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We are here to serve electronically Targeted Individual (TI) victims to help save them from their perps. The perps hate us for that! Just as TI perps are usually experts at harassing and persecuting TIs, they use those same intentions against us. To discredit us, entrap us, force us out of business, harass us, and get us into legal trouble. Without us, perps can 'feast on your brains' with impunity. The perps have their agents working social media, TI groups, complaint systems, etc. Do NOT let perps scam you into not obtaining protective devices from us, thereby leading you to their slaughter. Do NOT let perps trap you, set you up or isolate you. Whatever insulting they say about you and us, the opposite is true. If you have any questions or concerns relevant to us or anything on our website, or are aware of suspicious activity against us, please email us right away. We are custom device designers and makers for decades - with many repeat Clients - all of our devices are unique and handmade to our Clients' orders - so those who claim or imply that any (or all) of our devices are this or that, they are lying - DO NOT FALL FOR PERP SCAMS!
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Dedicated to Defeating Mind Control Tactics / Mind Control Strategies and Electronic Attack Tactics / Electronic Attack Strategies of all Types

Hello! We support many technologies. For introduction into how to obtain hardware and our design philosophy, please click on our Home Page (includes hotlinks to all of our Device Types, listed by Topics and Titles): Home. Hotlinks by Topics and Titles also at: Site Map. When you are done, please use your Browser's Back Button to return here.

DISCLAIMER: OUR MEDICAL POLICIES REGARDING ALL OF OUR OFFERS FOUND EVERYWHERE: NOTE: The term, "Medical" and related terms in all of our webpages include ALL medical fields, ALL dental fields and ALL veterinarian fields (animals can also be injured by electronic attacks). We recognize that once a buyer buys any device from a seller, the seller has no control over what the buyer may actually use the device for nor does the seller assume any liability to anyone for any use in any unsafe or improper environment or way, misuse or abuse of the device. We recognize and fully respect that people have the right to choose whatever form of medical care they prefer; we are not licensed to practice medicine, and therefore we cannot and do not provide any medical advice, medical device, medical opinion, make medical claims, nor scientific claims, nor supernatural or paranormal claims, nor tell you what the causes are for any medical-like manifestation. Nor anything we may provide you is to be used for a medical prevention, diagnostic, treatment, cure or medically-assistive reason; nor to in any manner stop, delay, speed up, interfere with, change or replace any medical procedure or drug prescribed for you by any trusted licensed medical person or other entity. All medically-related statements which we may make are lay, anecdotal and personal opinion-type statements only. If you are suffering from medical-type manifestations, we always recommend that you first obtain a complete medical exam from trusted and licensed medical professionals (at your end and your expense) to diagnose, treat and possibly cure all medically-caused manifestations. ANY MANIFESTATION - MEDICAL-LIKE OR OTHERWISE - WHICH HAS NO KNOWN MEDICAL OR OTHER NATURAL CAUSATION, MAY BE CAUSED BY MIND CONTROL OR OTHER TYPES OF ELECTRONIC ATTACK DEVICES.
          NOTE-1: We cannot produce any device which is intended or likely to be used as a weapon, to retaliate against anyone, or which inflicts injury, pain or suffering to any person or animal, or which causes any other kind of mind control- or electronic-induced manifestations, or which is otherwise illegal, unethical or immoral. So please do not contract us for any device to treat, cure, diagnose, prevent or assist a medical condition, or to cause any kind of mind control or body control condition, or is likely to harm any person, animal or property, or is likely to be illegal, unethical or immoral. Do NOT use any device or statement we provide to stop, delay, accelerate, substitute for, modify or change any medical advice or device provided to you by a licensed, competent and trusted medical provider.
          NOTE-2: A few of our device-types come with an electrode(s) and/or induction coil(s) to be used on or near the skin (all electrodes are surface electrodes - none are invasive). Not even after decades and 100s of devices, no Client or our personnel (who create, test and also use these devices) has ever reported or complained to our knowledge about any harmful effects to them for any device we provided them, so we consider all of our device-types to be safe. Just to be extra safe, if you obtain a device type of ours which comes with an electrode(s) or induction coil(s) used on or near the skin, please consult with your licensed, competent and trusted medical provider (at your end and your expense) to verify that such a device-type is not likely harmful to you for you to apply on yourself, especially if you have heart rhythm problems or are connected to or have implanted inside of you an electronic medical device (including, but not limited to, pacemakers, diabetic controllers, and nerve stimulators), or you are pregnant, or you have allergies, illnesses or injuries or any other medical condition that might be adversely affected by electrodes, coils, EMFs or ultrasonic signals. As with all types of electronic devices from us or anyone else, do not place EMF coils directly onto the skull.

HOW TO PICK THE RIGHT DEVICE TYPE FOR YOU: If not a medical condition, your manifestations may be caused by several different electronic attack / mind control scenarios. You must analyze your situation, by asking yourself and answering these questions: (1) When do these manifestations occur? (2) Where do they occur? (3) Do the manifestations follow you all over? (4) Do they occur all together, or do you get one or some sometimes and another or others other times? (5) Is there anything you are doing which changes their intensity and/or frequency of occurrence either up or down? (6) What is your body position when they occur? (7) What activities are you engaged in at the time? (8) Do you have any idea where the offending transmitter may be located and/or who operates it? (9) Who are with when they occur? (10) When they occur, no matter where they occur, do you see any pattern (eg: similar modus operandi, certain person or vehicle in the area, or certain activity or situation that is almost alway present, a certain weather pattern, or some other type of pattern)? (11) If you place a heavy wool blanket or sweater over your head, do they still occur?* (12) If you place a large and deep steel pot over your head, do they still occur? (13) Have you observed any unusual or strange behavior by those suspected? (14) Is their behavior a predictor of a current, past or an upcoming attack? (15) Is your behavior a predictor of a current, past or an upcoming attack? (16) Is there anyone else around you or in a similar situation who you know of also experiencing similar manifestations? (17) Do other people, pets or other animals around you act differently just before or while you are experiencing your manifestations? (18) Are you receiving electrical shocks when you touch metal surfaces or run water? (19) What have the police, FBI, FCC, your doctor, etc. tell you about your manifestations? Please note that as policy we cannot recommend any device type as a device type which will stop your manifestations - this decision is left totally up to you. While we do guarantee that any device we provide you will electronically function as specified, since we have no way of being able to ascertain your situation ourselves, we cannot guarantee that the device will lessen or stop your manifestations.
          *There is another simple way to test to see if you are being attacked by ultrasounds or infrasounds: Today, ultrasonic and infrasonic attacks are about as common as EMF electronic attacks and are believed to occur combined with each other or with EMF attacks. And clearly many people under electronic attack do not even know that their manifestations are caused by electronic attacks. And many TIs who come to us for help know or believe they are being attacked but don't know whether it is ultrasound, infrasound or both and/or by EMF attacks in those same frequency bands. In fact the test method below and the wool blanket method above should be periodically done to find out exactly why you may be having manifestations - especially manifestations with no known medical cause; and these methods should help you buy countermeasure devices from us that you need and not to buy devices that don't address the actual attacks you may be getting.
          For ultrasounds and infrasounds, hard walls act as vibrating sound boards and can be used to detect sounds you cannot hear. The hard indoor walls which are at least your height, and when you are completely still you can hear no sounds and feel no vibrations. There must be an object (eg: shelf, rack, etc.) solidly attached to the wall for best results. You fill a glass with water and set it on the attached object. You then step away and be very quiet; make sure all vibration makers (eg: fans, TVs, etc.) are off. Look at the water. Is it rippling (if you are feeling manifestations but there is little or no rippling, then you may be attacked by EMFs only)? If so, how intensely (ripple intensity indicates sound intensity)? If so, are the ripples fine (indicates ultrasonics), or choppy or wave-like (indicates infrasonic)? The wall amplifies the vibrations it is being subjected to, which vibrations are transmitted to the water causing rippling. Audio sounds can also cause similar ripples (but they are usually heard). So can nearby traffic, trains, street work, industrial activities, construction activities, airports and airplanes, mining/drilling activities (especially if they are injection wells), earthquakes, ocean waves, and even people walking or chatting. Now, move the glass to a similarly attached object to a second wall of the same type and roughly the same dimensions that is perpendicular to the wall you just tested. Then answer the same questions as above. If the rippling is now of a different type, that indicates a second attack from a different direction. If there is much less or no rippling, then the vibrations are coming perpendicular to the first wall. If the rippling is the same type and about the same intensity, the vibrations are coming from about 45 degrees to both walls. If the rippling is mostly the same type but significantly more or less on one wall than the other, then the direction of the vibration is more perpendicular to the direction of the wall with the most intense ripples.
          Most perp attacks, whether using sounds or EMFs, come from a mostly horizontal direction to the TI. Doing these tests on a horizontal surface (eg: a bare table top) won't give you significant ripples from an horizontal transmitter as those produced by a hard wall, but should much better indicate sounds transmitted from above or below because the table top acts as the sounding board. If you use an horizontal surface, make sure that the surface's wood or metal feet rests directly on solid floor. If the wall or table is outside, the wind (no matter how light) will cause rippling. And keep in mind that sound and EMF signals reflect well off of hard surfaces, so to determine transmitter direction, you must consider nearby reflecting surfaces.

Short on Money to Get What YOU MUST HAVE?
Hard Economic Times makes it difficult for many good people to defend themselves against all kinds of dangers, including Mind Control Attacks and Electronic Harassment. WE CAN HELP YOU!
All of our devices are unique and professionally handmade in the USA. That is why they cost more than the mass-produced foreign-made electronic devices common to discount stores. Our resulting higher prices means that many good people may find our CD projects hard to afford. To make it much easier for stretched people to obtain our unique Customized Devices, we now offer our special Lay-Away and Barter and Collateral Plans (use them individually or in conjunction with each other) as added means to obtain our products and services. For more details, click on: Our Easy Payment Plans, then click on your browser's backbutton to return here.

ADD A NEW ELECTRONIC FREQUENCY COUNTER TO YOUR CUSTOMIZED DEVICES: Many of the Device-Types described herein automatically come with displays. These displays may consist of meter-type digital readouts, analog readouts or LEDs. Now you can add a new small and portable Electronic Frequency Counter (EFC) to any Customized Devices (CD) device you contract for with us (includes, but not limited to the Device-Types described herein) which processes or produces a sinewave, square wave or triangular wave between 0.009 Hz and 99,999 Hz. Be sure to specify an EFC for YOUR device CDAF (green link at top of webpage is CDAF; only $99 extra for the EFC, $49 extra to modify each device to be EFC-capable). With an EFC, you can monitor the entire effective air bandwidth for infrasonic, audio and ultrasonic sounds, as well as electromagnetic signals within this same bandwidth - including brain wave frequencies and many power, servo and control frequencies! This should greatly increase your data and documentation, and is especially useful for tracking and analyzing mind control, electronic attack, radionics, audio, power, servo, control and other signals. Since the EFC comes as a separate module which plugs into your CD devices, all you need is one EFC for all of your EFC-capable devices, PLUS you can use your EFC for other non-CD devices and uses. We can sell you the EFC by itself custom-modified with battery holder and ON/OFF switch, if you wish, and with any of these types of signal connections: RCA, phone plug, miniphone plug, BNC, USB, spade lug, flat lug, ring lug, banana, pin, barrel plug, bare wire ($249 + S/H ($6.90 USA S/H)).

ARE YOU A TARGETED INDIVIDUAL (TI)?: John Williams's (MSEE) and his people's extensive electronic weaponry, electronic harassment devices, and Radionics devices researches and many projects - including on-site investigations of cases - have resulted in high levels of understanding and insights into electronic mind control and harassment techniques, technologies and manifestations, and especially their countermeasures and transmitter location devices. The technologies for powerful and invisible electronic attacks are proven to exist and are widespread (Online search: "Havana Syndrome", etc.) - attacks aimed at seriously injuring, harassing, controlling, crippling, and "electronic poisoning" people. While you are under electronic attack, you may or may not be aware you are being attacked; however, you will likely experience these manifestations while being attacked or later. Attacks can be by sounds (ultrasonic, audio, and/or infrasonic) or by electromagnetic that may cause sound sensations (Microwave Auditory Effect - MAE).

Manifestations: Do You:

Many of these manifestations may also be caused by non-electronic attack reasons (eg: medical, normal mechanical/electronic problems, etc.), all of which you should thoroughly check out and rule out if possible. But even if these other often non-electronic manifestations are occurring, electronic attacks aggravate most of these manifestations, so curing a medical problem caused/not caused by an electronic attack may provide only limited and/or temporary relief if electronic attacks were and still are aggravating them. No matter what is causing your medical problems, you need your trusted licensed medical doctors to address them. If due to electronic attacks, come to us to try to stop them from worsening or reoccurring. Many voice, sound and visual phenomena may not be experienced by others near you, or told by them as normal or different sounds and/or sights. Having medical or normal electronic device problems are not mutually exclusive conditions to being electronically attacked - all can occur at same time. Perp attacks may be varied or unvaried in signal type/intensity/timing/direction, and may target the brain, body, and/or electronic devices. Some TIs experience multiple attacks and attack technologies at the same time. If you are not certain that these manifestations are being caused or aggravated ONLY by a medical condition(s), by a normal mechanical/electronic malfunction(s) (eg: from wear and tear), or by some other non-electronic or sound reason, they may be caused by or aggravated by harmful electromagnetic signals or sounds. Note that not all injurious EMF signals and sounds are intended to be malicious; and people differ in sensitivities to EMF signals and sounds.
: You still may be in grave danger of electronics attack. Consider: (1) Electronic attack signals are often not observeable by any of your senses (but can be detected using specialized electronic devices of the types we make). (2) Electronic attacks can cause serious damage over a short or long time, and you may not experience anything until a certain threshhold of damages occurs, then suddenly all comes crashing down. An analogy is cancer: You can have a cancer growing inside of you for years and feel nothing bad, but then one day you suddenly become sick, and are told you are Stage 3 or 4. (3) Even if you are not being currently attacked, if a perp(s) starts attacking you, if you are unprepared, it may be weeks before you can mobilize effective defenses, which then may be too late. An anology is you might carry bear spray with you even though you have never been attacked and have no belief you will be attacked; but once attacked you can quickly defend yourself. Without the bear spray, you may be killed or injured. You keep locks on your doors to end the risks of being murdered, raped or robbed. Same with seatbelts. The way mind control attacks are clearly accelerating today, most people will be attacked within a few years to come, and many attacked multiple times.
In today's world, you must assume that your perp(s) has personal files on you (a dossier), describing realtime in detail you, your family members, friends, associates, locations, schedules, facial and gait recognition, habits, vulnerabilities, medical problems, financial situations, etc., and perps know exactly which buttons-to-push to maximize your injuries, pain and suffering. Dossiers were notoriously associated with Nazis, East German Stasi, and communists - today, there are several-to-many dossiers on almost everyone, and some are sold on the dark web. Since 2001, based on reports we get, mind control attacks have been and are skyrocketing. You may be the victim of injurious electromagnetic, ultrasonic, audio, and/or infrasonic signals and sounds, which come in almost countless variations. No matter what attack devices are used, it is critical to block or jam their signals reaching you and your devices. We here to try to help you with our very effective countermeasures (shielding, jamming) to stop the bad signals from damaging you, and transmitter locators. Please let us try to help you.

WHY OUR EMF TRANSMITTER DIRECTION-FINDING AND LOCATING DEVICES ARE FAR SUPERIOR TO CELLPHONE APPS AND OFF-THE-SHELF SCANNERS: The problem with smartphone sensor apps and commercial scanners is that almost all use omnidirectional antennas, which makes it impossible for the TI to detect a less-intense mind control signal because a stronger TV, radio, cellphone or other signal is coming in from another direction(s) - almost always happens! Their displays show only the strongest signals coming in from ANY direction. Even those few with what they call directional antennas are clearly inferior. This results in many false positive detections (eg: TI detects strong TV signals, making TI falsely believe he/she is under constant attack), and false negative detections (eg: TI dismisses real mind control attack signals as being just TV signals). Even if the TI detects a mind control signal, the direction of the attack transmitter is unrevealed or just roughly revealed, so TI can't take optimum steps to shield against, jam or evade the attack, to stop the transmitter, and/or to prove who the perp is. Our direction-finding and locating devices employ specially-designed highly directional antennas for mind control signals, which means that when pointed in the direction of the mind control signal they will display the mind control signal even when much stronger signals are coming in from other directions. And because our special highly-directional antennas are so good at direction pointing and locating, the TI can much more precisely determine the attack transmitter's direction and location.

Introduction to this Page
Customized Devices Application Form (CDAF)

We make no device intended for medical use and we make no medical, supernatural, paranormal, psychic or legal claims, advice or opinion

The ULTIMO MECHANICAL EM TRANSMITTER LOCATOR: "Mechanical" means here that the UMEMTL is totally non-electronic (ie: uses no electricity - no batteries nor AC power). The UMEMTL is a portable, very wideband EM transmitter locator you use to locate nearby offending EMF transmitters, preferably within 50 feet of you (almost all EM mind control and electronic attacks we know of). You point the UMEMTL in the direction(s) you believe the offending signal(s) is coming from. If the UMEMTL placement causes a certain change, you then determine the exact direction of the offending transmitter(s) by making a few quick and easy mechanical adjustments. The UMEMTL will also locate burst, frequency hopping (multi-frequency) and pulse signal transmitters (just as well as continuous wave signals) - transmitter types very difficult to locate using electronic EM direction finders. The UMEMTL also works well to locate multi-directional and simultaneously-transmitting transmitters. Also great for locating transmitting and/or receiving electronic implants. And can also serve as a temporary body part EM shield. Not recommended for distant, low-frequency or highly mobile EM transmitters.
            Specify whether you want the external transmitter locator version or the electronic implant locator version. Last made $295 [6 lb].

The ULTIMO EM TRANSMITTER DIRECTION FINDER (ElectroMagnetic Detector/Amplifier/Direction Finder): If you are being electronically attacked, electronically harassed, electronically controlled, electronically tracked, and/or electronically surveilled through some wireless means, the signal is either electromagnetic (EM) or ultrasonic (see below) in nature. There are all kinds of commercial EM scanners which will allow you to scan for the presence of EM signals. However, they almost never come with directional antennas (they usually have only an omnidirectional whip antenna) so that while using the whip antenna you can pick up EM signals and display the strongest EM signal coming to you from any direction, they cannot determine signal direction - only signal frequency and signal strength. Furthermore, since the standard whip antennas used in commercial scanners detect signals from all directions, a stronger EM signal(s) with a nearby center frequency(ies) (eg: licensed ham and/or commercial radio stations and/or TV stations) to an electronic attack signal will cause the scanner with the standard whip antenna to detect it/them instead of the offending signal. However, because our UEMTDF comes with our proprietary highly directional antennas, when pointed in the offending signal's direction, often result in the clear detection and direction finding of offending signals - even when more powerful non-malevolent (eg: licensed commercial stations, ham, cb) transmitters are operating in the same area, at the same time and at nearby frequencies. This is critical because electronic attack transmitters are often designed to operate in the "electronic shadows" of stronger legit signals, such as commercial TV stations and radio stations, to electronically hide them from scanner/whip antenna detection. Furthermore, commercial scanners come with no instructions on how to interpret the received signals in the realm of electronic attack, mind control and body control technologies. Because of the variety of directional antennas that we include and our User Manual insights about their uses, the UEMTDF can be used to detect and determine the direction of not only relatively distant external signals, but also nearby and even internal signals transmitted, for example, from an electronic implant(s) (for modern electronic implants and most other localized transmitters, it is usually very helpful to be able to detect both internal signals and external signals because modern electronic implants, room bugs, vehicle tracking transmitters, possibly telecoils/magnetic induction loop systems, etc. are often in two-way communications with much larger external transceivers which control them; electronic implant control is often based on the received biomedical data supplied by the electronic implants - data which is often biological result of previous control signal instructions from the external transceivers often in a closed-loop feedback type system). Other nearby signals the UEMTDF is designed to both detect and find include room bugs and tracking transmitters often concealed on vehicles, clothes and portable objects. The UEMTDF comes with a commercial scanner of our choice based on the description of your needs, plus 3 unique directional antennas of our design (used to be 5 antennas, but thru our antenna research, we now have 3 for Client convenience that work better than the original 5), plus description of both how to use the directional antennas and how to interpret as best we know the detected radio signals, including "radio static" that is often missed even by professional bug sweepers (detection is contingent upon the existence of a transmitter transmitting an adequate RF signal at the same time and direction you are trying to detect it). NOTE: We will refund 25% of your payment for this device-type if within 60 days of you contracting for one you also contract for a PERSONAL EMF JAMMER (PEMFJ)-type device because you needa highly directional RF signal detector to try to ascertain the frequency, direction and timing of the harassing or attacking EMF so that we can optimally design the PEMFJ for you, and also so that you can prove to yourself that your PEMFJ is transmitting radio signals. Last made $1195 [3 lb].
            ANTENNAS LIMITED TIME SPECIAL OFFER: We recently made major changes in our antenna designs, applicable to all new UEMTDF and UEMTT (below) CD projects. While we got good reports from our earlier antenna variations, our two largest antennas were relatively bulky and heavy, limiting portable use of them by some users. Our newest antennas are much smaller and lighter and thus easier to use. As a special consumer service, if you purchased from us an UEMTDF or UEMTT device-type since Oct. 18, 2007, we will provide you this new set of our unique directional antennas for estimated $395 per antenna set, plus the return to us of all of your original antennas in good condition. Your cost for these new antenna types is less than half of their cost component for new UEMTDF or UEMTT CD projects. To obtain these new antennas, please promptly email us your interest in this deal, and complete a new CDAF for them (green link at top of page, Evaluation Fee waived), and send it to us with your payment (non-refundable 1/3rd downpayment minimum) and original antenna set of antennas. Please allow 30 days from our receipt of your mailing. Note 1: This is not a refund offer or system exchange offer - but an antenna exchange offer only - so please do not send anything else back to us. Note 2: First posted Oct. 19, 2009, we may discontinue this offer at any time without prior notice or liability, so if interested in this deal, please email us promptly, we will honor those who earlier emailed us showing interest and then provided us his/her CDAF, payment and antennas within 30 days of email. Note 3: All of our policies fully apply as usual.

The ULTIMO EM TRANSMITTING ELECTRONIC IMPLANT LOCATOR: The UEMTEIL is the same as the UEMTDF described above, but includes only our very Special Antenna we developed to optimize the location of EM transmitting electronic implants (Note: Not all electronic implants transmit EM signals; the UEMTEIL is not intending for electronic implants which do not transmit EM signals)*. While the small antenna included with the UEMTDF is sensitive to EM-transmitting implants, it is also designed to detect and find the direction of very high frequency external signals, whereas our UEMTEIL's Special Antenna is optimally designed for detecting and locating electronic implants, and is therefore much more sensitive to detecting EM transmitting implants (but still may pickup powerful external signals). Last made $995 [2 lb]. For the Special Antenna only (designed to fit your UEMTDF's signal strength meter), last made only $95 [1 lb], but only if included with your UEMTDF, if you contracted for your UEMTDF now or within the last 60 days.
       *HOW TO TEST FOR TRANSMITTING ELECTRONIC IMPLANTS: You likely have a transmitting electronic implant if your perp seems to have real time knowledge of your biological manifestations. Another test that usually works very well (depending much on your radio's signal frequency and direction) is to hold a portable radio at arms length, then bring it close to various parts of your body. A change in radio sound likely indicates that you have a transmitting electronic implant. Tune your radio to different radio stations and repeat the test; the radio frequency producing the greatest change is usually either near to the transmitting implant frequency or to an harmonic of it. NOTE-1: Because they are so inexpensive, electronic implants are now believed to be fairly common; you may be shocked or surprised as to how many people (and even animals) have them. NOTE-2: This test can produce false positives and false negatives, and we are not certain as to why.

The ULTIMO EM TRANSMITTER TRIANGULATOR: The UEMTT consists of two matching UEMTDF systems (above), plus additional instructions on triangulating EM transmitters. While the UEMTDF will provide you EM transmitter signal strength, signal frequency and signal direction, it will not directly specifically locate the signal transmitter. To best determine specific location of transmitter, you need to triangulate the signal, and that requires two UEMTDF systems. In addition to the User Manual, for all triangulation device-types we sell, we also provide a tutorial on signal triangulation with a completely worked-out example problem using our simple algebraic plug-in formulas. NOTE: We will refund 25% of your payment for this device-type if within 60 days of you contracting for one you also contract for a PERSONAL EMF JAMMER (PEMFJ)-type device because you needa highly directional RF signal detector to try to ascertain the frequency, direction and timing of the harassing or attacking EMF so that we can optimally design the PEMFJ for you, and also so that you can prove to yourself that your PEMFJ is transmitting radio signals. Last made $1995 [6 lb].

The ULTIMO MAGNETIC BODY RESONANT FREQUENCY DETECTOR: The body's magnetic resonant frequency is reputed to be an electronic signature that many perps use to target and pursue Targeted Individuals (TIs) - body resonant frequency tracking. The UMBRFD allows you to determine what your body's magnetic resonant frequency is. Once you know what magnetic frequency your body resonates at, you can try various means of shielding to suppress it by further using the UMBRFD to ascertain which shielding works best. The UMBRFD is simple and easy to use. You hang our special magnetic field detector around your neck. It comes with a very special antenna, small tuner and EMF signal strength detector. You adjust the tuner until you obtain a frequency output at its highest intensity as digitally displayed on the signal strength detector. That should be the frequency of magnetic resonance of your body - your body resonant frequency. To use the UMBRFD, you must first be inside something that greatly shields you from external RF signals, such as a metal shed, quonset hut, building with a lot of metal in its structure, deep basement or cave, or in a remote area where RF signals are weak (your cellphone should show one bar or less), and with all RF transmitting electronic devices turned Off (Fermi Cage or Faraday Cage would be ideal, but few people have access to them). Also, some believe that one's body resonant frequency changes as one's health changes, so detection of body resonant frequency changes may be a warning to obtain a medical examination (we are not medically licensed professionals so we can not and do not provide medical advice, device, opinion or claim). Also, by finding the magnetic resonances of other people in your life, you may be able to find people that you share the most compatible "vibes" with. Note: The human magnetic field is very weak, so not all people have a detectable magnetic resonance frequency of the body. For us to provide you this device-type, we need to know the circumference of your head (simply snugly wrap a string or ribbon one time around your head, then measure its length). Last made was $1295 [2 lbs].

The ULTIMO LED MIND CONTROL DETECTOR: A relatively recent powerful form of mind control and electronic attack is becoming increasingly popular. LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes) are omnipresent in many different types of common electronic equipment for decades now, especially increasingly so with the advent of high-intensity energy-efficient LED bulbs, LED lamps and other LED lighting systems. LEDs are semiconductor light emitters which can be precisely programmed for specific wavelengths, colors, tones and modulations, and have been used for years to program astronauts sleep cycles in the Space Station. LED light usually appears as constant (0 Hz frequency) or blinking or flashing at very low rates (usually for alarm reasons). Older LEDs generally have such small bandwidths as to be nearly useless for mind control and electronic attack uses, even LEDs used in some LED biofeedback devices. However, some newer LEDs can be effectively modulated with signals up to about 100Mb/s - way beyond the modulation bandwidth required for mind control and way beyond the modulation bandwidths of all other common light sources - not to mention cheap and commonly available - making them ideal for mind control and electronic attack. Most electronic devices which have LEDs are now foreign-made, so which LEDs are now programmed and how are mostly unknown. You can't 100% block LED effects using dark sun glasses, and if the LEDs are intense, even closing your eyes may not help much. And LEDs can be intensely flashing you at such high frequencies and/or in the ultraviolet band even when they appear to be Off to the eye (eg: the signal output LEDs used in TV controllers)! Because LED modulations can be very high bandwidth, just by glancing at the modulated LED light may be enough to entrain your brain, and some manifestations can be delayed, making it difficult to determine the cause.
         Mind control and electronic attack signals conveyed directly into the brain through the eyes and optic nerve pathways can be very destructive in several ways (eg: direct interferences with nerve pulses, disruption or suppression of melatonin production, disruption of circadian rhythms, etc.). We now believe that many mind control and electronic attacks are being conducted through modulated LEDs flashing at such high rates that your eyes cannot detect these fast flashes but your brain does on a subliminal basis. You have no way of knowing without the ULEDMCD which LEDs may be attacking you and which are benign. And that while most of these LED mind control methods are clearly for commercial reasons (eg: telling you to buy a certain product or avoid competitors), others are used directly for nefarious mind control and electronic attack applications. Modulated LEDs are also widely used for Visible Light Communications systems (VLC), including for the activation, programming and controlling of other electronic devices themselves directly involved in surveillance and spying, and mind control and electronic attack. In addition, flashing LEDs are believed to trigger or cause epileptic seizures, migraine headaches, confusing/chaotic thoughts, thought interferences, forced thoughts, perception alterations, insomnia, sleep disruptions, hallucinations, eye damage, temporary color blindness and distortions, loss of balance, depression, fibromyalgia attacks, behavioral modification, obsessive-compulsive behavior, and even psychopathic behaviors in some vulnerable people. You can be exposed to LED mind control or other electronic attack totally unaware of this type of electronic attack. Since your eyes won't likely detect it, you need a specialized device like the ULEDMCD to detect and alarm to LED mind control. The ULEDMCD detects LEDs which are outputting high-frequency signals (30 Hz - 200 KHz), indicative of some mind control, electronic attack and communications devices, and alarms you when detected. If detected and you own the offending device, you can tape over the offending LED with black electrical tape or paint over it with dark nail polish, disconnect the LED, report the device or take some other kind of action. The ULEDMCD last made was $595 [2 lb].

The BRAIN SIGNATURE WAVEFORM DETECTOR: One method believed to be used to track and target individuals for subliminal mind control, behavioral modification, entrainment, electronic attack and electronic harassment (electromagnetic / ultrasonic) purposes is by monitoring their purportedly unique set of brain Alpha (8 Hz - 12 Hz - Awake, mild/moderate stimulation), Beta (15 Hz - 25 Hz - Awake, moderate/excited stimulation), Delta (0.5 Hz - 4 Hz - Stage 3 Sleep, Stage 4 Sleep), Theta (4 Hz - 8 Hz - Stage 1 Sleep and REM Sleep), and Spindles (12 Hz - 15 Hz - Stage 2 Sleep, often with K-Complex) waveforms. The BSWD is a device that lets you experimentally research this phenomenon for yourself. User Manual includes a tutorial on how this technology is purported to work. Includes a RF receiver and the BSWD signal processor, and a high-quality oscilloscope to view your detected waveforms (as well as the many other uses oscilloscopes can be used for). NOTE: This system requires that you have but does not include a cellphone and active cellphone service because your low-frequency brainwaves are extracted from the very slightly modulated cellphone frequencies that pass through your head during normal cellphone calls. Last made $7945 [20 lb].

The ULTIMO PROXIMITY DETECTOR & ALARM: The UPD&A works similar to a Porch Light Proximity Detector (PLPD), but our UPD&A is far more versatile and useful. PLPDs are designed to be mounted and operated at about head high, and to detect human beings. Our UPD&A can be mounted even below your ground level all the way to above your ceiling, and will detect anything that generates significant heat - including people, animals, and warm mechanical, electrical or heating machinery. While PLPDs just turn-ON a light, our UPD&A will turn-ON a light, and/or sound a loud alarm (you select), and for a duration you program it for typically between 1 - 10 secords (you can specify other time ranges if you wish). And while PLPDs offer a limited range of sensor directions, our UPD&A sensor is mounted on an adjustable flexible arm which you can point in any direction. And while PLPDs are typically 120VAC powered - forcing you to be tethered to a power socket, you can specify our UPD&A to be powered by 9VDC battery, by both 9VDC battery and 120VAC (with selector switch), or powered by 120VAC. And because you can select a loud alarm to sound off upon detection, our UPD&A can be used to frighten intruding humans and animals away so you get rid of them without confronting them. Our UPD&A comes with a sensitivity adjustment. Some of our UPD&A's very important uses:
          (1) You can detect and alarm (if you wish) potential home invaders, burglars, rapists, stalkers, peeping toms, spies, etc. who intrude on your property - even if they may be concealed from your view. While PLPDs are mostly limited to detecting humans and some large animals, they miss much smaller living things like rats, mice, cats, smaller dogs, raccoons, birds, bats, etc. which might be endangering you and/or infesting/damaging your property, but hard to detect because they operate at night. While people vary considerably in height and size, everyone's feet is on the ground, so by setting detection direction lower, you pick up much smaller people and animals.
          (2) Our UPD&A can be used on camping trips to detect people and animals (large and small) which visit your campsite when you are asleep or absent. Also great for detecting people nearby when you are doing your private business. Also great for outdoor activities of all kinds, and trips in general. Our UPD&A can be used to keep close to others in your group even when you temporarily can't see them; and for help finding lost or hidden children and pets.
          (3) While not designed to substitute for fire detectors, our UPD&A can pick up hot items, including fires, stoves, space heaters, etc.

          (4) Our UPD&A can be used to detect mechanical and electrical devices that produce heat or recently produced heat. Some examples: (A) To detect if robots are wondering around your area. (B) To detect if you have a device turned ON which should not be ON. (C) To detect to deternine whether or not a vehicle has been recently driven, or a gun has been recently fired, without touching it. (D) To detect if water or food you are heating is warm enough. (E) To detect if something is hot without getting burned. And its great for science projects.
          (5) Our UPD&A can be used to detect hot spots in your home or business to show where you are losing costly energy, building up too much heat or where there may be a wiring or plumbing defect.

          (6) Our UPD&A can be used to detect unusual hot spots on your body or pet's body to alert you to see your doctor or vet to examine, or to detect a possible electronic implant.
       Last made $885 [2 lb].

The UNKNOWN & UNSEEN ENTITY DETECTOR: A device type sometimes referred to by others as unknown presence detectors, unseen presence detectors, spirit detectors, ghost detectors, ghost busters, alien detectors, and alien buster detectors. Yet another one of our all time most exciting and incredible devices! Concerned about nearby hidden people (eg: rapists, muggers, home invaders, stalkers, peeping-toms) or animals, or spirits or ghosts which can disturb the ambient static electric field and/or the electromagnetic field? Detect them with the U&UED! The U&UED is an ultra-sensitive device which will detect the presence or nearness of virtually anything which produces or disturbs this omnipresent Static Field (U&UED1) or Electromagnetic Field (U&UED2) (the U&UED-Combo is both a U&UED1 and U&UED2 combined in the same box using the same power supply). Static field and electromagnetic field disturbances are not normally detectable with the human senses alone (some animals are very sensitive to these electric field disturbances). Worried that someone is hiding in your home, business or vehicle? Or some feral animal is laying in wait to surprise and attack you? The U&UED may help to detect and warn you! With Sensitivity Adjustment to boost dynamic range. (NOTE #1: We do NOT claim that ghosts and spirits actually exist; our designs are based on our proprietary theories should they exist. NOTE #2: Works best under dry conditions, the environment should be less than 50% Relative Humidity because high humidity adversely affects disturbances in electrostatic fields; and avoid using the U&UED near large metal surfaces, large bodies of water and AC power and radio emitters and other manmade strong electrical disturbances as proximity to these entities may cause this device type to not properly function). The U&UEDs are the same types of devices used by paranormal researchers, UFO and alien researchers, and "ghost busters." Last made $695 [2 lb] each, $1285 combined (U&UED-Combo).

The AUTOMATIC WRITING MACHINE: Some people appear to be very sensitive to signals coming from God, angels, space aliens, ancient ancestors, departed spirits and even animals, which sensitivity manifests itself into automatic writing. However, most people lack this inate sensitivity, but would still like to engage in automatic writing based on subliminal detection of incoming signals. Basically, how the AWM works is that you hold it in the palm of your hand and a pen or pencil in the fingers of same hand prepared for writing. You lay down a blank sheet of paper. You turn ON the AWM. You then attempt to draw freehand an horizontal straight line across the paper about at your normal writing speed. The AWM picks up signals from the air using its wideband antenna, highly amplifies them, and then transforms them into mechanical vibrations. These vibrations then cause your pen or pencil to vibrate in the vertical axis to modulate your attempted straight line into what now appears to be writing. Practice and experimentation are required for best results. Also may help to reveal mind control and surveillance attempts against you. Also makes a really fun game, and a great science project. Last made $685 [2 lb]. $100 added for highly directional antenna.

The LONG-RANGE INFRARED DETECTOR: Detect the presence of things that generate heat without having to see or hear them first! The LRITD is an ultra-sensitive infrared (IR) detector that will alert you to heat sources up to about 200 feet away. The LRITD includes LED beeper indicators as well as switched 9 VDC and relay closure outputs (eg: for burglar alarm uses). The LRITD can also be used to detect when a heat source leaves an area (eg: to monitor a child or pet). And to verify when equipment is turned or left ON or OFF because most operating equipment generate some heat. Can sometimes be used to verify which rooms and areas are occupied by people or animals when they are not visible to you. And helps you detect the presence of hidden operating equipment, such as surveillance devices. And helps you detect the loss of heat from your home, business, or buried/concealed hot water lines and hot water line leaks to help save heating costs. Uses a unique, rugged, and highly effective method of concentrating heat in its detector unit for much greater sensitivity. Particularly sensitive to the 7-14nm IR range of human and (most) animal body heat. Last made $495 [2 lb].

The ULTRASONIC GALVANIC SKIN RESPONSE CORRELATOR: We believe that the Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) is a good indication of anomalies that reside beneath the skin where the galvanic skin response is taken from, and that galvanic skin responses will be very close to each other when the taken on two corresponding positions on symmetrical parts of the body of a healthy person. In other words, for example, if there is an anomaly located unseen under the skin of the right foot but not under the left foot skin in the same foot area, galvanic measurements will likely be different for both foot areas (same part of foot; amount of galvanic skin response difference largely depends on type, size, position and depth of anomaly; both areas should have same amount of skin wetness) because the two feet are fairly symmetrical to each other; however, if there is no anomaly in either foot, then the galvanic measurements, while usually not identical, should be close to each other. We define an "anomaly" (eg: tumors, infections, impaired blood flows, nerve disorders, strained/torn muscles, strained/torn ligaments, strained/torn tendons, cracked/broken bones, lesions, subcutaneous electronic implants, etc.).
          The UGSRC includes two of our proprietary Super Soft-Pinch Electrodes. When attached to the skin, the input is fed into an ultra high input impedance ultra high gain amplifier (with AGC and adjustable gain to about 1,000,000), with the results displayed on meter (included). AGC - Automatic Gain Control - is important because it much extends the dynamic range of the amplifier, allowing for full amplification of very weak signals but little amplification of very strong signals.
          What makes the UGSRC especially important and totally unique is that it includes an ultrasonic pulser - a special ultrasonic output transducer. The purpose of the ultrasonic transducer is to "thump" or "ping" tissues and organs (ie: stimulate tissues and organs) located under the skin with ultrasonic pulses (adjustable pulse rate), which pulses are believed to cause an electrical reaction by some anomalies. This reaction may result in a much heightened or amplified galvanic skin response, if so, causing a much greater difference in the galvanic skin response between the side with the anomaly and the side without the anomaly. And furthermore, this reaction may also result in a much much heightened or amplified galvanic skin response from the same electrode placement over an anomaly between the ultrasonic transducer being ON and being OFF, thereby making the UGSRC very useful in electrically ferreting out and pinpointing those well-hidden anomalies, and also for unilaterally testing non-symmetrical parts of the body as well. The ultrasonic transducer is usually placed between the two galvanic electrodes.
          Galvanic skin responses (GSRs) are also traditionally used to detect and expose lying (eg: polygraphs / lie detectors), psychology research (eg: reactions to stress and to disturbing thoughts and memories), biomedical research, biofeedback research, paranormal research / psychic research, mind control and electronic attack, and for "ghostbusting." GSRs are ever popularly used by a large religion to ferret out and compensate for stresses in people's lives. We also believe that the UGSRC can be used to test and/or stimulate animals and plants as well. The UGSRC is great for those into researching their own bodies, gadgeteers, experimenters, science researchers / science projects and Science Fairs. Practically endless uses.
UGSRC last made $1995 [2 lb].
          (NOTE: We are not licensed medical professionals, so neither can we make any medical claims nor can we provide medical opinion or medical advice or medical device; should you believe that you have an anomaly under your skin, promptly contact your own doctor (at your own expense); since this is a newer technology, we do not have tables that correlate galvanic skin responses to specific anomalies so we have no diagnostic information relating to any particular galvanic skin response for anomalies that may result from any medical condition so the UGSRC is NOT intended to be a diagnostic tool - see your doctor; since the UGSRC can only detect those anomalies that cause differences or changes in the galvanic skin response, it cannot detect anomalies, if any, which do not produce galvanic skin response differences or changes; the lack of a significant difference or change in galvanic skin response does not mean that there is no anomaly; external electromagnetic fields and electronic beams (eg: from an electronic direct energy attack ("directed energy attack")) which impact one side of the body more than the other can result in different galvanic skin responses in absence of any anomaly and thus the UGSRC may also be a useful tool in detecting exposures to ambient EM fields; and differences in galvanic skin responses can result from no known, understood or provable internal or external causations).

The PROGRAMMABLE LIGHT & SOUND DETECTOR: Do you need to activate something the instant that a light or sound is detected? For examples, as part of a burglar alarm system, proximity detector, or lamp, appliance, power tool, or process controller. The PL&SD/ detects light and/or sound and produces both a relay closure and 9 VDC outputs. Output durations and light and sound sensitivities are adjustable. Last made $195 [3 lb].

The ULTIMO POWERED/NON-POWERED MOBIUS COILS: The UP/NPMC is an induction coil specially and uniquely wound in a Mobius Coil pattern - often used as a transmitter antenna and/or receiver antenna. The Mobius Coil is an extension of the legendary Faraday loop. We believe that our Mobius Coil configuration - as opposed to an ordinary (non-mobius) induction coil - produces unusual beneficial results relevant to jamming mind control and electronic attack signals, and also produces therapeutic and meditative benefits (NOTE: not sold as a medical device or medically-assistive device). Claimed to be very protective against Scalar Wave attacks and Directed Energy attacks (using directed energy weapons). Can come with a tunable electronic waveform generator with selections for waveforms, frequencies, duty cycles and intensities. For your UP/NPMC, you specify Mobius Coil diameter from 1" to 24" to fit where you want the coil to fit (eg: head (head band), neck (necklace), wrist (bracelet), arm (arm band), foot, calf (anklet), leg, hips, waist (belt), chest, finger (ring), toe, etc.), usually a closed loop usually made of 1"-wide copper banding*. While Mobius Coils typically come round in shape, it is flexible and can be shaped or re-shaped into an oval, square, rectangular, triangular or spiral shapes (limited to its flexibility range; depends on metal hardness and thickness) if you wish to (some have reported different results when the Mobius Coil shape is changed). The Mobius Coil itself is also tunable thru a wideband of frequencies. Mobius Coils are very exciting experimental devices with practically unlimited applications, and are relevant to many mind control and electronic attacks. And often used in conjunction with neodymium magnets (ie: rare earth magnets), amethyst crystals, garnets, laser diodes and pyramids. Often used in healing (eg: Helmholtz Coil applications), DNA, quantum entanglement, time travel, scalar wave, directed energy and orgone research. When it comes to Mobius Coil applications and benefits, researchers have just scratched the surface! Can be substituted for just about any other compatible antenna application.
          With our tunable waveform Mobius generator (ie: Powered-1), last made $895 + $49 per inch of specified coil diameter for first winding + $19 per inch of specified coil diameter for each additional winding. Battery-powered only (add $50 for 120VAC-powered only, add $100 for both 120VAC and battery powered).**
          With The Ultimo Solfeggio Harmonizer and/or The Ultimo 7 Chakras Frequency Harmonizer (ie: Powered-2), descriptions below, last made $395 + Cost(s) of the Harmonizer(s) you choose + $49 per inch of specified coil diameter for first winding + $19 per inch of specified coil diameter for each additional winding. Battery-powered only (add $50 for 120VAC-powered only, add $100 for both 120VAC and battery powered).**
          Without the tunable waveform generator (ie: Non-Powered), last made $395 + $49 per inch of specified coil diameter for first winding + $19 per inch of specified coil diameter for each additional winding.
          *We can also make Mobius Coils from aluminum, silver, gold, platinum, mu-metal, and some other metals. And using wire instead of a band. If wire, we can do air coils, iron-core coils, ferrite coils, torroids, etc. And also in 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 2", and 3"-wide solid metal band. If not specified otherwise by you, 1" wide copper banding will be used, else clearly specify objects and materials in your CDAF. Single Mobius Coils and Double Mobius Coils are most popular. If made totally or partially of silver, gold, platinum, mu-metal or other costly metal, Client must provide all of the metal materials - our Cost Estimates never include costly materials for any device. Some Clients insist on gold Mobius Coils because gold possesses magic-like quantum properties (eg: gold color; never tarnishes (immortality and infallibility), etc.), and will not accept anything else. We can do Mobius Coils of 1-twist to 10-twist (if the material permits); 1-layer and 1-twist if not specified otherwise. If for a body part, use a flexible (seamstress-type) tape measure to measure around the thickest part of your body the Mobius Coil must clear, then provide us the metal object you want us to convert into a Mobius (or the materials for us to make your Mobius from scratch) that has an inside circumference dimension that is at least 20% larger for a 1-twist (because the twist will decrease the inside diameter); add 15% more for each additional twist you want. Allow for metal losses of up to 10% if cutting is required; 5% metal loss if no cutting is required. If you provide your own metal, describe in your CDAF the type of metal, its width and its thickness, and attach a JPG or GIF image if you can. We cannot do a Mobius Coil from radioactive, chemically or biologically contaminated materials, or from dirty, cut, torn, defective or corroded materials. Please do not send us any object or materials unless or until we call for it/them.
          **With the waveform generator turned Off, this Powered Mobius Coil operates the same as the Non-Powered Mobius Coil, so it can be used in either way. For waveform generator Mobius Coils, using a pair of them appears to be much more effective than just one Mobius Coil because with two Mobius Coils (eg: one on each wrist, arm, ankle or leg), the electrical waveforms can be sent thru your body. And a pair used this way, can also help you determine the direction of an offending signal (by turning your body to see what orientation causes the greatest manifestations). CAUTION: Some believe that some or all ElectroMagnetic Fields are harmful to health, so check with your trusted licensed medical doctor first to use this or any other EMF device or if you have medical-like manifestations. Do not use if you have any kind of medical electrical implants (eg: pacemaker, diabetic monitor, etc.).

SUPER-SENSITIVE, SUPER-DIRECTIONAL ANTENNAS: We can provide you highly directional and highly sensitive RF antennas for receiving or transmitting radio signals. From ultra-low frequencies to just under the infrared. And to connect into just about any device you have (common-type connectors are no problem for us; however, for rare, exotic and proprietary connectors, you may have to provide the connector(s)). Prices vary mostly according to bandwidth, center frequency and tunability. Specify bandwidth, center frequency and tunability in your CDAF, also, if you require a specific make, model or type of antenna.

The VERY FLAT & THIN SPIRAL ANTENNAS: Unique and difficult to make/find thin, flat spiral antenna with many applications, including with three devices described above. We can do just about any flat, thin spiral antenna from dime-size to about 12" diameter size in any gauge of wire from 30-gauge to 10-gauge (26-gauge most common, the thicker the gauge the thicker the completed antenna), single-layer and multi-layer (mutlilayer has greater inductance but is also thicker), and copper or nichrome. Great not only for optimum antenna placement through thin slots, cracks, slits, orifices, openings and spaces in electronic equipment chassis and between PC boards for electronic diagnostic, electronic troubleshooting and electronic control purposes but also for medical, biomedical (eg: miniature Helmholtz coils, brainwave coils), biofeedback, remote control, electronic implants, magnetic field generation coils (eg: telecoils/magnetic induction loop systems), small metal detector coils, magnetometer coils, communications antennas, surveillance antennas (eg: direction-finding antennas; and 'through-wall' type applications where the transmitter coil is on one side of a wall and the receiver coil is opposite on the other side), near-field TSCM monitoring, EM shields, works of art, jewelry, crafts, wall mountings, work mats, heating mats, coasters, conversational pieces, etc. We can also cover, coat, and/or mount the antenna using many different materials and fixtures. Last made $29 [1-2 lb] for a spiral antenna about the width and thickness of a credit card, about 400 microhenry.

The SUPER SOFT-PINCH ELECTRODES (Pair): The SSPE electrodes are a very special non-invasive external electrode pair (non-invasive electrodes) which gently, yet securely, pinches onto fingers, toes, ears, nose, loose skin, plant parts, rough and uneven surfaces, etc., and do not require any skin penetration, gel, saline solution, pad, tape or elastic band to work. The Soft-Pinch Electrodes are very versatile spring-operated and bifurcated on both sides (2-tine fork-like). Because these electrodes are bifurcated, other electrodes can be connected to them in series or even groups if you wish using screws. Can be used as experimental and monitoring radionic electrodes, biomedical electrodes (bio electrodes), biofeedback electrodes (BF electrodes), paranormal electrodes, electronic attack electrodes, and mind control electrodes. Can be used on people, animals, plants, and even inert objects. Not intended as medical electrodes. Can be used as stimulating electrodes or recording electrodes - even for some high-voltage uses (used by us for voltages upto 250V, but always carefully test first). Not only are these electrodes very gentle and hold on well, but they can be quickly connected, disconnected and moved around on the surface being used on. SSPE electrodes have very supple and flexible 1/8" dia. leads, yet lasts for 10+ years under normal use and are highly insulative and water and oil resistant. The SSPE comes in any length you specify, 2' - 60' foot range (combined lengths of both SSPE electrodes), and each SSPE electrode can be of the same or different lengths and/or use the same or different end connectors as you specify (because these are Soft-Pinch Electrodes, we recommend 1-2 feet extra for slack). Last made $12.95 for 2' [1 lb], + $4.95 for each additional combined-length foot you require (specify length of each lead, and your end connector(s) - BNC, banana plugs, pin plugs, spade lugs, "eye" lugs, alligator clips, etc., lugs and 3' lead lengths (6' total) are assumed if you don't specify). For an image of Soft-Pinch Electrodes and more details, see ABQ-Techzonics Test Equipment webpage, then search for this Item there (search for "SSPE"), then return here to Lone Star Consulting, Inc. to obtain all you need (Note: As policy, we never recommend for or against another company, person, product or service).

The VELOSTAT ELECTRODES (Pair, with Meter): "Velostat" is a plastic material impregnated with carbon for conductivity that is commonly used in antistatic bags that hold electronic parts. Velostat works great to both shield against and detect static electric fields, which can develop on the body due to skin exposures to static electricity and EMFs, so therefore, our Velostat Electrodes can give you a very good indication of your ambient electrical exposure environment, and thus allow you to find ways to best shield against or escape high static electric and EMF exposure areas. No other electrodes can duplicate Velostat Electrode functions. The VE electrodes are a very special non-invasive external electrode pair (non-invasive electrodes) which gently, yet securely, attaches to bare skin, and do not require any skin penetration, gel, saline solution, or pad to work. Depending on skin adhesion (moist skin is best), tape or elastic bands may be needed. Can be used as experimental and monitoring radionic electrodes, biomedical electrodes (bio electrodes), biofeedback electrodes (BF electrodes), paranormal electrodes, electronic attack electrodes, and mind control electrodes. Can be used on people, animals, plants, and even inert objects. Not intended as medical electrodes. Can be used as stimulating electrodes or recording electrodes - even for some high-voltage uses (used by us for voltages upto 90V, but always carefully test first). The carbon-impregnated Velostat Electrodes come with a multimeter so that you can monitor yourself thruout your day, if you wish, to help you detect high-exposure periods and high-exposure places. Not only are these electrodes very gentle and hold on well, but they can be quickly connected, disconnected and moved around on the surface being used on. The VE comes in any length you specify, 2' - 60' foot range (combined lengths of both VE electrodes), and each VE electrode can be of the same or different lengths and/or use the same or different end connectors as you specify (because these are Velostat Electrodes, we recommend 1-2 feet extra for slack). Last made $29.95 for 2' [1 lb], + $4.95 for each additional combined-length foot you require (specify length of each lead, 3' lead lengths (6' total) are assumed if you don't specify).

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Introduction to this Page
Customized Devices Application Form (CDAF)

Introduction to this Page

This webpage is filled with mind control information and electronic attack information relevant to mind control strategies, electronic attack strategies, mind control tactics, electronic attack tactics, mind control techniques, electronic attack techniques, mind control weapons, electronic attack weapons, mind control countermeasures, electronic attack countermeasures, and mind control detectors and electronic attack detectors.

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