that the sound source is leaving. The UETGL comes with ear buds, so you can secretly listen for sounds. Note, for this device-type, you must provide us a pair of new shoes or boots with a heel at least 1" tall and 1" thick, at your expense. The shoe/boot must fit you comfortably and be 1/2 size too large, because we need to drill the heels to place the sensors. Not for shoes/boots that get wet. Last made $1295 [2 lb]. If you prefer to have our sensors embedded in a walking stick(s), pole(s), cane(s), chair leg(s), crutch(es) etc., we can also provide the UETGL those ways as well. As a partner to the UETGL, we can also provide you with a ground sound generating system which will help you detect unusual variations of reflected sounds produced by buried objects, structures and minerals by pulsing sounds into the ground that you then detect with the UETGL (at additional cost).

The SIGNAL & CODE INJECTOR: Similar to the AUTOMATED CONTROL SIGNAL & AUDIO REPLICATOR described above, the SCI produces a wide range of signals, included RF signals, and a huge number of code combinations of the signals, that one can use to non-invasively (ie: no electronic connection need be made) test your various equipment for vulnerabilities to outside signal interferences whether that interference be natural or manmade or be intentional or unintentional. The SCI does not come with a recording function as per the ACSAR. It does come with several controls that can be set and tuned to produce a very wide range of different kinds of signals and signal combinations (ie: codes), and the several antennas of the type used by the ACSAR, to subject your equipment to the most grueling exposure of possibly interfering signals to determine shielding and hardening against interfering signals that cause unauthorized accesses, jammings and other possible malfunctions. An external port is provided so that the SCI's signals can be multiplexed or modulated with other signals you produce from other equipment of yours. Unlike the ACSAR, the SCI does not come with a signal record feature. Last made $1595 [3 lb].

The AUTOMATED TEMPEST MODULE (NA): The atm module (a la "Terminator 2" movie and is originally described in the infamous and popular, "Automatic Teller Machines" manual) is an incredibly versatile device that records and plays back control signals produced by certain electromechanical devices to force them to repeat certain desired machine actions. Came with its most profitable settings! Came with the same type of small very flat and thin spiral antenna used with the ACSAR and SCI (above). Was available to everyone - not just Hollywood big-shots! Last made $1195 [3 lb].

The ULTIMO POWERED "SPIKE MIKE" / WALL MIKE: The highly-directional UPSM/WM was originally designed to be a very superior spike microphone / wall microphone for security and surveillance (spying) uses. As a spy mike / surveillance mike, one would simply secretly drill or punch a small hole through a wall and insert the mike tube from one side of the wall to the other side, usually flush with the second wall (sometimes concealed with a picture, furniture, hanging plant, decoration, wallpaper feature, etc.), to listen to and/or record audio on that side of the wall. However, there are practically endless uses of the UPSM/WM spike mike, also including locating and studying birds, insects and animals (especially those concealed in holes, underground, trees, and inside walls), picking up sounds from underneath doors and through window openings, fence openings, floor openings, ceiling openings, and for long distance highly-directional pickups.
          This powered mike is over 12" long for the deepest penetrations, diameter is 1/2", and terminates with a miniphone plug (you can specify different mike tube lengths (upto 24"), diameters (down to about 1/8"), and/or end connector type and/or gender (if commonly available)). This is a powered mike, which means that it can connect to Low-Z (eg: dynamic mike) or Hi-Z (eg: ceramic mike) amplifier and recorder inputs (recorder and amplifier not included). The UPSM/WM's bandwidth is audio plus far into the ultrasonic band (you can specify audio only or ultrasonic only). It has a special unique feature which sound-isolates about 90% of the mike tube from the mike itself so that sounds and noises which impinge on the tube's side are highly attenuated before reaching the mike, to minimize side audio pickup of spurious noise and mike positioning noise interferences, so that the received audio is much cleaner and clearer; plus it adds some flexibility to tube positioning. Last made $119 [1 lb].

The VERY FLAT & THIN SPIRAL ANTENNA: Unique and difficult to make/find thin, flat spiral antenna with many applications, including with three devices described above. We can do just about any flat, thin spiral antenna from dime-size to about 12" diameter size in any gauge of wire from 30-gauge to 10-gauge (26-gauge most common, the thicker the gauge the thicker the completed antenna), single-layer and multi-layer (multilayer has greater inductance but is also thicker), and copper or nichrome. Great not only for optimum antenna placement through thin slots, cracks, slits, orifices, openings and spaces in electronic equipment chassis and between PC boards for electronic diagnostic, electronic troubleshooting and electronic control purposes but also for medical, biomedical (eg: miniature Helmholtz coils, brainwave coils), biofeedback, remote control, electronic implants, magnetic field generation coils, small metal detector coils, magnetometer coils, communications antennas, surveillance antennas (eg: direction-finding antennas; and 'through-wall' type applications where the transmitter coil is on one side of a wall and the receiver coil is opposite on the other side), near-field TSCM monitoring, near-field TSCM monitoring, EM shields, works of art, jewelry, crafts, wall mountings, work mats, heating mats, coasters, conversational pieces, etc. We can also cover, coat, and/or mount the antenna using many different materials and fixtures. Last made $29 [1-2 lb] for a spiral antenna about the width and thickness of a credit card, about 400 microhenry.

The SLOT MACHINE MASTER (NA): Concerned about the vulnerabilities of slot machines? Are some unfairly "stuck" so that they seldom or never produce good payoffs? Are others "luckier"? Can certain output combinations predict future ones? The popular SMM transmits an RF signal that affects the outcome combinations of many slot machines. Now includes automatic scanning for all codes and a lock switch for locking into those codes that work for the machines of interest! The SMM is small and has an effective range of about 15 feet. Originally invented by a slot machine mechanic. The 2nd best word-of-mouth seller! Last made $595 [1 lb].

The VIDEO POKER MASTER (NA): Although its theory of operation and electronic design are much different than that of the SMM, the VPM functions similarly to the SMM but with respect to Video Poker Machines! Last made $599 [1 lb].

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Customized Devices Application Form (CDAF)


The CHILD FINDER & BUMPER-BEEPER: Ever temporarily "lose" your child at a mall, park, etc.? You know what king of a gut-wrenching terror that is! The CF&BB can be secretly put in your child's pocket or pinned to clothing. You then monitor with a small FM radio widely commercially available. Any change in the signal will alert you to a change in his position. Now you can more easily find him should he wonder off or someone try to take him. The CF&BB is also great for wandering pets; wildlife studies; to monitor family members with bad problems; and to find cars (eg: your car gets stolen). The range of the CF&BB is up to about 0.5 miles. Comes with velcro for most attachments, and with magnets that quickly snap onto the bottom of the vehicle or other part. Transmitter only. Last made $295 [1 lb].

The ULTIMATE SURVIVALIST UNIVERSAL CLAMP MAKER MULTITOOL TOOL: The USUCMMT is designed for survivalists, preppers, travellers, hunters, fishermen, hikers, climbers, spelunkers/cavers, campers, boaters, ranchers, farmers, mechanics, engineers, technicians, crafters, EMTs, industrial workers, construction workers, and work site workers. When you are in an outdoor or remote location, for example a survival situation, especially for long periods of time, you will need to have and use clamps to clamp any number and types of things together from hoses and pipes, to bundles of wood, to tools, to mechanical parts, to electrical parts, to game, to injury braces, to broken equipment, to framing structures - you name it - virtually endless needs for clamps. Your clamping capability can even mean life or death in some situations for you and your loved ones. Your clamps must be tight - no leaks - strong, and secure, yet easily and efficiently applied and removed if needed. And preferably the clamps are re-usable, and will last and be tight for long time periods under various weather conditions, vibrations, and mechanical shocks.

One solution is to use plastic tie wraps, but problem is that the plastic tie wraps becomes brittle outdoors and over time, are often not strong enough, can't be tightened enough for all needs, and are seldom reusable. Another solution is to load up your vehicle or backpack with 100s of clamps of various sizes and shapes plus the various clamp tools they will require, but the problem is that for sure you are going to overlook a vital clamp function you needed to prepare for, even with 100 different clamp types and sizes you are not going to meet some of your outdoor clamping and indoor clamping needs, the amount of cost, space and weight required for 100s of clamps and various clamping tools would be enormous, you are likely to run out of some clamp types/sizes as it is nearly impossible to predict what clamps you will need days, weeks and months from now, and 100s of clamps and clamp tools would result in you not having space to bring other vital tools, equipment and supplies.

The USUCMMT is YOUR ONLY SOLUTION. The USUCMMT is a small steel tool, about 7" long and 1 lb - easily fits into your pocket, and is designed to make clamps as needed - on the fly tight clamps - of great range of sizes - virtually everything from about 1/2" minimum to 48+" (4+ feet) maximum diameter or thickness of mixed or matched sets of objects to be clamped that have virtually any crossectional shape. We have used our USUCMMTs here for decades - it is truly a very versatile and effective tool simple and easy to use and quickly applied - probably only second to a good Swiss knife type multitool as among the most important tools to take with you in your toolkit. For decades, our USUCMMTs have saved us $1000+ and countless trips to hardware and car parts stores. All that is required is the USUCMMT, a spool of wire (usually steel wire, but can also be brass wire, copper wire, aluminum wire, silver wire, gold wire), a cutter tool that will cut the wire (usually dikes), and a flexible tape measure. That's it!! The wire can be any diameter from about 1/32" to about 1/4" thick (maximum), and must be pliable yet strong enough to be formed into a clamp and can be used with the USUCMMT (we mostly use 1/10" dia wire). Wires can be bare or covered with insulation or coated, dry or wet. While almost all wires are round, the USUCMMT also works fine with many flat wires, square wires, oval wires, etc. Clampings can be made from fairly loose to very, very tight - your choice.

          (1) You measure or compute the pre-clamp circumference (C) of the objects to be clamped together.
          (2) This wire will usually be wrapped doubled around the clamped objects (the USUCMMT will also work for single wires, but we found that clamping is much more strong, secure and leak-free under pressure if the wire is doubled). If you want one wrapping or layer of the doubled clamp wire, you cut off a length of wire of 2C + 8" (20.5cm). If you want 2 layers, you cut off a length of wire 4C + 8", for 3 layers, its 6C + 8". You can usually go up to about 4 layers, but in most cases you gain little more beyond 2 layers.
          (3) At the center of the wire, you bend the wire into a rounded "U" shape. Both free ends of the wire should be nearly even in length and parallel. For one layer, each free end will be about C + 4" long. This is your doubled wire.
          (4) You then wrap the doubled wire once (or twice for two layers) around the objects to be clamped together where you want to clamp them, starting with the "U" end. When you finish wrapping, tuck the wire free ends thru the "U" (each free end should now be about 4" long), then hand-pull each free end until the clamp is snug but not tight.
          (5) Then position the USUCMMT onto the clamp, and attach the wire free ends to the USUCMMT. Then turn the USUCMMTs large knob or wingnut to tighten the free ends to the desired tightness. The USUCMMT uses a screw action for uniformly tightening, which typically produces pulling force on the wire ends 10 - 100 times greater than that of using a pair of pliers - this very high and uniform strength is usually required for leak-free clamp tightness - major reason why pliers alone won't do this job, you require the USUCMMT.
          (6) Once tightened to your required level, push the USUCMMT forward to bend the wire free ends where they exit the "U" end to lock the clamp securely into place. Then remove the USUCMMT, and cut off excessive free end wire.

In a preppers / survivalist situation, if you are the guy or gal with the clamping tool and capabilities, you will certainly be highly valued by your group. Last made $695 [1 lb] for the popular 7" USUCMMT (4" last made $595; 10" last made $845), comes with illustrated User Manual, and comes in a case (eyeglasses case, which it fits nicely into; 10" version does not come with case). This sale is only for the USUCMMT, and its User Manual and case. Since many types of wires, wire cutters and tape measures are widely available in great varieties and relatively cheap, obtain those you need.

DATA CARD READER/SLAVE-WRITER: The DCRSW was designed so that you can simply, quickly, accurately, automatically copy the magnetic stripe data from any data card to any other! Great for producing high-quality copies! Unlike the typical "hacker" versions, our popular DCRSWs used professional Read and Write DATA Heads (NOT analog cassette heads that don't work for data!), professional data card slides, our proprietary ultra-low noise differential input/differential output instrumentation amp circuitry. And our DCRSW works for any combination of the standard 75 and 210 fci (flux changes/inch) data densities. User Manual included much info on reading and writing data card stripes. Works regardless of encryption scheme or data format used - even defeats magnetic "fingerprint"/signature security! 2-Track, Low-Coercivity Version, last made $1495 [2 lb]. 3-Track, High- & Low-Coercivity (HICO/LOCO) Version, last made $1995 [3 lb].

The DELUXO PANIC ALARM: For many people, not a day goes by without someone in your area being violently attacked in the workplace or home! Or if you live or work alone, you could get seriously injure or fall ill and no one is there to help! Acting immediately often saves lives and prevents rapes and robberies. Nothing does that better than a panic alarm. Manually dialing for help can take too long, while a pushbutton switch (PBS) can be placed closer to you than a phone, in a hidden place quickly, easily, and secretly activated! The DPA can give you full panic alarm protection! You can select any combination of built-in visual (flashing light) and audio buzzer alarm. In addition, the DPA has these built-in outputs (also all automatically activated) used in any combination you need: (1) +9 VDC. (2) Relay contact Close. (3) Relay Contact Open. (4) Speaker output - all to accommodate numerous types of external interfaces (eg: as a night alarm in motel rooms to detect someone trying to enter your room). PBS comes with extension cable, and can be mounted up to 9 ft. away from the DPA module, is protected from accidental activation, and requires only one finger to activate. Can be carried on you, or placed near you. Portable, last made $395 [1 lb]. For radio control between the button and the alarm master unit, range about 50 feet, add $100.

The ULTIMO RAT SQUEALER UNIVERSAL REPELLER: No person on Earth likes being attacked by feral rats! No matter how drunk or high on drugs. Great for warding off people who want to drink, do drugs, do vandalism, go to the bathroom, perform immoral acts, dump things, or engage in other unacceptable activities on your property. No matter how great the desire to home invade, burglarize, rape or rob. That old "reptilian" brain we all still have always kicks in the instant we hear a rat squeal. We designed the URSUR to automatically and randomly produce varying "rat squeal" type sounds to disrupt the loitering, trespassing, casing, snooping, surveillance, vandalism and other unwanted activities of those who threaten or endanger you, your family or property. The URSUR has many other uses, such as war and combat situations, where you are hiding yourself or something else (eg: weapons or supplies stash) in a room or other area, you hide the URSUR in a distant part of the room/area, usually behind but a bit offset from what you need to protect. When your enemy comes looking for you or your stuff, more than likely, they won't enter or they will quickly exit the room/area once they hear rat squeals coming from it. Or if they enter or stay in the room/area, they will be highly distracted and surprised with less risk. Can similarly be used to protect a property line, camp perimeter or home garden. Can also be used to more safely and non-lethally control the behavior of rats, rat predators (eg: bears, mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes, foxes, badgers, snakes, etc.) and rat prey (eg: mice, some birds, rabbits, some bugs, etc.), for example, to discourage unwanted cats and dogs, mice, birds, rabbits, skunks, raccoons, deer, etc. from plundering your crops or contaminating or destroying your property, or to attract possibly harmful predators away from your area. Also makes a great Halloween or haunted house feature. Can also be used to mark an area (while keeping unwanted people and animals out of it), trail or cave route you want to return to later. The URSUR can also be used to help protect your business during closed hours, your garage (vulnerable penetration point in many homes), your vehicle and your other property from invasions, burglaries, thefts and vandalism. May save you much fear from resorting to confrontations, violent attacks, retaliations, threats, lawsuits, police involvements, etc. - rats will be blamed and not likely you. Sounds are randomly generated. Sound volume level is adjustable. Built-in speaker. Electronically-synthesized sounds - no playback from a sound recorder. We can do a version where the URSUR is controlled by a proximity detector, sounding only when people/animals are near, similar to how porch lights work. We can also link its function with that of a public address (PA) system, and/or lights. The URSUR has the typical range of rat sounds - about a few dozen feet (since very loud rat sounds obviously do not come from rats, maximum sound output is designed to be realistic), so to cover a large area, you should contract for two or more. Last made $995 [3 lb] (price discount if you contract for more than one).

The ULTIMO MOSQUITO-SOUNDS / FLY-SOUNDS / BEE-SOUNDS REPELLER: No person and few animals on Earth can withstand the annoying buzzing sounds of mosquitos, gnats, flies or bees! No matter how drunk or high on drugs. Great for warding off people who want to drink, do drugs, sell drugs, sex traffic, do vandalism, business/home invade, rob, riot, go to the bathroom, loiter, camp on your property, stalk you, case your property, surveil you, snoop around, make loud sounds, smoke, dump things, or engage in other illegal and unacceptable activities on your property. Also wards off some animal and insect pests. In addition to being very annoying, mosquito/fly/gnat/bee sounds make some people swat the air around their heads - not a desired attention-getter for people up to no good. We designed the UMSFSBSR to automatically produce high-frequency buzzing sounds to disrupt nearby bad actions that may threaten or endanger you, your family, your neighbors, your employees, and your visitors or your property. Used to much more safely and non-lethally control behavior of dangerous people and annoying animals. Since the UMSFSBSR is high-frequency, it mostly affects children to middle-aged adults (because they usually have better high-pitch hearing than elders), and some animals and insects. Also makes a great Halloween or haunted house feature. And for riot control. Can also be used to mark an area (while keeping unwanted people and animals out of it), trail or cave route you want to return to later. The UMSFSBSR can also be used to help protect your home or business when you are not there, your garage (vulnerable penetration point in many homes), your vehicles and your other property from property crimes. May save you much fear from resorting to confrontations, violent attacks, retaliations, threats, lawsuits, police involvements, etc. - insects will be blamed and not likely you. We have done limited testing of the UMSFSBSR to test to see if it can be used to repel real mosquitos and flies, perhaps as an effective substitute for insect repellant chemicals. Largely depending on tuning, in some cases it repelled mosquitos and flies, in some cases it attracted them (which can be used to draw them away from your area), and in other cases, the effects were not clear or mixed (there is likely a species-related connection to effects, as well as tuning and volume), so if you use the UMSFSBSR to repel real mosquitos, flies, gnats, bees and/or other small pests, some experimentation may be done to optimize. Sounds are randomly generated. Sound volume level is adjustable. Built-in speaker. Electronically-synthesized sounds - no playback from a sound recorder. We can do a version where the UMSFSBSR is controlled by a proximity detector, sounding only when people/animals are near, similar to how porch lights work. We can also link its function with that of a public address (PA) system, and/or lights. We can also do versions that produce mouse squealing sounds, and spirit-like sounds. The UMSFSBSR has the typical range of mosquito/fly/gnat/bee sounds - about 20 feet (since very loud insect sounds obviously do not come from insects, maximum sound output is designed to be realistic), so to cover a large area, you should contract for several. Last made $995 [2 lb] (price discount if you contract for more than one).

The ULTIMO RANDOM CLICKER UNIVERSAL REPELLER: Random clicking sounds which sounds like camera shutters are very disconcerting to most loiterers and criminals with bad intentions. No matter how drunk or high on drugs. And no matter how great the desire to home invade, burglarize, rape or rob. Great for warding off people who want to drink, do drugs, do vandalism or engage in other illicit activities on your property. We designed the URCUR to automatically produce random, short-duration clicking sounds to disrupt the loitering, trespassing, casing, snooping, surveillance, vandalism and other unwanted activities of those who threaten or endanger you, your family or property. The URCUR can also be used to help protect your business during closed hours, your garage (vulnerable penetration point in many homes), your vehicle and your other property from invasions, burglaries, thefts and vandalism. May save you from resorting to confrontations, violence, retaliations, lawsuits, etc. Sound level is adjustable. Built-in speaker. Electronically-synthesized sounds - no tape/compact disk recorder. The URCUR has the typical range of camera shutter sounds - about two dozen feet (since very loud camera sounds obviously do not come from modern cameras, maximum sound output is designed to be realistic), so to cover a large area, you should contract for several. Last made $795 [2 lb].

The AUDIO & RANDOM ACTION CRIMINAL FOILER: Burglars, home invaders, rapists and child abductors are becoming increasingly sophisticated, brazen and brutal in their attacks! Many criminals today use sophisticated lockpicking equipment which they easily and anonymously obtain Online. While TV CSI program crime scene investigators routinely solve complex crimes in an hour's time, in the real world, unprocessed rape kits and burglary evidence pile up in many jurisdictions, and you can't even get a police officer to the crime scene - even for losses in the $1,000s and serious injury - unless you have surefire evidence of the perpetrators, such as a very unlikely positive ID or license plate number. Police departments are being increasingly stretched beyond their capabilities, due to budget squeezes and their dual roles of fighting crime and terrorism. And because of bulging jails and prisons and lenient judges, more and more dangerous criminals are not being sentenced to prison or are being released early. It is now not uncommon for burglars, home invaders, car thieves - even child molesters and rapists - to be free even after several felony convictions (eg: In Santa Fe, NM, some convicted felons are "sentenced" to Tai Chi classes; and recall that the "Railroad Killer" a few years back, Resindez, had earlier multiple convictions of felony crimes in northern New Mexico where he was apparently routinely released from jail and where convicted felons can sit on juries!).
           Fact is today people are being forced to protect themselves from home burglaries, business burglaries, home invasions, rapes and home child abductions. Now, the tired method of using timers to predictably turn lights/radios ON and OFF at preset times and durations is a sure give-away to sophisticated criminals that there is either no one present or everyone is asleep - ripe pickings for crime. The optimally effective alternative is our A&RACF, which produces both RANDOM and/or AUDIO activation of the electric power to lights, radios, TVs, tape/compact disk / digital recorders, etc in both onset times and durations. The A&RACF comes with an audio detector and amplifier circuit with gain tunable up to about 100,000, plus a random sequence generator circuit. Each or both features can be selected with toggle switches to activate a built-in outlet (110-120 VAC power) and/or other relay-controlled DC and/or contact closure output(s) (all customized features specified by the customer) to power your lights, radios, TVs, recorders, etc. The A&RACF also includes its special charge-accumulation circuitry that produces a random amount of duration times that the outlet stays activated for any audio or random-activated onset. For audio-activated, the ON duration is directly proportional to the intensity of the detected sound or noise - duration is greatest when the sound/noise is loud (eg: broken glass, gunshot, explosion, shouting) and/or prolonged (eg: nearby conversations). For random-activated, duration is directly proportional to the size of the generated random number. Furthermore, the A&RACF also comes with an amplified audio output and closure relay that can be wired to a recorder to record sounds (whether or not the random and/or audio-activated feature is selected) during those periods that adequate audio is being detected. Thus, the criminals casing your home or business are much less likely to know whether or not the building is occupied or there is someone alert in the building, nor when the next activation will occur or its duration, and they stand a much greater chance of getting caught if they do cause you problems (Note that while nothing can guarantee that a person or property won't be victimized by crime, we believe that the A&RACF will go a long way in foiling even sophisticated criminals).
           AC loads up to a total of 10 Amps are switched, so even several lights, radios, TVs, recorders, etc can be activated at once (no light, radio, TV, recorder or device, other than the A&RACF itself, are included; these device types usually come with 120VAC switching and no battery-operated versions are available for 120 VAC switching).
           The A&RACF is also great for controlling pests both large and small. Random and sound-based light-activations are very stressful for rodents (mice, rats, squirrels, raccoons, deer repellant), insects and spiders (arachnids) - light activations they cannot predict, time or get used to, so they tend to avoid and abandon those areas.
           The A&RACF with 120 VAC switching, last made $695 [3 lb]. With two independent pairs of 120VAC outlets - one for random-action control and one for audio-action control - the A&RACF-II, last made $845 [3 lb]. Two separate A&RACF device types built into the same box and using the same power, last made $1245 [5 lb]. Two separate A&RACF-II device types built into the same box and using the same power, last made $1595 [6 lb].

The ULTIMO WATER LEAK DETECTOR & WATER LEAK LOCATOR (UWLD&L-b) - WATER LEAK PINPOINTER + OTHER USES: Does your home or business have a possible water leak problem? Indications are usually high and escalating water bills, sounds of running water late at night when no one is up using water, unusual but usually sudden sounds coming out of the plumbing (eg: compressed air sounds, vibrations), loss of water pressure, air bubbles, soil, bugs, rust or root pieces in the water, creaky or settling sounds of the building, sticky doors that weren't sticky before, dampness, and/or cracks which suddenly appear in floors, walls, ceilings, foundation, driveway, one or more unexplained increases in your water usage, notification from your water provider that you usage is unexpectedly high, etc. Leaking pipes, joints, and fixtures and appliances are common these days, and many private and public properties all over America have serious water leaks, and not usually covered by home insurance. While in most homes and businesses, water pipes are routed under the floor, in many they may also be routed through the walls and even the attic crawl space. Leaking water can cause tremendous damages to structures - even catastrophic settling and cracking of the building or its foundation - which can cost you $1,000s and even $10,000s to repair - even destroy the building itself - not to mention wasting invaluable and ever-decreasing drinking water and very high water bills. Water leaks occur because of plumbing aging, vibrations and tremors (eg: heavy vehicle traffic (especially heavy vehicles like trains, trucks, buses), construction and industrial or military activities, road work or city sewer/water line work nearby or over the water line, and from earthquakes, flooding, nearby explosions, exposure of water line to hazards, sonic booms, avalanches and other earth movements, corrosive soils or water (eg: caliche), or simply through aging and/or poor materials and workmanship, etc.), defective materials, defective workmanship, corrosion, frozen and burst water lines or faucets, soil settlement, erosion, overpressurization from the city or other water utility company, hard water, and plant roots attracted by a small leak and making it into a bigger water leak or multiple leaks. We once experienced a serious water leak under our driveway caused by a pea-size stone pressed up against the water line - every time someone drove on the driveway, microvibrations rubbed the two together until a hole was rubbed into the line within a few years time.
           You can usually easily, quickly and at no-cost test your water system for water leaks: You turn OFF all water uses inside the building the best you can (watch out for leaky faucets, running toilets, icemaker, swamp cooler, etc.), you then look at the water meter and if it is still turning, in most cases you have a leak somewhere in your plumbing system which you should get repaired - and usually quickly. Usually, the faster the meter turns, the greater the leak and the emergency to repair it. Even a moderate leak dozens of feet from a building can structurally damage the building. Small leaks can turn into major leaks and floods within minutes or a few hours, or within days, weeks and months - depending on many factors. However, while the turn-OFF test will tell you that you likely have a water leak somewhere on your side of the water meter, it won't tell you exactly where the leak is at in typically complex business and home plumbing systems, so you are faced with either finding the specific location of the leak within a few feet using special leak-finding equipment (preferably using this our UWLD&L-b device), or tearing up most or all of your yard or driveway where the water line passes under to frantically locate the water leak in the old-fashioned greatly laborious, expensive and time-consuming brute-force way - often at $1,000s in expenses for brute force searches for water leaks and to fill-in and restore all what the diggers dug up. Since locating the water leak usually requires fast action on your part, it is far cheaper to have the UWLD&L-b device on hand, rather than finding yourself forced into having most or all of your entire yard or driveway dug up and then refilled. Once you use the UWLD&L-b device to help pinpoint your leak location, of course if you can't do the plumbing work yourself, then seriously consider having a professional plumber to do the job for you.
           Municipalities almost never check for water leaks on private property (local plumbers don't like the competition), and some don't even have water leak locator equipment to pinpoint their own municipal water leaks as evidence by the large stretches of streets often dug up to locate and repair water leaks. Many small town and rural area plumbers do not carry water leak locator equipment - only equipment to test water lines in general - they can usually determine what water line the leak is in but not exactly where it is in that line, which may be dozens - even 100s of feet long. Plumbers who do carry water leak locators typically charge $200 - $300 to do this job EACH TIME they test your water lines, it can take days for them to come out and test your water lines - even in emergency situations - and then you have to depend upon them to accurately tell you the location of the water leak. And some plumbers will charge a double charge if they detect a leak in your system but you don't hire them (at great additional expense) to do the plumbing repairs - even if they can't pinpoint your leak. We could find no plumbers or equipment rental shops in a city of 500,000+ who would rent their leak detectors to us or let us verify the leak ourselves using their leak detection equipment. Some plumbers subcontract out for water leak detectors at your added expense - worse, often resulting in multiple finger-pointing contractors. Since plumbers charge far more for tearing up your entire yard and/or home or business and replacing an entire line or large line section rather than pinpointing the leak and replacing only that very small part of the plumbing with the leak, crooked plumbers will still claim that they can't pinpoint the water leak using their water leak locator equipment, so you end up not only paying for the entire job but also their expensive leak testing efforts. Plumbers charge a lot, but on top of that, they usually do not restore the site they damaged to reach the plumbing - some won't even clean up their debris - all that is left to the owners, which is often also very costly, back-breaking and time-consuming work. Also, if you can pinpoint your leak and do a spot repair of it, you can avoid the scarring of a much larger area resulting if the leak is not pinpointed and the entire line must be replaced, which gross repair can substantially reduce the value of your property and exaggerate to prospective buyers and renters how bad your leak situation was. The cost for a plumber to replace your entire yard line and/or building line and for you to clean up the debris and restore the site can cost you many $1,000s. However, by pinpointing the leak by using the UWLD&L-b and just repairing the leak, your costs are usually a few $100s, often less. Detecting leaks is one vital area of life where if you don't want the job to put you in the poor house, you often must do the job yourself!
           If you are a renter, don't think that you don't need to report leaks to your landlords. Failure to report leaks can result in you being sued, losing damage deposit money, evicted AND forced to look for a new home, not to mention that many renters these days pay their own water bills, and also the great waste of drinking water. Also, the costs to landlords to repair leaks plus the resulting damages due to late reporting, one way or the other, the renter ends up paying for - usually with higher rents - so smart renters do their due diligence and promptly report leaks to their landlords, and perhaps ask them to consider the UWLD&L-b to save them - subsequently you - considerable expenses. If you are an owner or landlord, you definitely MUST have the UWLD&L-b on hand to immediately address all suspected leak situations.
           The 41.5" long UWLD&L-b is simple and easy to use. The UWLD&L-b is a system which is used mostly in earthen areas over or near water lines to detect and pinpoint the most likely locations of water leaks. The UWLD&L-b is simple and fast to operate; it has two pointed parallel probes at the end, which you push into the earth along the water line path, usually to a depth of 2" - 10" (depending on depth of water line, soil hardness and rocks in the soil). The UWLD&L-b detects and measures the resistance between the probes, using the provided digital multimeter, which you simply plug the UWLD&L-b into. If the soil resistance between the probes drop, then the soil is more conductive at that spot. Because soil conductivity is affected by how wet the soil is, resistance dips almost always point to water leak origins. For use in hard surface areas (eg: paved areas, such as concrete slabs, asphalt) non-accessible through soil, you drill pairs of small holes into the pavement (drills and bits not included) to insert the probes. The provided User Manual describes how to operate the UWLD&L-b in the most labor-saving and efficient way to quickly zero in on water leaks learned from many tests. Note that while the probes are 11" long, you can detect water leaks as deep as about 4 feet (many soils) because when water leaks into soil it tends to percolate upward often to substantial distances due to the pull of the sun on the surface moisture and water cohesion force (you can verify this by placing one end of a vertical dry towel in a bowl of water and watch the water percolate up the towel), as well as percolate laterally outward and downward (in addition, if the leak is in the form of a spray, the water can be forced to shoot dozens of feet in the soil).
           We are selling several of these UWLD&L-b devices. They are all handmade with minor variations between them, so the one you get may not be the exact one in the images (eg: the meter in image comes in yellow and red color).
           The UWLD&L-b is not limited to finding water leaks in fresh water lines, but can also be used to find leaks in swimming pools, sprinkler systems, irrigation systems, water pumps, valves, faucets, sewer systems, septic systems, fire hydrants, and water storage tanks - works well with virtually every type of underground water situation as long as some of its wetness is close enough to the surface to touch the probe points. For sewer line leaks and septic tank line leaks, the UWLD&L-b should also help you find areas where roots have invaded your sewer line or septic line.
           The UWLD&L-b has other possible non-leak uses: For examples, it can be used to detect possible sources of shallow underground water sources, and to detect buried metal objects ranging from metal pipes to buried coins, jewelry and treasures, and conductive minerals - even underground gold nuggets, gold veins and gold-rich soils. When resistance plunges for relatively short movements of the probes or to near zero ohms resistance, it often indicates close proximity to or contact with a metal object or conductive mineral (while great in conjunction with a metal detector, the UWLD&L-b can work well in areas where metal detectors don't do well). When used with a voltage source instead of the multimeter (voltage source not provided), which may be as simple as a single battery connected to it, the UWLD&L-b can be used to stimulate plant roots, and even to electrically stimulate earthworms to surface for gardening and fishing uses. The UWLD&L-b can also be used to puncture the ground to aerate the soil, to quickly pick up trash blown onto your yard and plants, to pick high fruit from trees, to gig fish, and even to ward off feral animals. You can also use the UWLD&L-b to test for soil wetness for gardening and agriculture purposes to determine how well and uniform your irrigation system is providing water for your plants, your fishing worm bed, etc., to help you determine when, how often and how much to water. Also, the the small test lead probes which are included with the digital meter are also pointed and work well for testing soil wetness of potted plants and in small or confined garden areas.
           The UWLD&L-b has so many important uses that everyone should keep one handy. And since leaks can occur at any time and are usually near-emergency and sometimes emergency situations, you really need to have a UWLD&L-b right on hand so that you can immediately address suspected leaks. Last made, $395 [10 lb].
           Note: Since we do not have control over your soil and leak conditions (both of which can be highly variable and complex situations) nor how you will use this device, we cannot guarantee the UWLD&L-b will pinpoint your water leaks, and we assume no liability for false positives, false negatives, locating or failure to locate a water leak that caused or will cause damages, failure to identify the exact location of a water leak, or for anything else related to your use or abuse of the UWLD&L-b device or your leak problems. Also, the UWLD&L-b detects only water leaks (not tested or approved for non-water leaks) that wets soil. Also, we are not licensed plumbers, so we don't provide plumbing services, claims, advice or opinions.
           HYPERSENSITIVE SOUND ALARM (HSA): Another very effective way to detect and locate water leaks (hydrophone) (plus non-water leaks: Air leaks, gas leaks, fuel leaks, chemical leaks, etc.), is by using The Hypersensitive Sound Alarm (which also has many other critical uses ranging from detecting people trapped in cave-ins and collapsed mines, buildings, tunnels, ditches, wells, avalanches, landslides, etc. (active earthquake zones, mining areas, avalanche areas, tsunami areas, war zones, terrorist target areas), hidden pest infestations, unknown and strange sounds, animal studies, home security / burglar alarm system, seismic activity, etc.). The HSA produces a highly amplified audio output and a sound alert output, and is described on our audio.htm webpage. Water leaks and other leaks under pressure usually make spurting, spraying, gurgling or PSSS-type sounds; such low-intensity underground sounds usually cannot be heard by the naked ear - especially when the sounds are faint and your ears are 5+ feet off the ground. Since both soil conductivities and the conduction of sounds in the earth widely vary due to many soil and water leak factors, one device may work better than the other, and ideally one would use both devices for detecting and pinpointing water leaks or underground water sources.

NOTE #1: The UWLD&L-b differs from the UWLD&L (previous model) because of its 4 major functional improvements: (1) Metal body construction of the tube to make it stronger. (2) Handle for easier pushing, and for carrying, hanging and storing the device. (3) Foot extension (foot pedal) for easier pushing. (4) Greater overall length for greater comfort, especially for taller people (about 41.5" vs 36").

NOTE #2: Gold carpenter's level shown on left and HSA are not included. The probe ends are very sharply pointed. Be very careful when using tool to not injure or damage anyone or anything. Safety shoes, leather gloves, and protective eyewear and head wear are highly recommended. The foot extension should only be used if the soil is particularly tough to penetrate and a probe is not stopped by a rock or other hard object. Be careful when using tool so you don't lose your balance and fall. If you use tool to penetrate into a sticky soil, such as clay soil, don't go too deep and slowly work the probes out without bending, jerking or twisting them.

The DWELLING SECURITY SYSTEM: We live in increasingly dangerous and brutal times! Whether you own, reside in or work in a single-family house or mobile home, apartment, motel/hotel, dorm, RV, cabin or tent, securing your dwelling (and business) against unauthorized access protects you and your loved ones from home invasion, burglary, robbery, vandalism, arson, assault, rape and even murder! Motels/hotels are especially unsafe - the DSS is your ideal travel companion! The DSS instantly detects, alarms and alerts you to anyone roughly tampering with your home, business, building site, doors, windows, walls, ceilings, floors, shop, laboratory, garage, barn, hangar, basement, attic, safe room, safes, vaults, lock boxes, security boxes, vending machines, vehicles, trailers, planes, boats, motorcycles, bicycles, tool boxes, sheds, storage units, storage areas, machines, tools, shop equipment, farm equipment, industrial equipment and other equipment, and materials, from vibrations caused by rough short-duration handling, banging, jiggling, explosions, shootings, hammering, chiseling, drilling, grinding, cutting into, pry bar attacks, chopping, tire jacking, stepping on, and glass breaking. The DSS also detects long duration, small amplitude signals typical of torches, thermic lances, and smaller drills, grinders and cutting disks).

Tilt is detected as a change of position from ANY initial position (the DSS is smart). Alarm activation time is adjustable from about 2 sec. to 2 min. (with manual + auto resets). The DSS is versatile, and power-stingy. And the DSS can be used for any other activity in which Tilt, Touch or Continuity detection is needed, such as part of an electronic game. Last made $595 [4 lb].

The FLASH BLASTER: Concerned about personal security but don't want to use a gun to prevent attack or property invasion? Bothered by pests but don't want to use poisons or traps on them? The FB flashes simultaneously up to 4 photo flash units by manual switch, on a timed periodic basis or randomly. The FB works on these principles:

The FB came enabled for 4 outputs and includes one photoflash unit. Last made $395 [2 lb]. Each additional flash, last made $35 [1 lb].

The LONG-RANGE EAVESDROPPER: The LRE is a highly directional, long-range audio surveillance device -great for all you "animal watchers"! We invented some very unique technology that makes the LRE exceptionally directional and sensitive (comparable to parabolic mikes), and unlike any current similar device. Built into a common portable object, you can secretly eavesdrop on low-level audio targets up to 50 feet away. Last made $395 [3 lb].

The TOP SECRET EYE SPY: This is the ultimate device for secret home and office video observation! Worried about how your child got all of those black and blue marks? Is your spouse being "naughty"? Are your employees trustworthy? Interested in secrets? The hidden Eye Spy is hard to detect. The Eye Spy is a complete high-quality video camera system about the size of a golf ball that produces a sharp and focused image that is recorded directly by your VCR or displayed on a TV monitor (neither supplied), or both simultaneously. Includes all cabling for direct VCR plug-in. In a hurry? For instant use, order our Eye Spy hidden into a beautiful decorative sports car replica. Can sit on a shelf and record anything in the room without being detected. Basic unit last made $399 [1 lb]. Hidden into an object you supply, last made $499 [1+ lb] (describe object ahead of time).

The UNIVERSAL GARAGE DOOR & SECURITY GATE OPENER (NA): Lost your garage door/security gate opener? Need another one? Need to open more than one? This nifty device will automatically scan all of the 1000s of possible codes used by many garage and security gates quickly. Last made $299 [1 lb].

Analog & Digital VOICE CHANGERs/DISGUISERs: Effective against threats of violent crime caused by strangers, disgruntled mates, stalkers, crackpots, etc, and against bill collectors who harass and prey upon vulnerable people. Analog Voice Changers/Disguisers smoothly amplify certain parts of the voice bandwidth while smoothly attenuating other parts without changing voice pitch or voice formant (as opposed to the inexpensive commercial digital models which make your voice sound electronic, artificial, robotic, and like a chipmunk). Each VC model comes with a high-quality mike, easily attached to the phone's handset. If you have a soft and/or high-pitched voice, the Low-Pitched VC converts it into a loud, gruff, low-pitched voice (with little loss of clarity) that quickly impresses the caller that there is a man in the house. If your voice is too-low pitched or gruff, the High-pitched VC will serve your needs. The Hi-Lo Programmable VC should help in either case, and is the most versatile unit. (Note: Not recommended for monotonic voices because their frequency content is too limited for much analog filter manipulation of the voice). The LO-PITCHED VC last made $95. The HI-PITCHED VC last made $125. The HI-LO PROGRAMMABLE VC last made $195. The NASA VERSION VC last made $155 (invented by NASA but improved by us; excellent voice clarity; male/female switch). Each [1 lb]. We can also do natural-sounding high quality Digital Voice Changers/Disguisers, which can be specified to provide much more versatility (eg: voice rate/pitch changes, delay, echo, digital recording/playback, digital editing, mixing, triggered playbacks (eg: door/phone greetings, burglar alarms), and/or subliminal integration). Started at $395.

The WILLIAMS's VAN ECK SYSTEM: The incredible WVES lets you remotely monitor TV and computer monitor video displays (from their EM emanations) using a TV or multisync monitor and the very special SYNREST device. Range up to about 1 KM. Just imagine all of the fascinating activities others are having on computers and TVs! You were missing all of the fun and PROFIT-until now!

The UNIVERSAL VAN ECK TEMPEST JAMMER: If you are using a TV or computer monitor that emanates enough electromagnetic "noise" to where your display can be externally captured and reproduced by a Van Eck receiver, then you are vulnerable to Van Eck Tempest spying. The UVETJ is designed to interfere with this intelligent "noise" from any monitor subject to Van Eck spying. This includes TV, multisync, EGA, VGA, SVGA, XGA, WXGA, MDA, CGA, RS170, RS343, Mac, Sun/SGI, etc monitors by jamming horizontal scan components with random noise thereby scrambling the Van Eck-received image (horizontal scan rates of 15 KHz - 130 KHz). The ideal Van Eck jammer! Last made $1295 [2 lb]. (Note: Not all monitors emanate enough EM "noise" for known Van Eck Tempest systems to effectively monitor from a distance; the full capabilities of most Van Eck systems are unknown to us as most are done as highly classified Black Project type equipment; this device-type usually has little or no effect on the monitor it is protecting but only on a Van Eck receiver display; while this device type produces the appropriate random noise field within the 15KHz - 130 KHz bandwidth, it has not been tested on every monitor type or variation above, every monitor setting, every monitor configuration, or with every known Van Eck Tempest system; our RF policies apply).

WIRING HITCHHIKING HARASSER ELIMINATORS: Are your home/business wiring, piping, etc. or even car wiring hijacked to electronically harass or surveil you by hitchhiking signals onto them? Because power and telephone lines, and metal pipe (eg: plumbing), metal tubing (eg: wire shielding) and metal linear structures (eg: rebar, girders, conduit, trim, rails, fencing) surround you virtually everywhere you go in any building, electronic surveillance devices, equipment control devices, mind control devices and electronic attack devices can be connected to them in virtually every room and even outside the building for some distances - these omnipresent conductors serve as the optimum means to connect up, transmit and distribute these very harmful electronic surveillance, mind control and electronic attack signals throughout the building (sometimes called "carrier current" attacks - carrier currents caused by carrier current transmitters) - optimum conductors for virtually endless varieties of bugs, taps, harassment, control and line blaster devices. Our WHHE devices both test and filter out harmful hitchhiking signals!
       Since these conductors are so prevalent in virtually every building, added with the technologies of time multiplexing signals and frequency multiplexing signals, literally dozens - even 100s - of these types of very harmful signals can be operational on any day and night against you - usually no matter what rooms you are in. Your home or business is just several huge signal distribution networks plus transmitting and receiving antenna arrays. And all such wiring, piping, etc. can usually be just as easily abused for electronic surveillance, mind control and electronic attacks even if you turn OFF or disconnect them from their normal uses (eg: turning Off AC power, disconnecting phones). This is nothing new - both power and phone wiring have been lawfully used for decades to carry high-band voice, control signals, and data (eg: faxes, modems, DSL, zons, intercoms, alarm systems for phone lines, and intercoms and alarm systems for power lines) - proven technologies using common household AC wiring and phone wiring. Furthermore, because generic power and phone wiring and piping in all or part of one's home and business are often unshielded, they can be both easily accessed and connected up to AND used as a huge transmitting and/or receiving radio antennas to communicate with anything from electronic implants - to guys parked in the street - to cellphone towers down the road - to control centers 100s miles away - to ships at sea - to satellites - to electronically harass, control and/or interfere with your life! For examples: (1) Signals on them can be transmitted wireless for miles, and (2) Physical access to the wiring, piping, etc. is not even required; because the wiring, piping, etc. is unshielded, signals can often be inductively coupled into or out of power lines, phone lines, piping, etc. (eg: inductively-coupled phone line taps are decades old technology). Offending microwave signals can also be reflected off of ungrounded or not fully grounded metal bodies.
       Since these virtually endless varieties of bugs, taps, harassment, control and line blaster devices can take on virtually any appearance and/or be hidden in just about anything inside of or near your building, they can be very difficult to detect through physical searches (short of tearing down all of your walls and ceilings where the lines and piping run, and disassembling all of your equipment). For example, these devices can be easily concealed inside TVs, radios, computers, cellphones, landline phones, electronic handheld devices, etc. - fully operating even when the TV, radio, phone, etc. itself is not turned ON. Or hidden in an outlet, inside of your wall or in your attic - even inside your car. If you share walls, floors or ceilings with other apartments, the devices can be on their side, or even outside your building. Since not all of these harmful devices are RF devices, the non-RF ones cannot be detected using TSCM field strength testing used for wireless systems. Nor can strictly receiving devices be TSCM-detected. And usually nor can transmitting devices which transmit in bursts, randomly or pre-dawn hours, nor when the perpetrator believes the area is being electronically swept and turns Off transmitters until the TSCM crew leaves. In short, your phone and power wiring, piping, etc. can be easily and secretly tapped into using hardwired, inductive-coupling and/or reflection techniques just about any place they are routed internal or external to your home/business. To understand just how frustrating it is even for experts to really troubleshoot an area, rent the Gene Hackman movie, "The Conversation" - and that was early 1970s' relatively crude, clunky and huge electronic surveillance systems!
       The high-band signal frequencies used on power and phone lines, piping, etc. (which can be time multiplexed and/or frequency multiplexed to support several such systems) are usually 5+ times higher than the standard 60 Hz / 50 Hz (power wiring) or 3200 Hz maximum (phone wiring) bandwidth normally used on them. The usable bandwidth of many power and phone lines exceed 2 MHz for loops up to about 6,000 ft (1.14 miles) and much higher over much shorter loops - very usable for electronic surveillance, mind control and electronic attack. Metal piping, tubing, fencing, rails and other structures can conduct signals far higher in frequency than even power and phone lines (because most power and phone lines, pipes, etc. are unshielded, electrically noisy and inductive and leaky to high freqs, most high-band signals are under 200 KHz). Loading these unshielded conductors with all kinds of multiplexed and high-band signals they were not designed for may cause the wiring, piping, etc. itself and their terminations to resonate with strange sounds and noises which seem to emanate from walls and ceilings often on quasi-random and directional bases (eg: strange sounds you can hear when standing in one position but not in another nearby position, and/or at some times and not at other times, and/or during certain conditions of humidity and/or temperature but not at other conditions), often throughout most of a building, and often similar to the vibrating and humming of an old or defective power transformer. They can also vibrate and hum in the ultrasonic and infrasonic bandwidths when signals mix and produce sum and difference frequency components. The weird sounds can also sound like a distant motor running, distant voices, whispering and mumbling, spiritual and God-like voices, high-pitched voices, low-pitched voices, chattering, music, animal sounds, whistles, echoes, pulsing, pounding, popping, finger-snapping, digital data sounds, zinging sounds, whooshing sounds, theremin sounds, etc., especially when real time complex signal mixings of possibly several signals at once result in partially demodulated and/or multiply-mixed high-band signals. These weird noises can literally drive some people nuts! If you are hearing sounds, noises or even voices or digital data signals or control signals coming from your walls, ceilings or appliances or inappropriately while you are on the phone, you may not be imagining it. Also, high frequencies imposed on power wiring can adversely affect induction motors (especially compressor motors common to refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners), causing them to operate roughly, chatter noisily and possibly stall out (because induction motor speed is proportional to the frequency of its power source, multiple frequencies can harm them), and can cause lights to vary in intensity or flicker. Modulated high frequencies on phone lines can cause malfunction of phone and computer equipment (eg: loss of broadband sync, inability or slowdown in using DSL or even dial-up, faxes, zons, etc. because of a "noisy line").
       We offer 4 types of WHHE systems to test for and protect against offending EMF signals: (1) The WHHE1 is for AC power lines, (2) The WHHE2 is for phone lines, (3) The WHHE3 is for motor vehicle wiring, and (4) The WHHE4 is for non-electrical metal structures, such as pipes, tubes, appliances, fencing, rails and other metal structures, and unpowered wiring. For minimal recommended protection, you must typically have at least one of each WHHE type. For optimal and continuous protection, you must have two WHHE1 (one for each 120VAC power leg), one WHHE2 for each landline phone line, one WHHE3 for each vehicle, and one WHHE4 for each non-electrical ungrounded or improperly grounded metal structure within about 25 yards of you.
       The WHHE1 is designed to plug directly into any 120 VAC wall outlet (3-wire or 2-wire, 60 Hz or 50 Hz) located virtually anywhere to both detect and eliminate these higher frequencies on your AC power wiring (and to also cause an improvement in your power factor if it is typically inductive or lagging power factor (PF)) (Note: If you have an intercom, digital or other communications system which uses home/business electric power wiring to transmit/receive signals, the WHHE1 will also filter out those signals if used at same time). For example, voice, data signals, and/or control signals at 10 KHz, 50 KHz, 90 KHz, ..., 1890 KHz, 1930 KHz and 1970 KHz could all be frequency multiplexed onto a single 60 Hz power line simultaneously. That is, as long as a WHHE1 is not connected, because the WHHE1 wipes out all frequencies much above 60 Hz - wiping out those electronic attack and electronic surveillance high-band signals in one fell swoop! You may specify the WHHE1 to be non-battery powered (used only on powered AC lines to also power it), or battery-powered (used on both powered and unpowered AC lines). Note that the WHHE1's filtering functions cannot be duplicated using commercial power strips with built-in transient suppression. Power strips with transient suppression only filter out transients which are both high-voltage AND high-frequency, and then only for those devices connected to the power strip - not the VAC power lines connected to your AC outlets and located behind your walls in your home or business. Only the WHHE1 can filter out unwanted signals at your outlets and home/business wiring (as well as devices plugged into power strips). Even for devices plugged into transient-protected power strips, the designed protection is for transients which are both high-voltage AND high-frequency - much less effective against hitchhiking voice, control and data signals (which usually result in small RMS voltage level increases way below voltage levels required to switch in transient suppression).
             TEST: There is a test that will likely result in positive indication of hitchhiked signals on your AC power lines, but test requires about 2 months to complete: Obtain 3 same make and model plug-in digital clocks (not battery-powered clocks), and place them in widely-separated rooms but on the same 120VAC leg. Synchronize each clock to your cellphone or other battery-operated super accurate time source. At the end of one month, check the times on each of your 3 clocks against the device you synchronized them with. Most of these types of clocks are timed by the frequency of your AC line voltage (60 Hz in the US, 50 Hz many other places). However, with most of them, the timing is also advanced by signals and electrical noise interference on your line to various degrees based on their specific electronic designs and interference properties. If there is much communications or control signals on the line, the clocks will run faster than normal. Therefore, if at the end of the month, any of your clocks are more than a couple of minutes fast, more than likely, you have a serious problem with hitchhiked signals on your line for which we strongly recommend the WHHE1 to countermeasure. Since the electrical noise on most AC lines typically rarely reaches levels that would advance most clock timing, normally, noise by itself would contribute to about a minute or two at most in one month's time to advancing timing. If any of your clocks run too slowly, the clock is probably defective. And which clock has advanced the greatest is usually the clock closest to the hitchhiking signal input point where it gets the strongest signal. Then run this test again, with all of the clocks on the other AC leg. Note: This test is not proof of either the existence or absence of hitchhiking signals during the test month because of clock defects and nominal electronic differences; clock timing may use crystals and not line frequency; low intensity, very high frequency, and/or low duty cycle (eg: burst signals, infrequent or occasional attacks) hitchhiking signals that don't significantly increment clock timing; very noisy line, etc., but it often is a very good indication.
       The WHHE2 is designed to plug directly into any normal landline phone line in the building, and works whether the phone is On Hook or Off Hook to eliminate higher frequencies on your phone wiring (Note: If you use DSL, modem or other digital phone line communications system, those signals will also be filtered out if used at same time). We offer 3 versions of the WHHE2: (1) WHHE2-HB: The High-Band (HB) version (the default version if you don't specify) filters out phone line freqs starting at about 4000 Hz and above. While the HB will filter out all signals at all times when toggled ON much above the normal phone voice BW of 300-3200 Hz, it will not filter out normal speech signals in the voice BW, resulting in possible but very unlikely unauthorized voice-band transmissions when phone is on-hook. (2) WHHE2-LB: The Low-Band (LB) version filters out phone line freqs starting at about 50 Hz and above. While the LB filters out voice and data signals at all times when toggled ON, it must be turned OFF when you need to talk on the phone or use it to transmit data or it will also filter out your and the other party's voices. Note that the LB version may negatively impact ring with some phones. (3) WHEE2-CMP: The Composite (CMP) version allows you to toggle between the HB and LB versions for maximum security - when you are talking on the phone, you set it at HB, when you are sending data online, you turn OFF both HB and LB, and when phone is on-hook, you set it at LB. The WHHE2 uses the common standard RJ-11 phone connector. The WHH2 always comes battery-powered.
       The WHHE3 is designed for 12VDC battery systems (eg: vehicle battery wiring) because car battery wiring can also be - some say often - used to conduct unwanted and harmful signals which can be used for electronic surveillance, mind control and electronic attack. You can specify whether you want its cable to have cigarette lighter, battery clamp or other type of terminating connector you specify (Note: Any and all vehicle underhood connection work must be done by your automechanic at your expense and always in a legal and safe manner, and we assume no liability for the installation, removal and use of a WHHE3 device on any vehicle). You may specify the WHHE3 to be non-battery powered (used only on powered 12VDC lines to also power it), or battery-powered (used on both powered and unpowered 12VDC lines).
       The WHHE4 is designed to test and protect unpowered wiring, metal piping, metal tubing, metal fencing, metal railing, metal structures, and other unpowered conductors up to about 25 feet long by testing for and filtering out signal types they carry above 60 Hz. These include offending signals hardwired or induced onto metal structures, and to some extent, reflected signals. Protecting against reflected signals is designed to protect you from perps transmitting RF signals at unprotected reflective surfaces near you for its scattering effects or angular advantages, which then reflect onto you to do their dirty work; the WHHE4 grounds out air-transmitted offending RF signals it protects in your area. The WHHE4 can test and filter out great varieties of conductors which do or do not have known or accessible signal return paths (WHHE1, WHHE2 and WHHE3 test and protect circuits which have electrical return paths paired with them, eg: AC power line neutral, phone Ring wire, car battery ground). The WHHE4 comes with two cables, each about 12.5 feet long, and each terminated by alligator clips (or some other type of connector you specify). One cable is connected to the unpowered metal wiring, piping, tubing, fencing, structure, etc. If this metal is accompanied by an accessible metal electrical return path (eg: wire, piping, tubing, fencing, structure, etc.), the other cable is connected to it, else it is connected to nearby grounded metal, in which case an earth ground rod may be required (earth ground rod not provided, available in hardware stores). The WHH4 always comes battery-powered. Note: Not all plumbing or tubing (or fencing or structures) is continuous metal all the way into a good earth ground. Sometimes plastic plumbing or standoffs are used, which breaks any ground connection. Even if the plumbing pipe is continuous metal all the way to where buried in earth, pipe joints can be corroded enough or use enough teflon tape to break the electrical connection, the pipe can be laid in dry ground or concrete, and/or the pipe itself can be corroded enough to break its ground connection. In fact, plumbing pipe is never a reliable earth ground. National Electrical Code: 'True earth ground physically consists of a conductive rod or pipe driven into the earth to a minimum depth of 8 feet.' Plumbing pipe is never "driven into the earth" and plumbing, tubing, fencing and structures are seldom buried at least 8 feet deep. If unpowered metal is not itself solidly grounded to earth (easily determined) - not just wet-season or intermittently grounded - it makes a great conductor for offending electronic signals.
       Each WHHE device comes with a signal indicator LED and the DETECT/PROTECT toggle switch. One toggled position is the DETECT Mode in which the LED will flicker and/or brighten if there is a high-band signal on the line, piping, etc. The other toggled position is the PROTECT Mode which will filter out all types of high-band signals, transients and line noise interference hitchhiking signals to remove them from your line, piping, etc. The DETECT Mode continuously tests your conductor to determine if there is any unusual signal or other electrical activity on it. The toggle switch is especially protected with a snubber circuit designed to prevent contact arcing during switches. If the WHHE device conflicts with some other known and OK equipment or function connected to your wiring in the PROTECT Mode, then don't operate that WHHE in its PROTECT Mode when normally using such equipment or function (no known interferences in the DETECT Mode).
       EXTRA PROTECTION: WHHE devices are designed to further protect your lines from possibly destructive high-voltage pulses, transients and line noise which can sometimes also occur, whether natural or manmade (eg: helps protect you from a perpetrator trying to wreck your phone or power system - even your computer - using a phone or power line blaster to deliver high-voltage transients, pulses and electrical noise to your system and equipment; and helps protect lines and equipment against damage caused by nearby lightning strike or transients, pulses and line noise). (Note that while electronic filters may eliminate 99.9+% of a signal - so much of the signal that the tiny remaining signal is lost in the line noise - no electronic filter wipes out absolutely 100% of a signal; always experiment with WHHE device first to make sure that it does not interfere with the normal use of your lines and equipment.). This very substantial added transient protection feature includes a gas discharge lightning arrestor (surge arrestor - not normally found even in expensive transient-suppressed power strips), a MOV (varistor), and the filter capacitor itself - all of which adds substantial protection from lightning strikes, line blasters, and powerful pulsed mind control and electronic attack devices hitchhiked onto your lines, piping, etc.
         Plus, if specified, WHHE devices come with an output connector which permits you to directly view hitchhiking signals on an oscilloscope or hear them on a speaker or earphones (if signal is in the audio band; oscilloscope, speaker and earphones are not included). By being able to observe and/or hear the signals which should not be on your line, piping, etc., you can often tell exactly what is being communicated or controlled, and correlate the hitchhiking signals with conversations, other activities, and unexplained manifestations.
       Note that since most home and office electric power systems are 220-240 VAC and standard outlet wiring is 110-120 VAC, there are two isolated AC power "legs" that power the various 110-120 VAC outlets and functions throughout the building. Therefore, to simultaneously and continuously DETECT and PROTECT both AC power legs, you need two WHHE1 devices. Also note that if your landline phone system has more than one phone line, each phone line is isolated from each other, so therefore to simultaneously and continuously DETECT and PROTECT all phone lines, you need a WHHE2 for each and every phone line. All WHHE device-types are small, portable, easy to use, uses standard connectors, and the WHHE2 and WHHE4 are 9VDC battery-powered (WHHE1 and WHHE3 operate off of their power line voltages but we can also make them to operate off of 9VDC battery to also test unpowered 120VAC power lines (WHHE1) and car battery wiring (WHHE3)). CAUTION: Do not use any WHHE device in the PROTECT Mode to do a denial-of-service attack against anyone legitimately using a phone system or power line for some normal high-band activity, for example, by interfering with or defeating DSL, modems, faxes, zons, intercoms, alarm systems, etc.
       Non battery-powered WHHE1, WHHE3. Last made $395 [1 lb] each.
       Battery-powered WHHE1, WHHE2-HB, WHHE2-LB, WHHE3. Last made $445 [1 lb] each.
       Battery-powered WHHE2-CMP, WHHE4. Last made $495 [2 lb].

The ULTIMO MECHANICAL EM TRANSMITTER LOCATOR: "Mechanical" means here that the UMEMTL is totally non-electronic (ie: uses no electricity - no batteries nor AC power). The UMEMTL is a portable, very wideband EM transmitter locator you use to locate nearby offending EMF transmitters, preferably within 50 feet of you (almost all EM mind control and electronic attacks we know of). You point the UMEMTL in the direction(s) you believe the offending signal(s) is coming from. If the UMEMTL placement causes a certain change, you then determine the exact direction of the offending transmitter(s) by making a few quick and easy mechanical adjustments. The UMEMTL will also locate burst, frequency hopping (multi-frequency) and pulse signal transmitters (just as well as continuous wave signals) - transmitter types very difficult to locate using electronic EM direction finders. The UMEMTL also works well to locate multi-directional and simultaneously-transmitting transmitters. Also great for locating transmitting and/or receiving electronic implants. And can also serve as a temporary body part EM shield. Not recommended for distant, low-frequency or highly mobile EM transmitters.
            Specify whether you want the external transmitter locator version or the electronic implant locator version. Last made $295 [6 lb].

The ULTIMO EM TRANSMITTER DIRECTION FINDER: If you are being electronically attacked, electronically harassed, electronically controlled, electronically tracked, and/or electronically surveilled through some wireless means, the signal is either electromagnetic (EM) or ultrasonic (see below) in nature. There are all kinds of commercial EM scanners which will allow you to scan for the presence of EM signals. However, they almost never come with directional antennas (they usually have only an omnidirectional whip antenna) so that while using the whip antenna you can pick up EM signals and display the strongest EM signal coming to you from any direction, they cannot determine signal direction - only signal frequency and signal strength. Furthermore, since the standard whip antennas used in commercial scanners detect signals from all directions, a stronger EM signal(s) with a nearby center frequency(ies) (eg: licensed ham and/or commercial radio stations and/or TV stations) to an electronic attack signal will cause the scanner with the standard whip antenna to detect it/them instead of the offending signal. However, because our UEMTDF comes with our proprietary highly directional antennas, when pointed in the offending signal's direction, often result in the clear detection and direction finding of offending signals - even when more powerful non-malevolent (eg: licensed commercial stations, ham, cb) transmitters are operating in the same area, at the same time and at nearby frequencies. This is critical because electronic attack transmitters are often designed to operate in the "electronic shadows" of stronger legit signals, such as commercial TV stations and radio stations, to electronically hide them from scanner/whip antenna detection. Furthermore, commercial scanners come with no instructions on how to interpret the received signals in the realm of electronic attack, mind control and body control technologies. Because of the variety of directional antennas that we include and our User Manual insights about their uses, the UEMTDF can be used to detect and determine the direction of not only relatively distant external signals, but also nearby and even internal signals transmitted, for example, from an electronic implant(s) (for modern electronic implants and most other localized transmitters, it is usually very helpful to be able to detect both internal signals and external signals because modern electronic implants, room bugs, vehicle tracking transmitters, possibly telecoils/magnetic induction loop systems, etc. are often in two-way communications with much larger external transceivers which control them; electronic implant control is often based on the received biomedical data supplied by the electronic implants - data which is often biological result of previous control signal instructions from the external transceivers often in a closed-loop feedback type system). Other nearby signals the UEMTDF is designed to both detect and find include room bugs and tracking transmitters often concealed on vehicles, clothes and portable objects. The UEMTDF comes with a commercial scanner of our choice based on the description of your needs, plus 5 unique directional antennas of our design, plus description of both how to use the directional antennas and how to interpret as best we know the detected radio signals, including "radio static" that is often missed even by professional bug sweepers (detection is contingent upon the existence of a transmitter transmitting an adequate RF signal at the same time and direction you are trying to detect it). NOTE: We will refund 25% of your payment for this device-type if within 60 days of you contracting for one you also contract for a PERSONAL EMF JAMMER (PEMFJ)-type device because you needa highly directional RF signal detector to try to ascertain the frequency, direction and timing of the harassing or attacking EMF so that we can optimally design the PEMFJ for you, and also so that you can prove to yourself that your PEMFJ is transmitting radio signals. Last made $1195 [3 lb].
         ANTENNAS LIMITED TIME SPECIAL OFFER: We recently made major changes in our antenna designs, applicable to all new UEMTDF and UEMTT (below) CD projects. While we got good reports from our earlier antenna variations, our two largest antennas were relatively bulky and heavy, limiting portable use of them by some users. Our newest antennas are much smaller and lighter and thus easier to use. As a special consumer service, if you purchased from us an UEMTDF or UEMTT device-type since Oct. 18, 2007, we will provide you this new set of our unique 5 directional antennas for estimated $395 per set of 5, plus the return to us of all of your original antennas in good condition. Your cost for these new antenna types is less than half of their cost component for new UEMTDF or UEMTT CD projects. To obtain these new antennas, please promptly email us your interest in this deal, and complete a new CDAF for them (green link at top of page, Evaluation Fee waived), and send it to us with your payment (non-refundable 1/3rd downpayment minimum) and original antenna set of 5 antennas. Please allow 30 days from our receipt of your mailing. Note 1: This is not a refund offer or system exchange offer - but an antenna exchange offer only - so please do not send anything else back to us. Note 2: First posted Oct. 19, 2009, we may discontinue this offer at any time without prior notice or liability, so if interested in this deal, please email us promptly, we will honor those who earlier emailed us showing interest and then provided us his/her CDAF, payment and antennas within 30 days of email. Note 3: All of our policies fully apply as usual.

The ULTIMO EM TRANSMITTING ELECTRONIC IMPLANT LOCATOR: The UEMTEIL is the same as the UEMTDF described above, but includes only our very Special Antenna we developed to optimize the location of EM transmitting electronic implants (Note: Not all electronic implants transmit EM signals; the UEMTEIL is not intending for electronic implants which do not transmit EM signals)*. While the small antenna included with the UEMTDF is sensitive to EM-transmitting implants, it is also designed to detect and find the direction of very high frequency external signals, whereas our UEMTEIL's Special Antenna is optimally designed for detecting and locating electronic implants, and is therefore much more sensitive to detecting EM transmitting implants (but still may pickup powerful external signals). Last made $995 [2 lb]. For the Special Antenna only (designed to fit your UEMTDF's signal strength meter), last made only $95 [1 lb], but only if included with your UEMTDF, if you contracted for your UEMTDF now or within the last 60 days.
       *HOW TO TEST FOR TRANSMITTING ELECTRONIC IMPLANTS: You likely have a transmitting electronic implant if your perp seems to have real time knowledge of your biological manifestations. Another test that usually works very well (depending much on your radio's signal frequency and direction) is to hold a portable radio at arms length, then bring it close to various parts of your body. A change in radio sound likely indicates that you have a transmitting electronic implant. Tune your radio to different radio stations and repeat the test; the radio frequency producing the greatest change is usually either near to the transmitting implant frequency or to an harmonic of it. NOTE-1: Because they are so inexpensive, electronic implants are now believed to be fairly common; you may be shocked or surprised as to how many people (and even animals) have them. NOTE-2: This test can produce false positives and false negatives, and we are not certain as to why.

The ULTIMO EM TRANSMITTER TRIANGULATOR: The UEMTT consists of two matching UEMTDF systems (above), plus additional instructions on triangulating EM transmitters. While the UEMTDF will provide you EM transmitter signal strength, signal frequency and signal direction, it will not directly specifically locate the signal transmitter. To best determine specific location of transmitter, you need to triangulate the signal, and that requires two UEMTDF systems. In addition to the User Manual, for all triangulation device-types we sell, we also provide a tutorial on signal triangulation with a completely worked-out example problem using our simple algebraic plug-in formulas. NOTE: We will refund 25% of your payment for this device-type if within 60 days of you contracting for one you also contract for a PERSONAL EMF JAMMER (PEMFJ)-type device because you needa highly directional RF signal detector to try to ascertain the frequency, direction and timing of the harassing or attacking EMF so that we can optimally design the PEMFJ for you, and also so that you can prove to yourself that your PEMFJ is transmitting radio signals. Last made $1995 [6 lb].

The PERSONAL EMF JAMMER (or Personal Signal Jammer): John Williams's extensive researches into EM weaponry and EM harassing devices (and Radionics), such as EM jammers and EM zappers.

"Signal Jammer" is also referred to as: Signal zapper, signal blocker, signal scrambler, signal crammer, signal obstructor, signal squasher, signal destroyer, signal deactivator.

PEMFJ-type devices, as with all RF transmitting devices we design and build, is based on our RF policies defined on our policies webpage (policies.htm). The PEMFJ is designed to send out strings of pulses in a narrow bandwidth (selected center freq 1MHz - 3GHz; BW is 0.1% center freq or 10KHz, whichever is greatest) designed to jam (within the immediate area of one's body) offending EM transmitters, surveillance devices, microwave controllers, et al - even the newest EM devices. Portable and worn or carried on or near the body. Note that EM signal jammers are never designed to operate as electronic weapons or to jam legally licensed transmitters. Jammers transmit no intelligence but only a high-frequency carrier signal typically modulated by white noise or pink noise to mask out the offending signals of an electronic weapon (if you could hear the EM white noise, it would sound much like distant rain; EM pink noise sounds similar to white noise but has higher or lower composite pitch, depending on filtering). In contrast, electronic transmitter weapons transmit definite control signals or data signals which are usually designed to cause harmful manifestations in a person(s) (usually a targeted person), animal(s), and/or equipment. Since the bandwidth that harmful EMFs can occupy is enormous, it is important to determine where in this enormous electromagnetic spectrum lies the signals harmful to you. Therefore, you should first strongly consider as a Customized Devices the purchase of a directional signal strength or signal triangulation device so that you can ferret out the offending signals red-handed, detect their frequency(ies) (bandwidth) and include those details in with your PEMFJ-type CDAF - see our popular THE ULTIMO EM TRANSMITTER TRIANGULATOR and THE ULTIMO EM TRANSMITTER DIRECTION FINDER -type devices above for a special deal. Last made $1499 [2 lb] (rough price when the bandwidth of offending signal was provided; if frequency is not provided, we select the frequency based on the best of our abilities resulting in less probability that we selected the right frequency and device may be substantially more expensive; we cannot do a wideband PEMFJ, nor a PEMFJ for certain frequencies (eg: security frequencies, military frequencies, first responder frequencies, airline frequencies, etc.)).

The ULTRA ULTRASONIC MIKE JAMMER: Perps sometimes use ultrasonic devices to interfere with audio mikes. Using certain ultrasonic waveforms, perps can even sabotage normal conversations, resulting in audio hallucinations (audio ghosting), temporary deafness, and to modify audio between a source (eg: person or device) and his/her/its listeners so listeners hear sounds that the source did not make but appear to be coming from the source, or not hear sounds that the source made, or the sounds from a source sound like gibberish, garbled, incoherent or just makes no sense, or with sound dropouts or unexpected volume changes.
        If you are being surveilled by concealed mikes in your area, or your TV, TV controller/remote control or other electronic device has a voice-control feature or a secretly embedded mike, mike carried on the other person(s), or there is a digital assistant/personal assisant in your area, it is very likely that your conversations are no longer private. Popular digital assistant / personal assistant devices include Apple Siri, Amazon Echo Alexa (Intelligent Personal Assistant), and Google Now. And who knows who they might be selling your conversations to. We have learned well from the book of perp dirty tricks to protect our Clients from surveillance by room and personal mikes, by using ultrasounds to jam the mikes. And jammed sound-activated surveillance mikes are forced ON continuously, running down batteries and filling recorders with hours or days of wasted recordings.
        Mikes are a major technique used by perps to not only track TIs to better target them for EMF and ultrasonic mind control and electronic attacks or physical attacks, but to also gather intelligence on them which reveal how effective their attacks are. Example 1: You say, 'I suddenly got this sharp pain in my head!', just as your perp uses a new form of attack, then the perp knows thru your feedback that his/her new form of attack is working great against you, and to continue and amplify it. Example 2: You say, 'Susan, let's have lunch today at 2PM, the XYZ Cafe', then the perp knows where to find you (and Susan) at 2PM to set up in that area. The perp will also know that you (and Susan) won't be home between about 1:30PM and 3:30PM - perfect for home invasions. And by analyzing when voices are present or absent, perps can determine your locations, schedules and plans, and those of your loved ones, as well as obtaining your personal, private and financial data.
        Modern mikes pick up audio-modulated ultrasonic sounds, along with straight audio. The typical mike pre-amp filters out the ultrasonic part, so random audio noise modulating the ultrasonic carrier is stripped from the carrier, which then mixes with the straight audio signal, thereby jamming it. Signal aliasing and heterodyning (from signal mixing interference) also contribute to audio noise. A conversation between two people in a quiet room ends up being recorded as a very loud and noisy crowd - worthless for intelligence and harassment purposes. And no way for the perp to process the noisy audio to isolate individual voices.
Very few people can hear the audio produced by an ultrasonic mike jammer, so seldomly are speakers aware of ultrasonic jamming, nor does our UUMJ affect their ability to normally speak to and hear each other. Not all mikes and mike pre-amps operate the same, so while some are wildly interfered with using the UUMJ, others are less interfered with. The volume AND the amount of modulation of the UUMI are adjustable for a large range of mike and mike pre-amp types to optimize jamming.
        We provide you a mike-jamming UUMJ device, which you can wear (eg: necklace, bracelet, belt, etc.), carry on or with you (eg: concealed in your clothes, purse, book, valise, etc.), or place in your area to jam room and personal mikes. Your conversations are private once again. If the UUMJ is worn by you or carried on or with you, it will protect your audio privacy no matter where you go. Note that the UUMJ is not the same as our Ultra Ultrasonic Jammer (UUJ; see below), which purpose is to jam ultrasonic attacks launched directly against your brain and body for mind control and electronic attack purposes.
        The UUMJ consists of a group of ultrasonic sounders in a strategically designed configuration by us. It also includes a portable battery-powered (we can also do 120VAC-powered) electronic signal generator which powers the ultrasonic sounders. The audio waveform is randomly generated by it to produce the powerful audio noise used to modulate the ultrasonic carrier. Random audio noise is critical because it makes it virtually impossible for perps to process recordings to recover your actual conversation.
        Ultrasound is highly directional, so distance and direction play a larger part. Normal audio is not highly directional. In fact, while audio is more intense and easier for mikes to optimally pick up when face-on and near to the audio source, audio can also be picked up by sensitive mikes located in non-optimum places - it is critical that the placement of sounders in the UUMJ is very strategically done to maximally jam all mikes. We can integrate the ultrasonic sounders into just about any object you specify or provide to us. Or leave object choice totally up to us. In your CDAF, you specify how many UUMJ ultrasonic sounders you want (3 min., 15 is practical max., 5 ideal), and what kind of object to place them in (eg: necklace, bracelet, belt, clothes, purse, book, valise, etc.), and whether or not you will provide us this object (which must be new or like new, in excellent condition, clean, and large and sturdy enough to hold the sounders).
        Our popular UUMJ can also be configured to make a great animal, pest and intruder defense system, because its high powered ultrasonic cacophonous outputs can be very disturbing to them.
        Last made, using 5 powerful ultrasonic sounders in a Client-provided necklace, $795 [2 lb].

The ULTRA ULTRASONIC JAMMER: Ultrasonic transmitters have several important uses. These include warding off feral dogs and dangerous pests (insects to rodents), and for ultrasonic communications, control, electronic weaponry (eg: ultrasonic mind control / ultrasonic attack) and various ultrasonic laboratory applications. "Ultrasonic Jammers" are typically powerful ultrasonic transmitters designed to block or interfere with any intelligence or data transmitted by other ultrasonic transmitters operating in that band, if any, and to disrupt their ultrasonic control, communications, weaponry, and lab functions. Note that ultrasonic signal jammers are never designed to operate as electronic weapons. Jammers transmit no intelligence but only a high-frequency carrier signal typically modulated by white noise or pink noise to mask out the offending signals of an electronic weapon (if you could hear ultrasonic white noise, it would sound much like distant rain; ultrasonic pink noise sounds similar to white noise but has higher or lower composite pitch, depending on filtering). In contrast, electronic transmitter weapons, which we do not create, transmit definite control signals or data signals which are usually designed to cause harmful manifestations in a person(s) (usually a targeted person), animal(s), and/or equipment.

John Williams' extensive researches into ultrasonic weaponry and harassing devices (and infrasonic weaponry) have resulted in a high level of understanding and insights into ultrasonic weaponry and electronic countermeasures. The technology for powerful and invisible ultrasonic attacks clearly exists - attacks aimed at harassing, controlling, crippling, and "poisoning"! Do you:

And you are certain that these manifestations are not caused by any medical condition. You may be the victim of an ultrasonic attack!

Our popular UUJ also usually makes the best animal, pest and intruder defense systems because their-high powered ultrasonic cacophone outputs are most disturbing to them. The UUJ is designed to protect yourself from unwanted ultrasonic surveillance and control, ultrasonic harassment, and painful, debilitating and dangerous ultrasonic pain field generator and other ultrasonic weaponry attacks. Tunable frequency is a critical feature because different ultrasonic frequencies are used for different ultrasonic applications. Don't confuse the UUJ with commercial "ultrasonic pest controllers," as some of these transmit virtually no ultrasonic tones - only feint beeps modulated at about 10 KHz - while others transmit only one steady ultrasonic tone or short periodic ultrasonic beeps and therefore do not affect many different types of pests who are not sensitive to their one ultrasonic tone. However, the UUJ is tunable over a wide bandwidth of practical ultrasonic frequencies (about 15 KHz to about 50 KHz) to optimize it for its many ultrasound uses. See above for special deal in getting an ultrasonic detector with the UUJ (see mindcontrol1.htm webpage for Ultrasonic Detector and Ultrasonic Triangulator descriptions).Last made $695 [2 lb].

The STEALTH PAINT "ELIXIR": The SPE is the top secret Lone Star Consulting, Inc.'s proprietary formulation of certain paint pigments and additives which are easily applied to the outside and/or inside surfaces consisting of woods, drywall, plastics, adobe, metals, composites, concrete, cement, mortar, asphalt, brick, stone, ceramics, etc. The SPE is specially designed to greatly cut down on direct, reflected and scattered microwaves, including radar returns. The SPE is a stealth coating material that can be used to paint homes, businesses, other above and below ground structures, vehicles, watercraft, some aircraft, composite surfaces, other shielding materials, etc. (even if previously painted or coated), to help protect people inside them from surveillance, targeting, mind control and electronic harassment, dangerous microwaves, and ground-penetrating radar (legal uses only). The SPE is great shielding against EMFs, but is minor shielding against ultrasounds, sounds and infrasounds.

How much Stealth Paint one needs to cover a surface depends on the following:
...(A) The Area to be covered (for best protection of rooms, walls, ceilings and floors (except bottom level floor) should be 100% coated). How many square meters or square feet are your surfaces you need to cover?
...(B) How many coats of Stealth Paint do you need to apply? The more coats, the more protection.
...(C) How absorbent to paint is your surface? For absorbent surfaces, you will need more paint coatings.

Once you derive your total Area figure above (Area X Number of Coatings), go to a paint store. Look at commercial oil-based paint containers (ie: cans), which state on the can's label what area the can will cover. This figure is clearly exaggerated; we have found usually by about 20%, so your should multiple the label square foot by 0.8 (80%). Then compute how many store paint cans you would need if you used the store's paint to coat your total Area. Determine the weight of the contents of each can (if not on the label, weigh a full can and an empty can, and subtract the two weights for the weight of the can's contents only). Multiply the number of cans you will need by 1.05 (105%; the 5% for paint wasted by spillage, drippings, evaporation, etc.). Then multiply that figure with the weight of the paint per can to derive total required SPE weight. The total required SPE weight is what you will need to order from us; email us this weight figure (on email Subject Line, put STEALTH PAINT INQUIRY), and we will provide you total price and S/H (some discounts in both price and S/H for larger quantities). This is not an exact calculation, but should be a close estimate of the SPE you will need.

Then, at your end and at your cost, you will thoroughly mix your SPE into a mixing liquid of your choice and in the proportion you believe optimum for your use to turn it into liquid stealth paint elixir. Many types of mixing liquids will do, but not water or anything containing water (nor any gasoline, diesel fuel nor other highly inflammable, explosive or toxic liquid). Do not use water because the mixing liquid must act as a binder. The mixing liquid should be oil-based paint, oil-paint oil, damar varnish, egg tempera (ie: egg yolk), other coating, glue, caulk, filler, linseed oil or similar (some careful experimentation may be required to find the best mixing liquid and ratios for your particular surfaces). The mixing liquid converted into liquid SPE must also be able to set and dry within a few days at most.

Enough Stealth Paint Elixir powder you mix into 1 gallon of your paint (the paint is not included). Last made $95 [2 lbs]. NOTE: We cannot ship liquids thru the mail; so we provide the Stealth Paint Elixir in powder form only.

The UNKNOWN & UNSEEN ENTITY DETECTOR: A device type sometimes referred to by others as unknown presence detectors, unseen presence detectors, spirit detectors, ghost detectors, ghost busters, alien detectors, and alien buster detectors. Yet another one of our all time most exciting and incredible devices! Concerned about nearby hidden people (eg: rapists, muggers, home invaders, stalkers, peeping-toms) or animals, or spirits or ghosts which can disturb the ambient static electric field and/or the electromagnetic field? Detect them with the U&UED! The U&UED is an ultra-sensitive device which will detect the presence or nearness of virtually anything which produces or disturbs this omnipresent Static Field (U&UED1) or Electromagnetic Field (U&UED2) (the U&UED-Combo is both a U&UED1 and U&UED2 combined in the same box using the same power supply). Static field and electromagnetic field disturbances are not normally detectable with the human senses alone (some animals are very sensitive to these electric field disturbances). Worried that someone is hiding in your home, business or vehicle? Or some feral animal is laying in wait to surprise and attack you? The U&UED may help to detect and warn you! With Sensitivity Adjustment to boost dynamic range. (NOTE #1: We do NOT claim that ghosts and spirits actually exist; our designs are based on our proprietary theories should they exist. NOTE #2: Works best under dry conditions, the environment should be less than 50% Relative Humidity because high humidity adversely affects disturbances in electrostatic fields; and avoid using the U&UED near large metal surfaces, large bodies of water and AC power and radio emitters and other manmade strong electrical disturbances as proximity to these entities may cause this device type to not properly function). The U&UEDs are the same types of devices used by paranormal researchers, UFO and alien researchers, and "ghost busters." Last made $695 [2 lb] each, $1285 combined (U&UED-Combo).

The HYPERSENSITIVE SOUND ALARM - Ultrasensitive Sound Detector: Have you tried to track down these low, fleeting, distant or faint sounds yourself only frustratingly not being able to hear well enough or react fast enough to catch them or to determine their sources? Or hired expensive "surveillance experts," "bug-sweepers" or "ghost busters" with same zero results or a bunch of BS? The HSA works by using a highly-directional microphone, super-amplification circuitry, a fast latching circuit (reacts in milliseconds), both a LED and loud beeping alarms (which comes with a volume control and can be disconnected for a silent alarm / secret alarm indication instead) to detect and continuously alert you to low, fleeting, distant and faint sounds in the mike's pointing direction at and within the sound band the HSA is tuned for (if you specified an HSA band).
           HSA DETECTS CRITICAL LOW-VOLUME, SHORT DURATION BEEPS FROM OTHER ALARM SYSTEMS: Are you missing sounds from alarms or alerts which are so weak and/or short-duration that you are distracted or sleep through them? Bothered by strange sounds / weird sounds which seem to come at random or odd times, especially while you are asleep? Unfortunately, many critical alarm systems put out a few faint beeps and then shut off - critical beeps you can easily miss because you are soundly asleep, temporarily out of the area or distracted by other noises and activities. The HSA is designed to detect such faint and short-duration sounds and continuously put out a loud alarm until you shut it off, it times out (if you set it for a time duration) or its battery depletes (if you specified battery operation). To remotely monitor the HSA, you can use a baby alarm with it (baby alarm is not included with the HSA unless explicitly contracted for). We believe that for all critical sounds, as many people as possible who consider that sound to be important should be able to monitor it. However, baby alarms are NOT substitutes for the HSA because baby alarms themselves neither detect low-level and short-duration sounds nor do they lock onto any sound. And unlike the HSA, baby alarms are not highly directional (they also pick much unrelated ambient noises such as traffic, neighbors, equipment, animals, etc.). This means that if you try to use a baby alarm to substitute for the HSA, and you are even briefly distracted or step out of the baby alarm receiver area, or you sleep deeply, or the faint short-duration sound is masked by a louder sound picked up by the typical omnidirectional baby monitor mike, you will likely miss the critical low-volume and/or short-duration critical sound. Also, if the source of the sound or the sound itself you are trying to monitor is expected to soon change but the new sound is also expected to be low-volume and/or short-duration, or there are other faint short-duration sounds you are also interested in, know that the very versatile HSA does a great job detecting and alarming to all types of low-volume and short-duration sounds - the HSA has countless low-volume, short-duration sound uses.
           THE HSA IS VIRTUALLY IDEAL BUSINESS AND HOME INVASION ALARMS: The HSA, especially the Entire Audio Band (20 Hz - 20 KHz) and the All-Band Audio Plus Ultrasonic (20 Hz - 80 KHz) versions, is a far better preventer of and home alarm system / business alarm system for burglaries and home invasions than traditional home alarm systems / business alarm systems because while traditional business / home alarm systems don't typically activate until the criminal has already damaged or invaded or is in the process of damaging or invading your property, the HSA (with the HSA inside your home or business) can alarm you even if the criminal or feral animal is just milling around the outside of your home, business, or nearby car or other property. As the result, traditional alarms can activate too late to save you, your loved ones or property. The HSA is also great against criminals casing your home or business, snoops, peeping toms, knob-turners, lay-and-wait ambushers, home-invading creeps, vandals, snatch-and-grab thieves, gas thieves, and unwanted door-to-door solicitors - its silent alarm / secret alarm feature can quietly alert you to a current or recent invader or snoop without also alerting the invader or snoop. And as part of a baby monitor, home watch, business watch and nanny watch system. When you or your kids come home to an empty house, is your home really empty? One of the most vulnerable parts of people's homes is their garage - an HSA in your garage can alarm you if someone is trying to break into your garage or has enterred through an open garage door. Basements are also vulnerable to home invaders, burglars, murderers and rapists. We all live in an increasingly dangerous world, increased security is now a must.
           HSA DETECTS DISTANT & REMOTE SOUNDS: The HSA is also highly recommended for detecting and listening to remote and distant sounds, and may be a real lifesaver in finding lost children and animals. Also great for bird watchers and other animal researchers, for trackers, for hunters, and for military and police uses. With the HSA, you can detect and hear people and animals at much greater distances and long before they can hear you - giving you great advantages in many situations.
           HSA DETECTS FAINT SOUNDS FROM COLLAPSES, CAVE-INS, AVALANCHES, EARTHQUAKES, TSUNAMIS, WAR ZONES, MINING ACCIDENTS, TERRORIST ATTACKS: The HSA can also be highly effective for detecting people trapped in cave-ins and collapsed buildings, bridges, tunnels, mines, ditches, wells, avalanches, landslides, etc., and is highly recommended for people and emergency services in active earthquake zones, mining areas, avalanche areas, tsunami areas, war zones, and likely terrorist target areas. If someone is trapped or buried, you want the HSA to be right on hand to immediately search for them by detecting their movements, shouts, cries and digging in the rubble. You also want to detect hidden broken gas lines, broken water lines and broken steam lines. Highly directional and ultra sensitive, so you don't need to be near or right over the source of the sounds - a big advantage in rubble situations.
           HSA DETECTS WATER LEAKS, AIR LEAKS, GAS LEAKS, FUEL LEAKS, CHEMICAL LEAKS: Water leaks can be devastating to your property, not to mention seriously drive up your water bills and waste valuable drinking water. Need to detect water leaks or overflows in your buried plumbing, walls, ceilings and floors, and through soil, concrete slabs, asphalt, wallboard, ceiling tiles, floor tiles, carpets, wood, plastic and other materials? The HSA can be used to non-destructively pinpoint the locations of underground water leaks and ceiling, floor and wall water leaks (water lines, sprinkler systems, faucets and other valves, hydrants, swimming pools and water tanks). Water leaking under pressure usually makes spurting, spraying, gurgling or PSSS-type sounds, such low-intensity buried sounds usually cannot be heard by the naked ear - especially when your ears are 5+ feet off the ground, which the HSA serves as an excellent hydrophone. Air leaks, gas leaks, fuel leaks and chemical leaks can make similar faint but distinctive sounds which the HSA can also detect. Many plumbers and equipment rental places do not have leak pinpointing devices, and plumbers which do virtually never rent them out, and charge you $200 - $300 EACH TIME they use them on your property (some double the price if they find a leak and you do not hire them to make the repairs). If you can't pinpoint your leak in a yard line, building line or valve, you may be forced to replace the entire line at huge expense, not to mention the extra expense of removing the debris from the torn up area, repairing it, and suffering a loss on your property because it now will likely be heavily scarred due to replacing the entire line. However, if the HSA can pinpoint your leak, you can usually restrict your repairs just to that small area at much less cost and damage. For leak detection, contract for The Entire Audio Band Version of the HSA with the Delux Water Leak Detection Mike. The Delux Water Leak Detection Mike is a mike consisting of a long padded cone (to concentrate leak sounds) attached to a three-foot plastic tube handle - an electronic stethoscope. You place the cone on the surface in various places as you walk along the line's route, and listen for distinctive leak sounds, where the sounds are loudest usually indicates exact location of leak. The Delux Water Leak Detection Mike also works great as a long distance surveillance mike, but is not sold for that purpose. In addition, also consider getting the Long-Reach Mike, which is a mike in a five-foot thin plastic tube handle which can reach deep into small spaces and pipes, and which usually much enhances received leak sounds when inserted into a steel pipe driven into the ground near the leak.
               Note that another very effective way to detect and locate water leaks is by using the soil conductivity method of our less expensive Ultimo Water Leak Detector & Locator, described on our misc-electronics.htm webpage, and pinpointing water leaks by detecting dips in soil resistance due to the water leak wetting the soil (not effective for air leaks, gas leaks, fuel leaks or chemical leaks, or water not leaking into soil). Since soil and water leak conditions vary widely, and one may work better than the other to detect your water leaks, you ideally should have both the HSA and the UWLD&L on hand to detect water leaks.
               Note: Since we neither have control over your soil and leak conditions nor how you will use this device, we cannot guarantee the HSA will pinpoint your leaks, and we assume no liability for false positives, false negatives, locating a leak after damage has already occurred or is imminent, failure to identify the exact location of a leak, or for anything else related to your use of the HSA device or your leak problems. Also, we are not plumbers, so we don't make plumbing repairs or provide plumbing advice or opinions.
           HSA HAS MANY OTHER IMPORTANT USES: Hearing sounds or voices in your head or your thoughts being repeated back to you which are not caused by a medical condition and appear to be emanating from external sources you can't seem to pinpoint or seem to be impossible sources of sound? Plagued by sounds no one else can hear or directed towards you alone? Or by weird sounds, voices or other disturbances which emanate from underground, walls, attic, basement, crawl space, garage, shed, bedroom, other room, large appliances, vehicles and/or equipment? Great for car owners and auto mechanics to ferret out those strange vehicle vibrations, squeaks, rattles and buzzes. Or underground streams or other liquid flows? Or as part of a baby monitor or nanny watch system. Or infestations of insects or rodents busily eating or nesting behind your walls, attic, floor, basement or other hidden places? Or as an electronic geophone / seismic activity detector. Or are you into ghost-busting, spirit hunting, space alien hunting, or animal detection or research (eg: bird watching, hunting, bats, dolphins, whales, burrowing animals, mice, rats, termites, ants, etc.)? The HSA can be used in all of these other applications as well.
           HSA FEATURES: The HSA is simple and easy to operate and comes with the HSA Module, the Hypersensitive Mike, the buzzer sounder, quality headphones, AC power adapter (for AC power operation), two new 9VDC alkaline batteries (portable DC operation), cabling, and user manual. The HSA Module comes with a Sensitivity Pot so that you can set the sensitivity (ie: input gain) from high sensitivity to ultra high sensitivity, a Duration Pot to set the duration of the alarm signal, and an output Alarm Volume Pot to control alarm loudness. In addition to a powerful beeper, the HSA also has a LED which also lights when the alarm is activated, even if you disconnect the beeper for silent indication. The HSA also comes with an output port where you can listen to and/or record the filtered highly-amplified sound (if in the audio band) and/or view the detected signal on an oscilloscope. If you need remote monitoring (eg: the people doing the monitoring are in a different area or office than the HSA), you can easily use the HSA in conjunction with a wireless baby monitor, home watch / home alarm system, internet monitoring system / internet surveillance system, real time spy camera, or some other applicable legal transmitter/receiver system (the HSA neither includes any of these extra systems, nor interfaces to them, nor any recorder, oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, etc.).
           The HSA has two modalities of operation: (1) Feedback Modality, and (2) Non-Feedback Modality. In the Feedback Modality, the alarm signal is also fed back into the sound detection circuitry, which continuously retriggers the alarm until you shut off power to it. In the Non-Feedback Modality, the alarm signal is not fed back, in which case, the alarm activates for periods primarily set by the Duration Pot.
           The highly-directional mike is almost always required to determine actual sound directions - often critically important to determining sound origins with minimal false alarms, and thus determining what or who is making the sounds. By also selecting the band where your sounds of interest lay in, you can also greatly minimize false alarms by isolating your specific sounds of interest - especially useful where and when they are buried in much ambient noise and/or are remote or distant.
           If ultrasonics is important to you, we also do ultrasonic HSA device types. Don't be fooled by similar devices which can't perform above 40 KHz. We also offer HSA infrasonic versions (ie: sounds below 20 Hz), but because infrasound is spread out and infrasound direction is usually not detectable using electronic detectors, the mike provided is built-in and much more omnidirectional.
           Note that for all critical uses of the very versatile HSA, be sure to repeatedly test it in non-critical situations as similar as possible to your actual critical use, and then use the HSA as a backup system to any existing system you may have to alert you. Most important are the, (1) Adjustment for input sound amplification (multiturn Sensitivity Pot) to maximize true positive indications while minimizing false indications, (2) Pointing of the directional mike so that you maximize sensitivity in the direction that the sound of interest comes from, and (3) Setting of the output sound level so that you will be reliably alerted while not disturbing others not wanting to be disturbed. As with all of our devices, we are not licensed medical personnel, so we never make medical claims or provide medical advice, medical device, or medical opinion.
           The HSA is the absolute ultimate in low and short-duration sound detection capabilities! Should detecting low and short duration, remote, distant or faint sounds (audio, ultrasonic and/or infrasonic sounds) and alarming you when detected is what you require, the HSA is ideal for you! Last made $395 [2 lb] for the Bass Version (20 - 500 Hz), Midrange Version (500 Hz - 4 KHz) and Treble Version (4 - 20 KHz), $545 [2 lb] for the Ultrasonic Version (20 - 80KHz), $695 [2 lb] for Near Infrasound Band Version (2 - 20 Hz, built-in omnidirectional mike), $895 [2 lb] for Far Infrasound Band Version (0.2 - 2 Hz, built-in omnidirectional mike), $595 [2 lb] for the Entire Audio Band Version (20 Hz - 20 KHz - recommended for maximum versatility and where you are not certain which band the sound mostly lies in or if the sound covers multiple audio bands (ie: wideband audio sound)), $995 [3 lb] for the All-Band Audio Plus Ultrasonic Version (20 Hz - 80 KHz, with major band-selection switch - recommended for both wideband audio sound and mind control and electronic attacks, ultrasonic communications, and animal detection and research where the animal produces or responds to ultrasonic signals), and $795 [2-3 lb] for any other audio and/or ultrasonic band version you specify (each specified band must be between 1% and 25% of upper frequency in width and be at least 500 Hz wide, and must entirely reside between 20 Hz and 200 KHz; add $95 more for each band you specify above first band; 4 bands max; bands may overlap and you may have gaps between your selected bands). Both the plug-in mikes and plug-in alarm sounders have 4-foot cables (flexible, lightweight, high-quality coaxial cables). While the provided mike is highly directional, we can substitute this mike for a more omnidirectional mike (same cost; covers a much greater area but is not nearly as directional), and we can provide additional mikes (eg: more omnidirectional mike along with the usual highly-directional mike), $95 [1 lb] per mike extra for all mikes, except the Delux Water Leak Detection Mike, which is $195 extra [3 lb]. While the alarm sounder is rated at 70-80 db, we can substitute it for an even much louder 90-110 db alarm sounder ($45 extra), or provide the 90-110 db alarm sounder as an extra sounder ($75 [1 lb] extra) (as with all alarm sounders, take cautions to not disturb your neighbors and others without their permissions, and place and tune the HSA system to minimize false alarms). Since you can control volume to the alarm sounder, you can also set the volume to either type of alarm sounder to very low if you wish for a much more localized alarming. Should you also need a relay contact output, add $50 for the relay output. Should you need a stop-clock function (freezes a clock display when alarm sounds; clock is included but requires a relay contact output) - great for documenting activations, add $75. As with all of our Customized Devices, we will of course consider any other variations in features and capabilities you specify on your CDAF.

The SOUND SNAP SHOT DEVICE: Bothered by strange sounds / weird sounds that seem to come at random or odd times, especially while you are asleep? Hearing sounds or voices in your head or your thoughts being repeated back to you that are not caused by a medical condition and appear to be emanating from external sources you can't seem to pinpoint or seem to be impossible sources of sound? Plagued by sounds no one else can hear or directed towards you alone? Or by weird sounds or voices that emanate from walls, attic, basement, crawl space, garage, shed, bedroom, other room, large appliances and/or vehicles? Concerned about your home security or business security? Or are you into ghost-busting, spirit hunting, space alien hunting, or animal detection or research (eg: bats, dolphins, whales, burrowing animals, insects, etc.)? Or sounds which come from the insides of operating equipment to determine exactly how the equipment operates and problem areas?
           To both determine where irritating or mind control or electronic attack sounds are coming from and what is causing them, and to document their actual existence, you almost always need to record them where you can play them back repeatedly to various listeners and even analyze them for those who may be skeptical that such sounds actually exist and are not the figment of your imagination. You have probably already tried to record these sounds but with little luck. You may have even frustratingly tried many audio recorders but with the same failure-to-record results. Or hired expensive "surveillance experts," "bug-sweepers" or "ghost busters" with same zero results or a bunch of BS? The problems with both audio tape and digital recorders (including compact disk recorders) are that their mikes and amplifier stages are relatively narrow band, relatively insensitive, relatively low gain, and often have no AGC, so it is virtually impossible for them to pick up low-intensity, short-duration, audio, ultrasonic and infrasonic sounds. Even the most modern, popular and costly audio tape and digital recorders are not designed to record faint sounds, sound bursts, ultrasounds and infrasounds because they are designed to record only clearly audible voice and music in the audio band. All of the commonly available recorders we tested go no higher than about 22 KHz (mostly 15 - 20 KHz - some less than 8 KHz). The SSSD processes all of these unusual sounds to a format which commonly available modern digital recorders can easily record.
           If ultrasonics is important to you, we also do ultrasonic SSSD device types. In our opinion, to do credible ultrasonic research in free air (as opposed to skin-contact medical ultrasonics) requires sensitivity to at least 200 KHz - so don't be fooled by similar devices which can't perform above 40 KHz. Our SSSD is a specially-designed interface unit that plugs into the mike input of a digital recorder. The SSSD picks up the sound through its own handheld mike; the SSSD then amplifies and filters the sound, and then it outputs the much clearer, louder sound to the mike input of the digital recorder connected to it. The SSSD amplifies all detected sounds from 20 Hz to 200+ KHz - deep into the air ultrasonic band - using our best low-distortion, ultra-wide BW, ultra high gain automatic gain control (AGC) sound designs (AGC is invaluable because it results in maximum amplification of faint sounds but automatically adjusts for less amplification of louder sounds - much increasing dynamic range).
           With the SSSD device, we also include a new commercial high-memory capacity digital recorder we especially selected for this application after much research. This commercial digital recorder will digitally record continuously for a maximum of 287 - 288 hours, so that you don't miss sound bursts which are often missed by voice-activated / voice-operated (VOR/VOX) recorders. You now can continuously record while asleep, busy or away - even for days at a time. The SSSD comes with mike outputs with good impedance matching to record the amplified raw signal and the demodulated and downconverted signals (if ultrasonic and infrasonic are specified), which you can also use to observe with an oscilloscope. The SSSD also comes with a switch for you to select which major sound band you want to output, and an LED will indicate when there is detected sound in the band of your choice and its amplified intensity. Since not even popular digital recorders will record ultrasonic sounds, the SSSD will first downconvert ultrasonic sounds into the audio range so you can hear an audio frequency rendition of the ultrasonic sounds on a speaker or earphones, which pitch is proportional to ultrasound frequency. And if you specify infrasonic capabilities, the SSSD will also demodulate infrasonics to derive the actual infrasonic signals (eg: alpha, beta, delta, theta, spindle brainwave frequencies, control frequencies), which you can observe on an oscilloscope. In addition, the SSSD detects and outputs: (1) Audio signals by themselves, (2) Ultrasonic signals by themselves, (3) Infrasonic signals modulating audio carriers, (4) Infrasonic signals modulating ultrasonic carriers, and (5) Audio signals modulating ultrasonic carriers, (2) - (5) are highly characteristic of electronic attack and mind control technologies. If specifed for ultrasonic/infrasonic capabilities, the SSSD will detect and demodulate: FM / PRM / PFM (frequency modulation / pulse rate modulation / pulse frequency modulation), AM (amplitude modulation), and/or PWM (pulse width modulation) (FM and PRM/PFM are our standards, if you need to demodulate AM or PWM, specify in CDAF and additional charges will apply). The SSSD also includes: (1) An input gain pot so that you can control the input sensitivity of the device up to a gain of 100,000+, (2) A directional handheld mike sensitive to frequencies between 20 Hz and about 200 KHz to help detect direction of sound source and therefore possibly its specific location and transmitter (plug-in handheld mike is connected to SSSD through 4' flexible, lightweight coax cable), (3) A selector switch for you to select whether the SSSD output to the tape/compact disk recorder (which you can also connect to an oscilloscope) is normal audio output, or an audio output demodulated from an ultrasonic carrier, and (4) A mixer pot that allows you to tune for the optimum downconversion of ultrasonic signals (if ultrasound capability is specified.)
           The SSSD is the absolute ultimate in sound detection, processing and recording capabilities! Should detecting and recording low-intensity sounds, short-duration sounds, modulations, ultrasonic sounds, and/or modulating infrasonic sounds is what you require - full audio, full ultrasonic and full infrasonic capabilities described above - the SSSD is ideal for you. Last made $1995 [3 lb]. The SSSD-Lite is the same as the SSSD except it has no ultrasonic, infrasonic or modulation capabilities - only audio between 20 Hz and 20 KHz. Last made $1195 [2 lb]. Should you also need a relay contact output, add $50 for the relay output. Should you need a stop-clock function (freezes a clock display when alarm sounds; clock is included but requires a relay contact output) - great for documenting activations, add $75. As with all of our Customized Devices, we will of course consider any other variations in features and capabilities you specify on your CDAF. (unless explicitly contracted for on the CDAF to the contrary, all SSSD-type devices include digital recorder and exclude an oscilloscope, speaker and earphones).

The ULTIMO ULTRASONIC COMMUNICATOR & CONTROLLER: The UUC&C is an ultrasonic transmitter type device that permits you to secretly transmit your spoken speech, music, noise, etc modulated by an ultrasonic carrier, powerful and highly directional. Carrier frequency is tunable between 15 - 50 KHz for you to find the most effective frequency(ies) for your needs. Two audio input connectors: (1) Standard microphone input (mike provided), and (2) Standard recorder input (recorder not provided), which can be used separately or mixed together. Ideal for subliminal mind control, behavior control, behavior modification, power-of-suggestion and automatic learning experimentation; for secret commands, obedience training (eg: for dogs; feral and dangerous animals; cattle, sheep and other farm animals; zoo animals) and entrainment; and for secret communications (requires a compatible ultrasonic receiver type device, contracted for separately). In some cases, the UUC&C can also be used as an audio disrupter of offensively loud audio equipment used on your property. Five forms of modulation available: Amplitude Modulation (AM), Frequency Modulation (FM), Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), Pulse Rate Modulation (PRM), and Pulse Code Modulation (PCM), each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. NOTE: Not to be used at athletic events, races or any other event or situation where its use would be illegal, unethical or immoral. Any modulation form (your choice): $995 [2 lb]. Any 2 mod. forms in same box (your choice), switch selectable: Last made $1595 [3 lb]. Any 3 mod, forms: Last made $1995 [4 lb]. Any 4 mod. forms: Last made $2295 [5 lb]. All 5 mod. forms: Last made $2545 [6 lb].

The ULTIMO NOISE COMMUNICATOR SYSTEM: Used to be that control signals, voice and data could only be communicated using clear signals. Not any more! The UNCS is a system, consisting of both an ultrasonic transmitter and ultrasonic receiver, used to demonstrate that noise can be used to communicate intelligent signals. Electronic, electrical, audio, ultrasonic and infrasonic noise can be intentionally used to produce a control signal, voice signal or data signal itself. Our research shows that noise - virtually regardless of what mode it is transmitted in and what band it occupies within that mode (but almost always high band) - can itself be used to transmit information! Noise communications is in fact a state-of-the-art method of secret communications. Noise is a particularly effective means of further stealthing mind control and electronic attacks as well as communications because even if a victim is able to correlate noise bursts with his/her manifestations, authorities can easily write off his/her allegations, such as, 'It's just a bunch of radio static that just happened to correlate with X's manifestations - everyone knows that noise can't control anything or transmit data.' Sometimes the intelligent information in the noise will give it a quality where it will sound voice-like (quasi-voice) or data-like - you may even be able to discern what the voice is actually saying if you listen very carefully - and it can also be subliminal (eg: using ultrasound noise to conceal audio signals). In other cases, it will just sound like noise bursts, and often totally overlooked as a possible source of voice, data or control signal, or go undetected by normal senses because both the noise and signal are ultrasonic. Last made $9985 [4 lb].

The SHRIEK MODULE: No longer must you suffer with the fear, indignity, insult, and inconvenience of obscene and harassing phone calls! Caller ID is ineffective against many smart harassers who block their calls or call out of area. The SM produces an ear-piercing shriek simply by pushing a switch. Its shriek is so loud that it can cause excruciating pain to the caller. Because the SM is electronically connected directly to the phone line, its resulting sound is far louder than that possible with any whistle or other audio device that is attenuated by the phone circuitry. In addition to its use as a powerful weapon against harassers of all kinds. The SM:

A real lifesaver. Last made $195 [1 lb].

The BUG & TAP DETECTOR & BLASTER: Phone conversations are not secure. Some bugs and taps (eg: an infinity bug) can turn your phone into a room mike while it is hung up. The BTDB will detect all but the most sophisticated types of bugs and taps. Bugs and taps can then usually be blasted off the line with the push of a button (high-voltage pulse train). Last made $229 [2 lb]. Bug & Tap Detector function only. Last made $59 [1 lb].

The ULTIMO LINEMAN's TEST SET: The infamous Lineman's Test Set was and is still used by some phone snoops and phreakers to eavesdrop on phone conversations, make free Long Distance (LD) phone calls, avoid all risks of identification from Automatic Number Identification (ANI), Caller ID and Call Trace, diagnose phone system problems, and to run one's own ANIs on the phone lines one may encounter. The ULTS is the cordless version for much greater convenience and personal security, but of course not sold for any of the traditional Lineman's Test Set illegal uses. The ULTS comes with alligator clips and RJ-11 connectors for quick connections either to a standard RJ-11 phone connector or clipped to bare leads, screws or punch block tabs. And the ULTS's base unit is converted for battery operation for field uses. And the ULTS comes with a mike mute switch so no sounds or noises on user side is picked up. Very popular. Last made $345 [3 lb]. Popular options: 4x range extension, add $69. Black Box Interface: Much increased stealthiness (as no DC loading of the phone line results from its use), and detects when the phone line is in use without interfering with normal phone service, add $79.

The SECRET COMMUNICATOR: The SC is an excellent, small secret RF device great for all types of fun. Person A taps a small, concealed switch hidden somewhere on their body. This sends Person B a secret signal (you come up with your own codes for your own uses) into a hidden, silent vibrator, also hidden on the body. Or the vibrator could be hidden elsewhere, and/or easily replaced with a small relay, lamp, buzzer, actuator, etc. Great for playing all kinds of games, competitions, magic tricks, parties, corporate meetings, love signals, secret rendezvous, plan executions, coordinated actions, covert activities, et al - virtually any kind of activity where secret signals are a must or desired. Last made $695 [1 lb].

The SUPER SLEUTH ULTRA HIGH GAIN SOUND AMPLIFIER & DETECTOR: The SSUHGSAD is an ultrasensitive sound amplifier, detector and pinpointer that operates in the audio range (20 Hz - 20 KHz). Gain is up to about 1,000,000. Comes with 3 tunable bands - bass, midrange and treble - you can independently tune to amplify or attenuate these frequency bands to bring out certain sounds and/or repress others that might be masking them. This device is great for picking up the faintest sounds - even when masked by other sounds. Can be built into a stethoscope or wand configuration if you specify it. While great for general sound amplification, it is especially useful for detecting, pinpointing and recording (tape/compact disk / digital recorder is not included) special sounds that you cannot ordinarily hear well enough or pinpoint, such as biological sounds (eg: wildlife (eg: birds, herd animals, predators, fish, game), hidden / buried animals / insects / crawling insects (eg: termites, ants, prairie dogs, moles)), biomedical sounds (eg: heartbeat, pulse, digestion, breathing), mechanical sounds (eg: engine noises, weird home and vehicle noises), water leaks, flooding, burning sounds, cooking sounds), natural sounds (eg: wind sounds, ocean sounds, storms, thunder, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis), distant sounds (eg: someone coming up your driveway, the mailman, the delivery, cable, phone, utility or repair guy, someone talking or yelling at a distance), unseen dangers (eg: wild animals, feral animals, burglars, peeping toms, stalkers, muggers, creeps, eavesdroppers), and for ghostbusting and ferreting out other hidden earthly and alien beings. The ultra-sensitive audio pickup of this device is mounted on a 6' pole - easy to point at suspected areas including bushes, trees, attics, crawl spaces, holes, underneath beds, underneath vehicles, darkened rooms, ground, underneath storm debris and other items, roof, nooks and crannies. Highly directional. Portable and battery-operated. Tunable sensitivity. For SSUHGSAD-type with 3 tunable bands, last made $695 [3 lb]. For SSUHGSAD-type with 6 tunable bands for ultra sound isolation and pinpointing, last made $895 [3 lb]. If you want two sections of these to form an electronically matched stereoscopic-type device with much increased sound direction pinpointing ability and sensitivity - sort of "bionic ears" - for 3 tunable bands, last made $1295 [3 lb], for 6 tunable bands, last made $1695 [5 lb].

The ULTRA ON DEVICES DETECTOR: Tired of hidden illegal recorders and other electronic devices monitoring or harassing you (analog and digital devices)? Most electronic equipment leak some audio and/or RF noise when turned ON - even if not radio transmitters. And as most are battery-operated, this leakage may be the only way to electronically detect their presence. Highly directional and sensitive electronic sniffer. Tunable gain to about 1,000,000. Last made $495 [2 lb].

The LONG-RANGE INFRARED DETECTOR: Detect the presence of things that generate heat without having to see or hear them first! The LRITD is an ultra-sensitive infrared (IR) detector that will alert you to heat sources up to about 200 feet away. The LRITD includes LED beeper indicators as well as switched 9 VDC and relay closure outputs (eg: for burglar alarm uses). The LRITD can also be used to detect when a heat source leaves an area (eg: to monitor a child or pet). And to verify when equipment is turned or left ON or OFF because most operating equipment generate some heat. Can sometimes be used to verify which rooms and areas are occupied by people or animals when they are not visible to you. And helps you detect the presence of hidden operating equipment, such as surveillance devices. And helps you detect the loss of heat from your home, business, or buried/concealed hot water lines and hot water line leaks to help save heating costs. Uses a unique, rugged, and highly effective method of concentrating heat in its detector unit for much greater sensitivity. Particularly sensitive to the 7-14nm IR range of human and (most) animal body heat. Last made $495 [2 lb].

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C: The "car burglary." The "car modifications." The "car theft." The "career advancement." The "career success." The "change identities." The "child finders." The "child security." The "civilian detainees." The "civilian internees." The "civil rights." The "clamps." The "clampings." The "computer countermeasures." The "computer equipment." The "computer hardware." The "computer method." The "computer methods." The "computer monitor security." The "computer monitors." The "computer privacy." The "computer privacy measures." The "computer security." The "computer security products." The "computer strategies." The "computer strategy." The "computer surveillance." The "computer survival." The "computer survival products." The "computer tactic." The "computer tactics." The "computer technique." The "computer techniques." The "constitutional rights." The "cool circuit designs." The "cool circuits." The "cool devices." The "cool electronic devices." The "cool electronic gadgets." The "cool electronics." The "cool equipment." The "cool gadgets." The "cool hardware." The "cool products." The "cool projects." The "cool science projects." The "cool special projects." The "counterintelligence technology." The "countermeasure equipment." The "countermeasure strategies." The "countermeasure tactics." The "countermeasure target." The "crime fighting." The "crime scene investigations." The "crime scene investigators." The "criminal countermeasures." The "criminal fraud." The "CSI detectives." The "CSI programs." The "crime scene science." The "crime scene technology."

D-G: The "data card readers." The "data protection." The "data privacy protection." The "data theft protection." The "data theft prevention." The "detained persons." The "direction finders." The "direction finding antennas." The "dirty trick." The "dirty tricks." The "doppler radar." The "dwelling security." The "electronic attack." The "electronic bug sweep technology." The "electronic harassment." The "electronic jamming." The "electronic security." The "ultrasonic shielding." The "electronic survival." The "equipment source list." The "fake qualifications." The "faking qualifications." The "fight auto theft." The "fight assault and battery." The "fight attack." The "fight auto burglary." The "fight auto theft." The "fight being fired." The "fight breaking and entering." The "fight car burglary." The "fight car theft." The "fight computer hacking." The "fight computer hackers." The "fight crimes." The "fight criminals." The "fight government abuse." The "fight hacking." The "fight hackers." The "fight harassment." The "fight home burglary." The "fight home invasion." The "fight ID theft." The "fight identity theft." The "fight invasion of privacy." The "fight police abuse." The "fight police brutality." The "fight privacy invasion." The "fight rape." The "fight robbery." The "fight scams." The "fight stalkers." The "fight stalking." The "fight swindles." The "fight swindlers." The "fight terrorism." The "fight terrorists." The "fight theft." The "fight the government." The "fight the police." The "fighting crime." The "fighting terrorism." The "financial and banking." The "find employment." The "find jobs." The "flash guns." The "flash weapons." The "forensic investigations." The "forensic investigators." The "forensic science." The "forensic technology." The "game without rules." The "garage door openers." The "gate openers." The "getting hired." The "getting promoted." The "guarantee job promotions." The "guarantee job security." The "guns and ammo." The "guns and ammunition." The "gun silencers."

H: The "hacker files." The "hacker techniques." The "hackers and phreakers." The "harassment and revenge." The "hiding people." The "hiding places." The "hiding things." The "high voltage devices." The "high tech consultants." The "hi-tech consultants." The "high tech consulting." The "hi-tech consulting." The "high tech devices." The "hi-tech devices." The "high tech equipment." The "hi-tech equipment." The "high tech hardware." The "hi-tech hardware." The "high tech offers." The "hi-tech offers." The "high tech products." The "hi-tech products." The "high tech services." The "hi-tech services." The "high tech security consultants." The "hi-tech security consultants." The "high tech security consulting." The "hi-tech security consulting." The "high tech security devices." The "hi-tech security devices." The "high tech security equipment." The "hi-tech security equipment." The "high tech security hardware." The "hi-tech security hardware." The "high tech security offers." The "hi-tech security offers." The "high tech security products." The "hi-tech security products." The "high tech security services." The "hi-tech security services." The "high tech survival consultants." The "hi-tech survival consultants." The "high tech survival consulting." The "hi-tech survival consulting." The "high tech survival devices." The "hi-tech survival devices." The "high tech survival equipment." The "hi-tech survival equipment." The "high tech survival hardware." The "hi-tech survival hardware." The "high tech survival offers." The "hi-tech survival offers." The "high tech survival products." The "hi-tech survival products." The "high tech survival services." The "hi-tech survival services." The "home invaders." The "home invasion alarm systems." The "home invasion alarms." The "horizontal scan frequencies." The "horizontal scan rates." The "home burglary and home invasion." The "home invaders and burglars." The "home invasion and home burglary." The "home security." The "house security." The "human rights."

How to prevent: The "how to change your ID." The "how to change your identity." The "how to escape." The "how to hide." The "how to hide people." The "how to hide things." The "how to prevent auto theft." The "how to prevent assault and battery." The "how to prevent attack." The "how to prevent auto burglary." The "how to prevent auto theft." The "how to prevent being fired." The "how to prevent breaking and entering." The "how to prevent car burglary." The "how to prevent car theft." The "how to prevent computer hacking." The "how to prevent computer hackers." The "how to prevent crimes." The "how to prevent criminals." The "how to prevent government abuse." The "how to prevent hacking." The "how to prevent hackers." The "how to prevent harassment." The "how to prevent home burglary." The "how to prevent home invasion." The "how to prevent ID theft." The "how to prevent identity theft." The "how to prevent invasion of privacy." The "how to prevent police abuse." The "how to prevent police brutality." The "how to prevent privacy invasion." The "how to prevent rape." The "how to prevent robbery." The "how to prevent scams." The "how to prevent stalkers." The "how to prevent stalking." The "how to prevent swindles." The "how to prevent swindlers." The "how to prevent terrorism." The "how to prevent terrorists." The "how to prevent theft." The "how to prevent the government." The "how to prevent the police."

How to protect - How to stop: The "how to protect your family." The "how to protect your identity." The "how to protect your privacy." The "how to protect your property." The "how to protect yourself." The "how to stop auto theft." The "how to stop assault and battery." The "how to stop attack." The "how to stop auto burglary." The "how to stop auto theft." The "how to stop being fired." The "how to stop breaking and entering." The "how to stop car burglary." The "how to stop car theft." The "how to stop computer hacking." The "how to stop computer hackers." The "how to stop crimes." The "how to stop criminals." The "how to stop government abuse." The "how to stop hacking." The "how to stop hackers." The "how to stop harassment." The "how to stop home burglary." The "how to stop home invasion." The "how to stop ID theft." The "how to stop identity theft." The "how to stop invasion of privacy." The "how to stop police abuse." The "how to stop police brutality." The "how to stop privacy invasion." The "how to stop rape." The "how to stop robbery." The "how to stop scams." The "how to stop stalkers." The "how to stop stalking." The "how to stop swindles." The "how to stop swindlers." The "how to stop terrorism." The "how to stop terrorists." The "how to stop theft." The "how to stop the government." The "how to stop the police."

I: The "ID changes." The "identity changes." The "improvised commo." The "improvised communications." The "improvised explosives." The "improvised firearms." The "improvised radio." The "improvised security." The "improvised survival." The "improvised weapons." The "improvised weaponry." The "identity changes." The "identity fraud." The "identity security." The "identity theft." The "identity theft prevention." The "industrial security systems." The "intelligence agencies." The "interception of computers." The "interception of phone." The "interception of phones." The "interception of radio." The "internet privacy." The "internet privacy measures." The "internet security." The "internet security products." The "internet security solutions." The "internet security systems." The "internet survival." The "intrusion alarm systems."

J-M: The "jam radar." The "job promotions." The "job security." The "keep job." The "laser countermeasures." The "laser guidance." The "laser guided systems." The "lie detector." The "lie detectors." The "mac computer monitors tempest surveillance." The "mac monitors tempest surveillance." The "Machiavellian tactics." The "Machiavellian techniques." The "mda computer monitors." The "mda monitors." The "microwave bug sweep technology." The "microwave countermeasures." The "microwave equipment." The "microwave hardware." The "microwave method." The "microwave methods." The "microwave privacy." The "microwave privacy measures." The "microwave security." The "microwave security products." The "microwave strategies." The "microwave strategy." The "microwave survival." The "microwave survival products." The "microwave tactic." The "microwave tactics." The "microwave technique." The "microwave techniques." The "mind control." The "modern security." The "modern survival." The "muggers and assaulters." The "multisync computer monitors tempest surveillance." The "multisync monitors tempest surveillance." The "multitools."

N-PQ: The "natural rights." The "non-video tempest techniques." The "office dirty tricks." The "office guerilla warfare." The "office politics." The "office tactics." The "online fraud." The "outrageous circuit designs." The "outrageous circuits." The "outrageous devices." The "outrageous electronic devices." The "outrageous electronic gadgets." The "outrageous electronics." The "outrageous equipment." The "outrageous gadgets." The "outrageous hardware." The "outrageous products." The "outrageous projects." The "outrageous science projects." The "outrageous special projects." The "panic alarms." The "panic rooms." The "pbx security." The "pc computer monitors." The "pc monitors." The "peeping toms." The "personal privacy security." The "personal security." The "phone security." The "phony qualifications." The "physical security." The "physical survival." The "police abuse." The "police brutality." The "police practices." The "police radar." The "police tactics." The "prepared preppers." The "prepper survivalists." The "preppers."

Prevent - Prof: The "prevent assault and battery." The "prevent attack." The "prevent auto burglary." The "prevent auto theft." The "prevent being fired. The "prevent breaking and entering." The "prevent car burglary." The "prevent car theft." The "prevent computer hacking." The "prevent computer hackers." The "prevent crimes." The "prevent criminals." The "prevent government abuse." The "prevent hacking." The "prevent hackers." The "prevent harassment." The "prevent home burglary." The "prevent home invasion." The "prevent ID theft." The "prevent identity theft." The "prevent invasion of privacy." The "prevent police abuse." The "prevent police brutality." The "prevent privacy invasion." The "prevent rape." The "prevent robbery." The "prevent scams." The "prevent speeding tickets." The "prevent stalkers." The "prevent stalking." The "prevent swindles." The "prevent swindlers." The "prevent terrorism." The "prevent terrorists." The "prevent theft." The "prevent the government." The "prevent the police." The "prisoners of war." The "professional auto thieves."

Protect: The "protect yourself." The "protect yourself against assault and battery." The "protect yourself against attack." The "protect yourself against auto burglary." The "protect yourself against auto theft." The "protect yourself against breaking and entering." The "protect yourself against car burglary." The "protect yourself against car theft." The "protect yourself against computer hacking." The "protect yourself against computer hackers." The "protect yourself against crimes." The "protect yourself against criminals." The "protect yourself against government abuse." The "protect yourself against hacking." The "protect yourself against hackers." The "protect yourself against harassment." The "protect yourself against home burglary." The "protect yourself against home invaders." The "protect yourself against home invasion." The "protect yourself against home invasion." The "protect yourself against ID theft." The "protect yourself against identity theft." The "protect yourself against invasion of privacy." The "protect yourself against muggers." The "protect yourself against peeping toms." The "protect yourself against police abuse." The "protect yourself against police brutality." The "protect yourself against privacy invasion." The "protect yourself against rape." The "protect yourself against rapists." The "protect yourself against robbery." The "protect yourself against scams." The "protect yourself against sex offenders." The "protect yourself against stalkers." The "protect yourself against stalking." The "protect yourself against swindles." The "protect yourself against swindlers." The "protect yourself against terrorism." The "protect yourself against terrorists." The "protect yourself against theft." The "protect yourself against the government." The "protect yourself against the police."

The "protect yourself from assault and battery." The "protect yourself from attack." The "protect yourself from auto burglary." The "protect yourself from auto theft." The "protect yourself from breaking and entering." The "protect yourself from burglars." The "protect yourself from car burglary." The "protect yourself from car theft." The "protect yourself from computer hacking." The "protect yourself from computer hackers." The "protect yourself from crimes." The "protect yourself from criminals." The "protect yourself from government abuse." The "protect yourself from hacking." The "protect yourself from hackers." The "protect yourself from harassment." The "protect yourself from home burglary." The "protect yourself from home invaders." The "protect yourself from home invasion." The "protect yourself from ID theft." The "protect yourself from identity theft." The "protect yourself from invasion of privacy." The "protect yourself from muggers." The "protect yourself from peeping toms." The "protect yourself from police abuse." The "protect yourself from police brutality." The "protect yourself from privacy invasion." The "protect yourself from rape." The "protect yourself from rapists." The "protect yourself from robbery." The "protect yourself from scams." The "protect yourself from sex offenders." The "protect yourself from stalkers." The "protect yourself from stalking." The "protect yourself from swindles." The "protect yourself from swindlers." The "protect yourself from terrorism." The "protect yourself from terrorists." The "protect yourself from theft." The "protect yourself from the government." The "protect yourself from the police."

Q-SD: The "radar bug sweep technology." The "radio countermeasures." The "radio devices." The "radio dx devices." The "radio dx equipment." The "radio dx hardware." The "radio dx methods." The "radio dx systems." The "radio dx techniques." The "radio dx technology." The "radio dx tips." The "radio equipment." The "radio hardware." The "radio methods." The "radio privacy." The "radio privacy measures." The "radio security." The "radio security products." The "radio strategies." The "radio strategy." The "radio survival." The "radio survival products." The "radio systems." The "radio tactics." The "radio technique." The "radio techniques." The "radio technology." The "radio tips." The "radio tscm devices." The "radio tscm equipment." The "radio tscm hardware." The "radio tscm methods." The "radio tscm systems." The "radio tscm techniques." The "radio tscm technology." The "radio tscm tips." The "rf dx devices." The "rf dx equipment." The "rf dx hardware." The "rf dx methods." The "rf dx systems." The "rf dx techniques." The "rf dx technology." The "rf dx tips." The "rf devices." The "rf equipment." The "rf hardware." The "rf methods." The "rf systems." The "rf techniques." The "rf technology." The "rf tips." The "radar concealment." The "radar countermeasures." The "radar invisibility" The "radiation detection." The "radiation detector." The "radio bug sweep technology." The "rapists and sex offenders." The "revenge and pranks." The "rockets red glare." The "room bugs." The "room bug receivers." The "room bug transmitters." The "rural security." The "rural survival."

The "science project." The "science projects." The "secret alarms." The "secret hiding places." The "secret spying." The "secret surveillance." The "sex offenders and rapists." The "stalker surveillance."

Secure - Security: The "security and survival." The "security books." The "security checklist." The "secure communications." The "security communications." The "security companies." The "secure computer." The "security computers." The "security computing." The "security countermeasures." The "secure device." The "security devices." The "secure electronics." The "security electronics." The "secure equipment." The "security equipment." The "secure facility." The "security facility." The "security facts." The "secure frequencies."

The "security frequencies." The "security fraud." The "security gate openers." The "security guide." The "security guides." The "security guns." The "secure hardware." The "security hardware." The "security holes." The "secure information." The "security information." The "security manual." The "security manuals." The "security measures." The "security online." The "security personnel." The "security plans." The "security preparations." The "security problems." The "security products." The "secure radio." The "security radio." The "security research." The "security services." The "security skills." The "security solutions." The "security special projects." The "security strategies." The "security strategy." The "security system." The "security systems." The "security tactic." The "security tactics." The "security technique." The "security techniques." The "security toolkit." The "security tools." The "security training." The "security tutorial." The "security tutorials." The "security vulnerabilities." The "security weapons." The "security receivers." The "security transceivers." The "security transmitters."

The "security consultants." The "security consulting services." The "security customized device services." The "security customized devices." The "security development services." The "security designs." The "security design services." The "security devices." The "security equipment." The "security hardware." The "security invention laboratory services." The "security invention prototyping services." The "security invention services." The "security inventions." The "security inventors." The "security laboratory services." The "security laboratories." The "security merchandise." The "security product creation services." The "security product development services." The "security product services." The "security product researchers." The "security products." The "security prototype services." The "security prototypes." The "security prototyping services." The "security repair services." The "security R&D services." The "security research, design and development services." The "security research laboratories." The "security research services." The "security researchers." The "security services." The "security special projects services." The "security special services." The "security testers." The "security testing laboratories." The "security testing services." The "security troubleshooters." The "security troubleshooting services."

SE-SZ: The "self defense." The "self-defense." The "sex as a tool." The "sex as a weapon." The "silence is golden." The "silent alarms." The "solid propellant rockets." The "sound detectors." The "sound detection systems." The "special projects." The "speeding tickets." The "spy agencies." The "spy receivers." The "spy transceivers." The "spy transmitters." The "stealth mixture." The "stealth paint." The "stealth techniques." The "stealth technology." The "stealth aircraft. The "stealth auto." The "stealthed auto." The "stop auto thefts." The "stop assaults and batteries." The "stop attacks." The "stop auto burglary." The "stop auto theft." The "stop being fired." The "stop breaking and entering." The "stop business burglaries." The "stop business invasions." The "stop car burglaries." The "stop car thefts." The "stop computer hacking." The "stop computer hackers." The "stop crimes." The "stop criminals." The "stop government abuse." The "stop hacking." The "stop hackers." The "stop harassment." The "stop home burglaries." The "stop home invasions." The "stop ID theft." The "stop identity theft." The "stop invasion of privacy." The "stop police abuse." The "stop police brutality." The "stop privacy invasion." The "stop rape." The "stop robbery." The "stop scams." The "stop stalkers." The "stop stalking." The "stop swindles." The "stop swindlers." The "stop terrorism." The "stop terrorists." The "stop theft." The "stop the government." The "stop the police." The "suburban security." The "stop traffic tickets." The "stun guns." The "stun weapons." The "suburban survival." The "success manual." The "success tutorial." The "svga computer monitors." The "svga monitors." The "surveillance devices." The "surveillance equipment." The "surveillance receivers." The "surveillance tools." The "surveillance toolkit." The "surveillance transceivers." The "surveillance transmitters."

Survival: The "survival and security." The "survival books." The "survival checklist." The "survival communications." The "survival companies." The "survival computers." The "survival computing." The "survival countermeasures." The "survival devices." The "survival electronics." The "survival equipment." The "survival facility." The "survival facts." The "survival frequencies." The "survival fraud." The "survival guide." The "survival guides." The "survival guns." The "survival hardware." The "survival holes." The "survival information." The "survival manual." The "survival manuals." The "survival measures." The "survival online." The "survival personnel." The "survival plans." The "survival preparations." The "survival problems." The "survival products." The "survival radio." The "survival research." The "survival services." The "survival skills." The "survival solutions." The "survival special projects." The "survival strategies." The "survival strategy." The "survival system." The "survival systems." The "survival tactic." The "survival tactics." The "survival technique." The "survival techniques." The "survival toolkit." The "survival tools." The "survival training." The "survival tutorial." The "survival tutorials." The "survival vulnerabilities." The "survival weapons." The "survival receivers." The "survival transceivers." The "survival transmitters."

The "survival consultants." The "survival consulting services." The "survival customized device services." The "survival customized devices." The "survival development services." The "survival designs." The "survival design services." The "survival devices." The "survival equipment." The "survival hardware." The "survival invention laboratory services." The "survival invention prototyping services." The "survival invention services." The "survival inventions." The "survival inventors." The "survival laboratory services." The "survival laboratories." The "survival merchandise." The "survival preppers." The "survival product creation services." The "survival product development services." The "survival product services." The "survival product researchers." The "survival products." The "survival prototype services." The "survival prototypes." The "survival prototyping services." The "survival repair services." The "survival R&D services." The "survival research, design and development services." The "survival research laboratories." The "survival research services." The "survival researchers." The "survival services." The "survival special projects services." The "survival special services." The "survival testers." The "survival testing laboratories." The "survival testing services." The "survival tools." The "survival toolkit." The "survival troubleshooters." The "survival troubleshooting services." The "survivalist preppers." The "survivalists." The "svga computer monitors." The "svga monitors."

T-Z: The "tactical and survival specialties." The "technical security technology." The "technical surveillance counter measures technology." The "techno toolkit." The "techno tools." The "teleco security technology." The "telecom security technology." The "telco security technology." The "telecommunications security technology." The "telephone security." The "tempest detection." The "tempest devices." The "tempest equipment." The "tempest hardware." The "tempest methods." The "tempest techniques." The "theft prevention." The "threat of criminals." The "threat of the government." The "threat of terrorism." The "tools." The "tracking transmitter receivers." The "tracking transmitters." The "transmitter direction finders." The "transmitter direction finding antennas." The "transmitter triangulators." The "truck burglary." The "truck modifications." The "truck theft." The "tscm bug sweep technology." The "tscm countermeasures." The "tscm devices." The "tscm equipment." The "tscm hardware." The "tscm experts." The "tscm methods." The "tscm security systems." The "tscm systems." The "tscm technology." The "tscm testing." The "tv monitors." The "tv security." The "tv surveillance." The "typical security situations." The "typical survival situations."

The "ultimate success manual." The "ultrasonic attack." The "ultrasonic harassment." The "ultrasonic jamming." The "ultrasonic shielding." The "underground resistance." The "urban resistance." The "urban security." The "urban survival." The "wxga computer monitors." The "wxga monitors." The "van eck devices." The "van eck monitoring." The "van eck monitors." The "van eck receivers." The "van eck spying." The "van eck surveillance." The "van eck systems." The "van eck tempest devices." The "van eck tempest monitoring." The "van eck tempest monitors." The "van eck tempest receivers." The "van eck tempest spying." The "van eck surveillance." The "van eck tempest systems." The "vehicle bugs." The "vehicle bug transmitters." The "vehicle burglary." The "vehicle burglaries." The "vehicle modifications." The "vehicle security." The "vehicle spying transmitters." The "vehicle surveillance transmitters." The "vehicle thefts." The "vehicle tracking transmitter receivers." The "vehicle tracking transmitters." The "vibration alarm systems." The "vibration detection systems." The "voice changers." The "voice disguisers." The "Wavecom technology." The "wifi technology." The "Wireless Audio Video Everywhere Communicator technology." The "workstation computer monitors." The "workstation monitors." The "worst case scenario survival." The "xga computer monitors." The "xga monitors."

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